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Jul 10, 2016 Police used a robot to kill -- The key questions

QUOTE: While there are links to the discussion on the future of killer robots, known as LAWS (lethal autonomous weapons systems), there are also three important differences to keep in mind.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Feb 28, 2015 Fear Envelops Russia After Killing of Putin Critic Boris Nemtsov

QUOTE: About two weeks before he was shot and killed in the highest-profile political assassination in Russia in a decade, Boris Y. Nemtsov met with an old friend to discuss his latest research into what he said was dissembling and misdeeds in the Kremlin... he wanted to publish the research in a pamphlet to be called “Putin and the War,” about President Vladimir V. Putin and Russian involvement in the Ukraine conflict

New York Times
Jul 11, 2014 Civilian Deaths in Gaza: Is Israel killing indiscriminately? A closer look at the evidence and context.

QUOTE: let’s focus on the narrower question of how to minimize civilian deaths, now and in future conflicts. How bad is this war compared to others? Are Israel’s attacks indiscriminate?

May 31, 2014 In Ukraine War, Kremlin Leaves No Fingerprints

QUOTE: The Cold War-style standoff over Ukraine may have subsided for now. President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has drawn his troops back from the border and has promised to work with Ukraine’s new government. But the shifting reality here in eastern Ukraine suggests the crisis has simply entered a new phase. In contrast to Crimea, which was seized by Russian troops in unmarked uniforms this spring, eastern Ukraine is evolving into a subtle game in which Russian freelancers shape events and the Kremlin plausibly denies involvement.

New York Times
Oct 18, 2013 US drone strikes violate international law, says UN: Report says 33 CIA attacks led to civilian deaths and casualties and says US protocols are 'hurdle to transparency'

QUOTE: A United Nations investigation has so far identified 33 drone strikes around the world that have resulted in civilian casualties and may have violated international humanitarian law. The report by the UN's special rapporteur on human rights and counter-terrorism, Ben Emmerson QC, calls on the US to declassify information about operations co-ordinated by the CIA and clarify its positon on the legality of unmanned aerial attacks.

Guardian Unlimited
Feb 10, 2012 The Afghanistan Report the Pentagon Doesn't Want You to Read

QUOTE: a bombshell piece about Lt. Colonel Daniel Davis, a 17-year Army veteran recently returned from a second tour in Afghanistan. According to the Times, the 48-year-old Davis had written an 84-page unclassified report, as well as a classified report, offering his assessment of the decade-long war. That assessment is essentially that the war has been a disaster and the military's top brass has not leveled with the American public about just how badly it’s been going.

Rolling Stone
Dec 22, 2011 U.S. Report Faults Two Sides in Deadly Pakistan Strike

QUOTE: mistakes by both American and Pakistani troops led to airstrikes against two Pakistani posts on the Afghan border that killed 26 Pakistani troops. But two crucial findings — that the Pakistanis fired first at a joint Afghan-American patrol and that they kept firing even after the Americans tried to warn them that they were shooting at allied troops — were likely to further anger Pakistan and plunge the already tattered relationship between the United States and Pakistan to new depths.

New York Times
Dec 17, 2011 In Strikes on Libya by NATO, an Unspoken Civilian Toll

QUOTE: NATO’s seven-month air campaign in Libya, hailed by the alliance and many Libyans for blunting a lethal crackdown by Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi and helping to push him from power, came with an unrecognized toll: scores of civilian casualties the alliance has long refused to acknowledge or investigate.

New York Times
Nov 11, 2011 Arms and the Corrupt Man

QUOTE: Governments protect corrupt and dangerous arms dealers as long as they need them and then throw them behind bars when they are no longer useful.

New York Times
Sep 03, 2011 Turkey to challenge Gaza blockade at International Court of Justice: Turkish announcement appears to rebuff attempts by UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon to end its row with Israel

QUOTE: Turkey is to challenge Israel's blockade on Gaza at the International Court of Justice....Ban said today that the two countries should accept the recommendations of a UN report that... Israel had used "excessive and unreasonable" force to stop the flotilla approaching Gaza, but that it was justified in maintaining a naval blockade on the Palestinian enclave.

Guardian Unlimited
Jul 20, 2011 Stopping wartime sexual abuse - of men

QUOTE: the United Nations (UN) and international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) “barely acknowledge” the pervasive sexual violence against men that occurs in modern war....of roughly 4,000 NGOs addressing wartime sexual violence, only 3% mentioned male victims (and usually only in passing).

