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Apr 11, 2013 Emirates’ Laws Trap a Doctor Just Passing Through

QUOTE: Foreigners have long faced unexpected legal trouble in the emirates, where the legal system often differs considerably from what they expect at home.

New York Times
Dec 25, 2010 Obama Returns to End-of-Life Plan That Caused Stir

QUOTE: When a proposal to encourage end-of-life planning touched off a political storm over “death panels,” Democrats dropped it from legislation to overhaul the health care system. But the Obama administration will achieve the same goal by regulation, starting Jan. 1.

New York Times
May 13, 2010 Online Talk, Suicides and a Thorny Court Case

QUOTE: The case, chilling and ghoulish, raises thorny issues in the Internet age, both legal and otherwise. For instance, many states have laws barring assisting suicide, but rarely have cases involved people not in the same room (much less the same country) or the sharing of only words (not guns or pills).

New York Times
Aug 01, 2009 Talk Radio Campaign Frightening Seniors: Provision for End-of-Life Counseling Is Described by Right as 'Death Care'

QUOTE: A campaign on conservative talk radio has sparked fear among senior citizens that the health-care bill moving through Congress will lead to end-of-life "rationing" and even "euthanasia."....But on right-leaning radio programs, religious e-mail lists and Internet blogs, the proposal has been described as "guiding you in how to die," "an ORDER from the Government to end your life," promoting "death care" and, in the words of antiabortion leader Randall Terry, an attempt to "kill Granny."

Washington Post
Nov 13, 2008 The New Old Age: Rationing Health Care

QUOTE: The biggest change in the last 40 years, Mr. Callahan said to me, is that there are no limits. There's nothing we can't do for an old person, and there's a lot of pressure to do it. This is considered progress, and its considered ageism to be skeptical. But we can't go on this way. It's unaffordable. And it's the hardest dilemma in our society because theres no good way to deal with it other than saying no.

New York Times
Oct 06, 2008 Incapacitated, Alone and Treated to Death

QUOTE: Mention the idea of withholding or withdrawing medical care from patients who cannot express their wishes, and people get uncomfortable. Advocacy groups use the term “medical killing,” and despite the hyperbole, their concerns are merited. Doctors have no right to judge the value of a life. Many patients want their lives prolonged, regardless of prognosis, quality or need for invasive treatment.

New York Times
Sep 10, 2007 Drugs Banned, Many of World’s Poor Suffer in Pain

QUOTE: The World Health Organization estimates that 4.8 million people a year with moderate to severe cancer pain receive no appropriate treatment. Nor do another 1.4 million with late-stage AIDS. For other causes of lingering pain — burns, car accidents, gunshots, diabetic nerve damage, sickle-cell disease and so on — it issues no estimates but believes that millions go untreated.

New York Times
Jul 25, 2007 No Indictment in Katrina Deaths

QUOTE: A grand jury Tuesday refused to indict a doctor accused of killing four elderly patients in the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina...[but] Attorney General Charles Foti of Louisiana...defended the case Tuesday, saying independent expert pathologists had reviewed it favorably before it was brought.

New York Times
Apr 25, 2007 Fight over baby's life divides ethicists

QUOTE: The law, signed in 1999 by then-Gov. George W. Bush, gives Texas hospitals the authority to stop treatment if doctors say the treatment is "inappropriate" -- even if the family wants the medical care to continue. The statute was inspired by a growing debate in medical and legal communities over when to declare medical treatment futile.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Apr 04, 2007 States Revising Organ-Donation Law: Critics Fear Measure May Not Go Far Enough to Protect Donors

QUOTE: The revised model law is the latest in a series of initiatives by transplant advocates to boost the number of organs available for the more than 95,000 Americans on waiting lists. Organ banks have also been aggressively promoting a controversial practice that allows surgeons to take organs from patients who are not brain dead, more than doubling the number of such donations in the past three years.

Washington Post
Oct 10, 2006 The Last Word on the Last Breath

QUOTE: the question of who has final say over whether CPR should be attempted on a gravely ill patient — the doctor, the patient or the patient’s representative — is live and unsettled in law and medicine. Many doctors believe that their medical judgment about whether CPR will be effective in a given patient’s case, and their knowledge of the havoc it can wreak on a dying body, should prevail. But a patient’s representative, who is often a relative, may believe that every medical option should be exercised and that a miracle could be just a chest compression away.

New York Times

QUOTE: While libraries exist to lend just the sort of material you describe, duplicating an entire copyrighted work is forbidden .... You responded honorably to something that could be treated and from which your mother could be expected to recover.

Aug 29, 2006 Essay: Choosing a 'God Squad,' When the Mind Has Faded

QUOTE: But now, new research shows, many patients on dialysis have severe mental impairment. Is it appropriate, or even possible, to refuse to give patients this treatment?

New York Times
Jul 21, 2006 New Orleans arrests spark 'mercy killing' debate

QUOTE: Days after hurricane Katrina hit...a doctor and two nurses administered lethal doses of drugs to four elderly patients they claimed might not survive an evacuation. The three were arrested Monday, then released, pending formal charges.

