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Aug 08, 2009 Fatal Sunshine: The Plight of California's Farm Workers

QUOTE: Last week, the ACLU and the blue-chip law firm Munger, Tolles & Olson sued California's occupational-health and safety agency... According to the lawsuit "large numbers of agricultural employers fail utterly to provide basic access to water and shade for their employees" and, as a result, hundreds suffer heat-related illnesses and hospitalizations — or worse — each year .

Time Magazine
Aug 02, 2009 A/C Setting Can Push Couples to Boiling Point

QUOTE: With the belated arrival of Washington's signature summer brew of brick-oven heat and steam-room humidity has come the return of the region's first law of domestic thermodynamics: When one spouse wants to jack up the A/C, the other wants to turn it down... Researchers who study sex differences agree that when it comes to temperature, it seems women are from Venus and men are from Planet Freon.

Washington Post
Jul 22, 2009 Nobody's Normal Anymore: Should we blame overdiagnosis for rising health costs?

QUOTE: It's tempting to complain that Americans today are wussy hypochondriacs, overmedicated and overtreated for all kinds of imagined disorders. Some of them no doubt are. But, to take my personal experience as an example, many aren't.

Jul 20, 2009 Aids: Role of Gay Men in Spreading Virus Is Ignored in Africa, Study Finds (Global Update)

QUOTE: The role of gay sex in the transmission of the virus that causes AIDS in Africa has been long ignored...

New York Times
Oct 04, 2007 Dental Help for Poor Questioned: Congressional Report Says Some Kids Don't Get Adequate Care

QUOTE: An additional 22,110 poor children had not received dental care in at least two years, according to a review of dental records requested from United Healthcare, a managed-care organization serving Maryland Medicaid beneficiaries. The congressional subcommittee requested billing and service records from United as part of an investigation into gaps in Medicaid care for poor children.

Washington Post
Feb 07, 2007 New no-smoking frontier: condos and apartments: Seniors are leading the way in the new battle to ban smoking from communal environments.

QUOTE: Smoke-free policies in private dwellings are also taking hold because state and federal laws do not protect smokers in the same way that they protect people from discrimination based on race, ethnicity, and national origin, say experts. But banning a legal behavior in someone's own home is an intrusion of privacy that could set a dangerous precedent that, taken to extremes, could allow government to regulate too much in private life, opponents say.

Christian Science Monitor
Apr 19, 2003 Study Finds Asthma in 25% of Children in Central Harlem

QUOTE: Researchers say the figures, from an effort based at Harlem Hospital Center to test every child in a 24-block area, could indicate that the incidence of asthma is even higher in poor, urban areas than was previously believed.

New York Times
Mar 16, 2003 Hard Cures

QUOTE: We have seen doctors striking to protest soaring insurance premiums...Insurance companies blame rising claims and bigger jury awards for their rate hikes...And while the powerful lobbies jockey to preserve their interests, patients suffer.

New York Times
Mar 01, 2003 Protect Women, Stop a Disease

QUOTE: Congress should authorize the funds to fight H.I.V. and AIDS — but only if girls' and women's needs are central.

New York Times
Feb 27, 2003 Race Matters When It Comes to Breast Cancer Care

QUOTE: A new study sheds light on disparities in diagnosis, treatment and survival among women of different race and class backgrounds.

Women's eNews
Aug 21, 2002 Breast Cancer Gene Study Questioned

QUOTE: Some women with gene mutations have had their breasts removed after studies showed they were at a high risk of cancer… new analysis suggests the studies may have exaggerated the breast cancer risk.

Washington Post
Aug 10, 2002 Hhs Issues Privacy Rules for Use of Health Records

QUOTE: The Bush administration yesterday issued the final rules designed to protect the confidentiality of computerized patient records...

Washington Post
Jul 09, 2001 Fighting Back: A Prescription for Ways to Cure Medical Bill Errors

QUOTE: Studies indicate that 75 percent to 97 percent of the medical bills processed each year include errors.

Detroit Free Press
Jul 08, 2001 How Many Poor Children is Too Many?

QUOTE: ...after nearly a decade of unprecedented economic growth and well into the latest overhaul of the nation's welfare system...lived in poverty, according to the latest available figures from the Census Bureau.

New York Times
Jul 06, 2001 Bush Plan Allows States to Give "Unborn Child" Medical Coverage

QUOTE: The Bush administration has drafted a new policy that would allow states to define "an unborn child" as a person eligible for medical coverage...

New York Times