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May 30, 2005 The Double Ups and Downs of a Philanthropist

QUOTE: "At the airport, federal agents arrested him(Vilar)on fraud charges, accusing him of stealing $5 million from a client - and using the money to make good on charitable pledges."

New York Times
May 29, 2005 The Interest-Only Trap

QUOTE: " interest-only loan has a great selling point -- you can qualify for a higher-priced home."

Washington Post
May 29, 2005 America Runs on AMT

QUOTE: "The AMT, as it is widely known, was created to catch up with the clever rich. Now, though, it has little impact on those folks and instead is whacking millions of fairly ordinary Americans."

Washington Post
May 28, 2005 Federal Agents Search Orbital Sciences Offices: Rocket-Maker Unclear on Subject of Probe

QUOTE: "Orbital said an investigation led by the U.S. attorney's office in Phoenix appears to be focusing on 'contracting procedures' related to 'certain U.S. government launch vehicle programs.'"

Washington Post
May 28, 2005 Hornsby Resigns in Pr. George's

QUOTE: "Prince George's County schools chief Andre J. Hornsby resigned yesterday amid an FBI investigation into his stewardship of federal funds and persistent questions about his management ethics at the helm of Maryland's second-largest school system."

Washington Post
May 27, 2005 Former Riggs Bank Executive Is Arrested: Allegations Focus On Money Embezzled From African Account

QUOTE: "Kareri and his wife, Nene Fall Kareri, are being investigated...for money he is said to have embezzled from Equatorial Guinea's Riggs account and possibly from other Riggs clients."

Washington Post
May 27, 2005 Ehrlich Signs Bill Targeting Foreclosure Scams

QUOTE: "Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R) yesterday signed legislation to protect struggling homeowners from so-called foreclosure rescue consultants who promise to help them avoid foreclosure but end up taking title to their house or stealing the built-up equity."

Washington Post
May 25, 2005 Database Hackers Reveal Tactics

QUOTE: "Three young hackers under investigation for unlawfully accessing personal information on thousands of people in a LexisNexis database have characterized their act as a cyber joyride that got out of hand."

May 11, 2005 Credit card double trouble: Minimums up, law changes

QUOTE: I have painfully found that the minimum payments are on the rise. We have always paid a little more than the minimum, but we cannot manage the doubled minimums now. I have spoken to the credit card companies about my inability to make the complete minimum payments but they are unwilling to help me work out a plan.
May 10, 2005 NYSE Merger Challenged

QUOTE: A New York Stock Exchange member filed suit on Monday seeking to block the NYSE's proposed merger with electronic trading firm Archipelago Holdings Inc., saying the deal is unfair to exchange members.

Washington Post
May 04, 2005 'Vice Mail' Participant Pleads Guilty

QUOTE: "A telemarketing executive yesterday pleaded guilty to obstructing justice and agreed to cooperate with investigators probing an unusual scheme that used voice mail messages to entice investors into buying thinly traded stocks."

Washington Post
Apr 27, 2005 Exec Perks: An Ugly Picture Emerges: The SEC's tougher stance on disclosure lifts the lid on giveaways, such as extra money for living at home, that highly paid bigwigs receive

QUOTE: ...thanks to reforms by the Securities & Exchange Commission, that's starting to change. Companies are being prodded to disclose more perks -- and in more detail -- than ever before. And the picture isn't pretty.

Apr 20, 2005 May I See Your Voice, Please?: As speech-related biometric technology joins the fight against identity theft, your credit card may start asking you to speak louder

QUOTE: A number of companies, including IBM (IBM ), Microsoft (MSFT ), and Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), have recently developed new biometric software and devices designed specifically with the phone in mind. Their solutions to the phone-security conundrum range from embedding detectors such as fingerprint scanners right into mobile phones and personal digital assistants to using a promising new biometric technique called voice verification.

Apr 14, 2005 Watch out for these "dirty dozen" tax scams

QUOTE: Taxpayers are always looking for ways to cut tax bills. Unfortunately, scam operators are always looking for filers who are eager to find tax breaks.
Apr 05, 2005 Tax Abuse Rampant in Nonprofits, IRS Says

QUOTE: Charities and other nonprofits ... have become a hotbed of tax evasion and abuse, according to the head of the Internal Revenue Service.

Mar 22, 2005 Losing Sleep Over Online Bed Purchases

QUOTE: Mary Engle, director of the Federal Trade Commission's Advertising Practices Division, won't comment on this specific case, but says the FTC defines deceptive advertising as advertising that's misleading to a consumer acting reasonably under the circumstances. "I think consumers would reasonably understand a custom order as one made to their particular specifications," she says. "If that is not the fact, the advertiser needs to clarify what he means by custom order."

Washington Post
Mar 08, 2005 Phony Internet Moving Brokerages Take Consumers for a Ride

QUOTE: "Legitimate (moving) brokers perform a valuable service to shippers and smaller carriers, and about 535 meet federal registration requirements. But as many as 1,000, a number that is increasing, operate outside the rules, according to industry and agency estimates."