CNN (Cable News Network)
May 31, 2011 Pentagon to Consider Cyberattacks Acts of War

QUOTE: The Pentagon, trying to create a formal strategy to deter cyberattacks on the United States, plans to issue a new strategy soon declaring that a computer attack from a foreign nation can be considered an act of war that may result in a military response.

New York Times
Apr 25, 2011 Syria Escalates Crackdown as Tanks Go to Restive City

QUOTE: “The government has decided to choose the path of violence and repression…” Tanks had not previously been used against protesters, and the force of the assault suggested that the military planned some sort of occupation of the town.

New York Times
Apr 24, 2011 Are drones a technological tipping point in warfare?

QUOTE: The British study noted that drones are becoming increasingly automated. With minor technical advances, it said, a drone could soon be able to “fire a weapon based solely on its own sensors, or shared information, and without recourse to higher, human authority.”

Washington Post
Apr 14, 2011 Colleagues Rebuke Gaza Report’s Author

QUOTE: (Three members of the United Nations panel say: “Had we given in to pressures from any quarter to sanitize our conclusions, we would be doing a serious injustice to the hundreds of innocent civilians killed during the Gaza conflict, the thousands injured, and the hundreds of thousands whose lives continue to be deeply affected by the conflict and the blockade.”

New York Times
Apr 02, 2011 Author of Israel-Hamas report: Would reconsider findings

QUOTE: The chairman of a U.N. commission whose report accused Israel of "actions amounting to war crimes" against Hamas says he would have reached different conclusions if the Israeli military had been more forthcoming and if he had known the results of subsequent investigations. "If I had known then what I know now, the Goldstone Report would have been a different document," wrote Richard Goldstone, a former South African jurist, in a Washington Post op-ed column Friday.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Mar 10, 2011 Insurgents Kill Most Civilians, Military Says

QUOTE: About 88 percent of civilian casualties in Afghanistan over the past two years were caused by insurgents, while about 12 percent were the fault of American and coalition forces.

New York Times
Mar 01, 2011 The Hidden Victims of Wartime Rape

QUOTE: But in its ongoing effort to eradicate rape during conflict, the United Nations continues to overlook a significant imperative: ending wartime sexual assault of men and boys as well.

New York Times
Feb 25, 2011 Rapes are Reported in Eastern Congo

QUOTE: “It is used by belligerent parties against civilians, as a weapon of war.” Mr. Giuliano added, “Most of the rapes are committed by opposition groups, and while we call on all to respect civilians, only an end to the conflict can realistically end their plight.”

New York Times
Feb 15, 2011 Lawsuit Says Military Is Rife With Sexual Abuse

QUOTE: A federal lawsuit filed Tuesday accuses the Department of Defense of allowing a military culture that fails to prevent rape and sexual assault, and of mishandling cases that were brought to its attention, thus violating the plaintiffs’ constitutional rights...

New York Times
Dec 19, 2010 'Don't ask, don't tell' is repealed by Senate; bill awaits Obama's signing

QUOTE: The U.S. military will for the first time in history allow gays to serve openly after the Senate voted Saturday to repeal "don't ask, don't tell," the policy that has required such troops to hide their sexual identity or risk being expelled from the services. While opponents said repeal would create a battlefield distraction that could endanger troops, supporters drew parallels to the military's decision to end racial segregation in the 1950s and the admission of women to military service academies in the 1970s.

Washington Post
May 27, 2010 U.N. Official Set to Ask U.S. to End C.I.A. Drone Strikes

QUOTE: Philip Alston, the United Nations special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, said Thursday that he would deliver a report on June 3 to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva declaring that the “life and death power” of drones should be entrusted to regular armed forces, not intelligence agencies.

New York Times
May 23, 2010 Korean Tensions Grow as South Curbs Trade to North

QUOTE: Tensions escalated sharply Monday on the Korean peninsula, as South Korean President Lee Myung-bak said that his nation would cut nearly all trade with North Korea, deny North Korean merchant ships use of South Korean sea lanes and ask the United Nations Security Council to punish the North for what he called the deliberate sinking of a South Korean warship two months ago.