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 20, 2006 Medical and Ethical Questions Raised on Deaths of Critically Ill Patients

QUOTE: Experts in medicine and ethics have many questions about the accusations...that a doctor and two nurses used lethal injections to kill four critically ill patients in a flooded New Orleans hospital after Hurricane Katrina.

New York Times
May 16, 2006 Spending on health care varies widely by state, hospitals

QUOTE: Medicare pays tens of thousands of dollars more in some states, regions or hospitals to provide care to chronically ill patients, with no benefit in terms of longer life or patient satisfaction...

May 03, 2006 Court Backs Experimental Drugs for Dying Patients

QUOTE: Terminally ill patients have a constitutional right to obtain experimental drugs before the Food and Drug Administration has decided whether to approve them...

Washington Post
Apr 02, 2005 Schiavo Raised Profile of Disabled: Question Swirl About End-of-Life Issues

QUOTE: "Among the disability rights community, it is a generally held belief that in society at large the view is 'better dead than disabled.' " Distrustful of the medical establishment and worried they may be considered a "burden," disabled people such as Stothers fear they may be one ER visit away from becoming the next Terri Schiavo.

Washington Post
Mar 27, 2005 For Gays, It Happens All the Time

QUOTE: Partners of gay hospital patients often can't even visit, much less make life-and-death decisions for their loved ones, particularly if blood relatives object ...

Mar 25, 2005 World divided on ethics of Terri Schiavo case

QUOTE: From the Netherlands, where euthanasia and assisted suicides are legal and common, to India, where no doctor is allowed to deny lifesaving treatment to any patient, no matter how hopeless, governments are struggling to draft ethical and practical laws governing so-called mercy killing.

Christian Science Monitor
Mar 21, 2005 House Passes Schiavo Bill in Special Session

QUOTE: Attorneys for Robert and Mary Schindler argued that allowing their brain-damaged daughter to die before the federal courts can review her case would violate Congress's will and lead to the "damnation of her soul" because it would conflict with her religious beliefs. Her husband's legal team countered that Congress trampled the Constitution by bending to "popular clamor" and ignoring a long string of judicial rulings in what they called one of the most extensively litigated cases in Florida history.

Washington Post
Mar 21, 2005 Law Bush signed as Texas governor prompts cries of hypocrisy

QUOTE: The federal law that President Bush signed early Monday in an effort to prolong Terri Schiavo's life appears to contradict a right-to-die law that he signed as Texas governor, prompting cries of hypocrisy from congressional Democrats and some bioethicists.

Mar 10, 2005 When Torment Is Baby's Destiny, Euthanasia Is Defended

QUOTE: Babies born into what is certain to be a brief life of grievous suffering should have their lives ended by physicians under strict guidelines, according to two doctors in the Netherlands.

New York Times
Mar 03, 2005 Alternative Sentence: A counterproposal to assisted suicide.

QUOTE: He describes the Dutch system as a slippery-slope nightmare....How many doctors and bureaucrats do you want signing off on your plea for a fatal dose?

Sep 24, 2004 Fla. High Court Overrules Governor in Schiavo Case: Feeding Order Called An 'Encroachment'

QUOTE: Florida's highest court ruled unanimously Thursday that Gov. Jeb Bush (R) violated a "cornerstone of American democracy" when he overrode a court decision and ordered doctors to resume tube-feeding a severely brain-damaged woman...."an encroachment on the judicial branch" that undercut the constitutionally protected separation of powers among the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

Washington Post
Jun 01, 2004 In Oregon, Choosing Death Over Suffering

QUOTE: Arthur W. Wilson sits in his study, breathing oxygen through a nose clip and pausing frequently for the coughs that rack his body. "I'm not suicidal," he said. "I'm sane."

New York Times
Oct 23, 2003 In Florida Right-to-Die Case, Legislation Puts the Constitution at Issue

QUOTE: ...courts decide particular cases, and legislatures enact general laws. When either branch of the government strays from its role in the constitutional structure, its actions can violate the separation of powers doctrine.

New York Times
Jul 10, 2003 The Risk That Failed

QUOTE: ...brain scientists are thinking long and hard about the morality (right or wrong) and the ethics (fair or unfair) of what such breakthroughs as genomics, molecular imaging and pharmaceuticals will make it possible for them to do.

New York Times
Apr 30, 2003 Placing Lower Value on Senior Lives Stirs Anger

QUOTE: …the controversial views of John Graham, the Bush White House's regulatory czar, who has given less weight to the lives of elderly than to those of younger folk in some cost-benefit analyses.

Los Angeles Times
Jun 24, 2002 A Deadly Disease Destroys Families as Well as Patients

QUOTE: ...shooting them as they lay in bed in the room they shared at the nursing home. Family members say she could no longer bear their suffering. Mrs. Carr, 63, has been charged with two counts of murder...

New York Times
Mar 13, 2002 Brain Cells and Silicon Don't Mix

QUOTE: ...while our attention has been focused on cloning, something just as ominous is quietly slipping under the radar: merging brain cells and microprocessors.

Aug 10, 2001 California Justices Limit Families' Right to End Life Support

QUOTE: ...families have no right to stop life support for conscious patients who are not terminally ill, and who have not left explicit instructions allowing them to do so...

New York Times