Washington Post
Jan 04, 2005 Counterfeit Goods That Trigger the 'False' Alarm

QUOTE: Product counterfeiting has grown into a worldwide phenomenon...a conservative estimate, from the International Chamber of Commerce, is that product counterfeiters rake in $300 billion to $500 billion annually.

Washington Post
Nov 13, 2004 US Air Asks Court to End Labor Contracts

QUOTE: The airline's salaried workers have taken cuts of 5 percent to 10 percent and various benefits have been reduced or eliminated. But Mr. Lakefield, who became the chief executive in April, has not taken a pay cut.

New York Times
Nov 10, 2004 From Broker's Defection, Struggle of Loyalties

QUOTE: On Wall Street, it is bad enough when a brokerage firm loses one of its most successful brokers to a rival...Mr. Fitzpatrick is trying to bring those clients and their money to UBS, and Merrill brokers and their bosses are fighting to stop him.

New York Times
Nov 10, 2004 Intervention Before Bankruptcy

QUOTE: Wouldn't shareholders, employees, retirees, creditors and even taxpayers all be better off if there were a process, long before bankruptcy filings, where they could agree to a plan of shared sacrifice that would reduce legacy costs to manageable levels?

Washington Post
Nov 09, 2004 Major Brokerages' Trades Investigated: SEC Says Deals May Not Have Been Made in Investors' Best Interests

QUOTE: The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating whether more than a dozen big brokerage firms failed to execute certain trades at the best possible prices for individual investors...

Washington Post
Oct 13, 2004 Justice Asks Fannie to Save Documents on Accounting

QUOTE: Fannie Mae, accused by regulators of manipulating earnings, said yesterday that the Justice Department has asked it to preserve records relating to its accounting practices as part of a criminal investigation.

Washington Post
Sep 05, 2004 Does RAND Walk the Talk on Labor Policy?

QUOTE: Despite these problems with federal labor laws, RAND continues to get the bulk of its contracts from Washington...RAND is not unique among government contractors in continuing to do business with the government after being found in violation of labor law.

New York Times
Sep 04, 2004 Wal-Mart Discussing Settlement: Probe Involves Use Of Illegal Workers

QUOTE: Wal-Mart disclosed in November that it was the target of a federal grand jury investigation into potential immigration law violations, after federal agents arrested more than 250 cleaning-crew workers hired by outside contractors.

Washington Post
Aug 17, 2004 New York City Lowering Its Sights for a Convention Boom

QUOTE: With the prospect of large political protests, extra security and skittish residents planning to leave town, many businesses, far from banking on a boom, are simply hoping that the four-day convention...will not make what is always a tough week worse.

New York Times
Aug 14, 2004 Antitrust Lawsuit Over Medical Residency System Is Dismissed

QUOTE: A federal district judge in Washington on Thursday dismissed an antitrust lawsuit that contended medical residents are forced to participate in a system that ensures they work long hours for low wages.

New York Times
Aug 02, 2004 Deregulation lands among airfare websites: New rules could give some carriers an advantage in the way ticket prices are listed for customers.

QUOTE: Now, instead of the top listing rotating among equals, an airline could buy the top listing - and that bias could be a significant advantage.

Jul 29, 2004 Accounting leads rise, making boards edgy

QUOTE: Two years after passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, forensic accountants, corporate lawyers and the Securities and Exchange Commission are reporting a sharp increase in whistle-blower complaints about accounting problems at publicly traded companies.

Jul 29, 2004 It's tough to get a lawsuit heard

QUOTE: Whistle-blowing can be a thankless undertaking. Workers are afforded varying degrees of legal protection, and few cases are settled or ever find their way into a courtroom.

Jul 22, 2004 Cell Phone Customers To Get Better Disclosure: Verizon, Cingular, Sprint Agree to Changes

QUOTE: State attorneys general first began investigating the companies for possible violation of consumer protection laws three years ago after receiving complaints about misleading advertisements and service agreements...

Jul 16, 2004 Blind As a Banker

QUOTE: Sad to say, it also applies to all the Sgt. Schultzes at the Comptroller of the Currency and the Federal Reserve, who seem to have a problem telling the difference between regulatory compliance and promises of regulatory compliance -- and who cracked down on Riggs only after money-laundering details began to leak out in the press.

Washington Post
Jul 12, 2004 The Lure of High-Risk Loans: Huge Profits Drive Practice's Spread Despite Lawsuits

QUOTE: The suits accused the banks of predatory, or abusive, lending by using deceptive and high-pressure tactics to market high-price loans to people without regard for their ability to repay.

Washington Post
Jul 09, 2004 No Safety at the Top For Corporate Leaders

QUOTE: 'In corporate America, you only need a few spectacular examples to scare the hell out of them,' said former D.C. prosecutor E. Lawrence Barcella Jr. 'If I were a corporate executive now, I'd have notice that everything is on the table.'