New York Times
Aug 13, 2009 Unleashing the laws of war: The Geneva conventions at 60

QUOTE: some inevitably question whether the Geneva conventions and their later protocols are really suited to today’s conflicts.

Aug 09, 2009 In Israeli army, rabbis deepen religious tone. Is that kosher?

QUOTE: Beyond charges of misconduct and war crimes, Israel's recent war in Gaza against Hamas fanned accusations that [chief rabbi Brig. Gen. Avichai Rontzki] Mr. Rontzki is trying to remake the soldiers in his own hard-line religious nationalist image. At stake, critics warn, is the possible politicization of a military built as a people's army above the political fray.

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 31, 2009 As Iraq war ends, why isn't the US in on more business deals? Countries that opposed the American intervention now top the list of those probing economic opportunities in post-Hussein Iraq.

QUOTE: Iraq is signing billions of dollars in contracts with foreign firms to help rebuild the country, while private companies are forging partnerships with Iraqi businesses to provide the country with a lengthy backlog of needed goods. But Americans are largely absent from the bidding and the dealmaking, according to Iraqi officials.

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 26, 2009 Latin American Jews contend with spike in anti-Semitism: Derogatory political statements and attacks on synagogues have increased since Israel's January war in Gaza.

QUOTE: Across Latin America, Jewish leaders say they are contending with a new level of anti-Semitism that heated up after Israel's military operation in Gaza in December.

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 23, 2009 Donkey Business: The only zebra in Gaza.

QUOTE: The idea of a zoo creating a fake zebra sounds preposterous, but this is Gaza, which, after two years of an economic blockade, is renowned for recycling, repurposing, and smuggling just about anything that can't be imported legally

Jul 10, 2009 U.S. Inaction Seen After Taliban P.O.W.’s Died

QUOTE: After a mass killing... of Taliban prisoners of war by the forces of an American-backed warlord during the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, Bush administration officials repeatedly discouraged efforts to investigate the episode...

New York Times
Jun 19, 2009 Christian Soldiers: The growing controversy over military chaplains using the armed forces to spread the Word.

QUOTE: Al-Jazeera broadcast clips filmed in 2008 showing stacks of Bibles translated into Pashto and Dari at the U.S. air base in Bagram and featuring the chief of U.S. military chaplains in Afghanistan, Lt. Col. Gary Hensley, telling soldiers to “hunt people for Jesus.” ...example of what critics call a growing culture of militarized Christianity in the armed forces.

Apr 10, 2009 What motive does the Army have to misdiagnose PTSD?

QUOTE: A reluctance to diagnose post-traumatic stress disorder could be about the money, and about the need for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Jan 15, 2009 Gaza War Generates Debate on Civilians: Questions Reflect Asymmetry of Fight

QUOTE: The Israeli military blames Hamas for using Gazans as human shields and for retreating to densely populated areas to fight the war. But Palestinians and human rights groups say that Israel has been reckless and that in pursuing Hamas, it has employed tactics that unnecessarily drive up the civilian toll.

Washington Post
Nov 11, 2008 WW II vet held in Nazi slave camp breaks silence: 'Let it be known'

QUOTE: a catalog of deaths and atrocities he says were carried out on U.S. soldiers held by Nazis at a slave labor camp during World War II....Acevedo's story is one that was never supposed to be told. "We had to sign an affidavit ... [saying] we never went through what we went through."

CNN (Cable News Network)
Nov 10, 2008 Secret Order Lets U.S. Raid Al Qaeda

QUOTE: The United States military since 2004 has used broad, secret authority to carry out nearly a dozen previously undisclosed attacks against Al Qaeda and other militants in Syria, Pakistan and elsewhere....Bush administration officials have shown a determination to operate under an expansive definition of self-defense that provides a legal rationale for strikes on militant targets in sovereign nations without those countries’ consent.

New York Times
Nov 04, 2008 Call Off Your Drones: Negotiating with Pakistan over remote-controlled killing.

QUOTE: The tricky question is whether the drone attacks are directly alienating too many people or whether the Pakistani government is asking to Petraeus to call off the drones for more complicated reasons....If suicide bombs in hotels can force us to call off the drones, then terrorism is trumping remote-control technology.