Washington Post
Jul 09, 2004 FCC's Powell Stands Up to Verizon Threat

QUOTE: Under the deal, Nextel will get its new spectrum, but not without paying...more than it had previously offered and anticipated...but none of that was good enough for Verizon, which will accept nothing less than total victory.

Washington Post
Jul 01, 2004 Underclass of Workers Created in Iraq: Many Foreign Laborers Receive Inferior Pay, Food and Shelter

QUOTE: "I cursed my fate -- not having a feeling my life was secure, knowing I could not go back, and being treated like a kind of animal," said Ajayakumar, who worked for less than $7 a day.

Washington Post
Mar 01, 2004 Would you hire this man? Charles Cullen kept getting hired and fired until his murder arrest. Why job references say too little.

QUOTE: At many American companies, managers face gag orders that make prisoners of war look positively chatty...a chorus of legal experts and employment consultants is calling for a return to the days when job references flowed more freely and managers didn't need to break rules to criticize - or compliment - an employee.

May 28, 2003 New Occupational Hazards: Health Threats Plague Traditionally Safe and Not-So-Safe Jobs Alike

QUOTE: But while some jobs have always been pretty dismal because they are dirty, smelly, hazardous or pay poorly, the emergence of new kinds of health risks -- from terrorism to SARS -- are making some formerly good jobs bad, and some formerly bad jobs awful.

Washington Post
May 28, 2003 Airport women want trouser option

QUOTE: Women who work at Stansted Airport have said they want to wear trousers to work after complaining that meeting a plane on a cold morning can be "very unpleasant".

May 15, 2003 House Bill Would Allow Advice From 401(k) Managers

QUOTE: Employees could receive financial advice from the companies that manage their 401(k) accounts under legislation the House passed Wednesday for the second time.

Mar 14, 2003 Protecting Women Cadets

QUOTE: The nation expects much of its military officers...How disturbing, then, to read of charges that officials at the US Air Force Academy have covered up more than 50 cases of alleged rape and sexual assault of female cadets by their male classmates.

Mar 01, 2003 Up Against Wal-Mart: At the world's largest and most profitable retailer, low wages, unpaid overtime, and union busting are a way of life. Now Wal-Mart workers are fighting back.

QUOTE: "And across the country, workers have launched a massive drive to organize a union at Wal-Mart, demanding better wages and working conditions."

Mother Jones
Feb 13, 2003 Behind Roses' Beauty, Poor and Ill Workers

QUOTE: ...women in the (flower growing) industry had more miscarriages than average and that more than 60 percent of all workers suffered headaches, nausea, blurred vision or fatigue.

Jan 22, 2003 Whistleblowers and Team Players

QUOTE: Whistleblowers are a reminder that ethics must be embodied in real flesh-and-blood human beings...Cultures reward team players, not whistleblowers...I have never seen a culture with a conscience.

Oct 01, 1999 The Gift of Grab: Charity, it is said, begins at home; These days, as nonprofits scramble to grab a piece of the greatest transfer of wealth ever, it's likely to end in court; Welcome to the era of ex

QUOTE: Charities are getting pushier than ever before, and there's a simple reason for it: money. An estimated $10 trillion will be transferred to baby boomers from their parents -- roughly two-thirds the value of the U.S. stock markets.

Smart Money
Aug 01, 1999 Ten Things Your Benefits Department Won't Tell You

QUOTE: Does your company still have a traditional pension? Enjoy it while it lasts. Already, some 400 American corporations have converted to cash-balance plans, according to Kwasha HR Solutions -- and usually to the detriment of employees nearing retirement.

Smart Money
Oct 01, 1998 Ten Things Internet Retailers Won't Tell You

QUOTE: Online shopping once held the sweet promise of bargain-basement prices. Having saved lots of money on rent and overhead, Web retailers would pass along the savings.

Smart Money

QUOTE: Students planning vacation getaways over Spring Break could be taken for a ride if they aren't careful consumers, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

Jan 01, 1111 The Right Thing: Conscience, Profit, and Personal Responsbility in Today's Business

QUOTE: About the Author Jeffrey L. Seglin is a regular columnist on business ethics for the New York Times and previously wrote for Fortune Magazine. He is a frequent commentator on NPR’s Marketplace and the author of The Good, the Bad and Your Business: Choosing Right When Ethical Dilemmas Pull You Apart. He was a Resident Fellow at Harvard University, an Ethics Fellow at the Poynter Institute, and is an assistant professor and director of the graduate program in pbblishing and writing at Emerson College in Boston. He holds a master’s degree in theology and literature from the Divinity School at Harvard University. He lives in Boston with his wife, Nancy.

Jan 01, 1111 Matter of Interest: How to lock in low rates now

QUOTE: Luckily, you can cushion your business against the impact of higher rates. The first step is to curtail the use of credit cards, which are typically the most expensive kind of financing. As long as you have collateral, you can try to get lower-cost bank debt instead.


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