Oct 06, 2008 Female fighters: We won't stand for male dominance

QUOTE: The PKK has an idealistic philosophy, one that combines Kurdish nationalism with certain communist goals, such as equality and communal ownership of property. The fighters here say that their cause has evolved beyond a desire for a Kurdish state -- that they are now fighting to generate dramatic social change. Today, the PKK's ideology revolves around a belief that global crises and injustice are a result of millennia of male-dominated rule.

CNN (Cable News Network)
May 28, 2008 111 Nations, Minus the U.S., Agree to Cluster-Bomb Ban

QUOTE: More than 100 countries reached agreement Wednesday to ban cluster bombs, controversial weapons that human rights groups deplore but that the United States, which did not join the ban, calls an integral, legitimate part of its arsenal.

Washington Post
May 27, 2008 U.N. Blames Russia for Downed Drone

QUOTE: The United Nations report noted that the use of force by any third party, such as a fighter plane scrambled from Russia, is “fundamentally inconsistent” with Russia’s role as a peacekeeper and “undercuts the cease-fire and separation of forces regime.” It also raised “possible considerations under international law.”

New York Times
Dec 06, 2007 Enemies at The Firewall

QUOTE: Though the evidence remains mostly circumstantial, a picture is emerging of a coordinated effort by Chinese-military authorities to recruit hackers such as Tan and his group to winkle out information from computer systems outside China and launch cyberattacks in future conflicts.

Time Magazine
Oct 20, 2007 Divided Korea Paralyzes Families Torn Apart Long Ago

QUOTE: About 500 South Korean soldiers captured during the war are thought to be alive in the North, with 480 civilians, mostly fishermen, who were kidnapped in the years since, according to the South Korean government. It is unclear how many of the estimated 80,000 civilians who were taken to North Korea during the war may still be alive.

New York Times
Oct 01, 2007 Many Czechs Love U.S., but Say ‘Hold the Radar’

QUOTE: Many Czechs say that far from protecting them, the radar would make their country a target, and this time they do not want to keep quiet and do America’s bidding. Russia has been vocal in its opposition to the plan, and in February its missile commander threatened to target countries in Eastern Europe that became part of the missile shield.

New York Times
Sep 24, 2007 Contractor Blamed in DHS Data Breaches

QUOTE: The FBI is investigating a major information technology firm with a $1.7 billion Department of Homeland Security contract after it allegedly failed to detect cyber break-ins traced to a Chinese-language Web site and then tried to cover up its deficiencies, according to congressional investigators. At the center of the probe is Unisys Corp...

Washington Post
Sep 12, 2007 Official: 'Massive' Damage to China From Hacking: Charge Seen as Response to Reports of Chinese Hacking in Western Countries

QUOTE: Striking a different tone, Lou said China should also consider computer-borne information in a larger sense as a threat to its security. He said the United States and other Western countries use advanced technology "to create an information hegemony" and relay unfavorable news from China, raising the risk of social instability.

Washington Post
Aug 22, 2007 America's Hackable Backbone

QUOTE: But because SCADA systems are largely owned by the private sector, critical infrastructure like power plants and water systems may remain vulnerable until the problem affects profits--or leads to disaster. Christy argues that we can't wait that long: His unofficial opinion is that SCADA needs government regulation.

Jul 18, 2007 Japan Warns U.S. House Against Resolution on WWII Sex Slaves

QUOTE: [Japanese Ambassador Ryozo Kato] said that since 1993 Japan has repeatedly and officially apologized for its harsh treatment of "comfort women," the term used for the estimated 50,000 to 200,000 Asian women forced by the Japanese government into brothels before and during World War II.

Washington Post
Jul 14, 2007 Living a Half-Life While Waiting for Those Lost: Families in Divided Kashmir Left Wondering, Often for Years, About Loved Ones Taken by Indian Army

QUOTE: As many as 10,000 people are missing in the bloody 18-year conflict between Indian army troops and militant separatists .... The problem persists because, under law, the Indian army is given carte blanche to quell any suspected militancy and hunt down possible insurgents...

Washington Post
Jun 12, 2007 Civilian Toll in Iraq At 'Higher Levels': U.N. Report Cites Rise Since Troop Buildup

QUOTE: Despite the recent U.S. military buildup in Baghdad, insurgent and militia attacks persist and "civilian casualties continue to mount" in Iraq as a whole, according to a report released Monday by U.N. Secretary General.

Washington Post
Apr 26, 2007 U.N. Report on Human Rights in Iraq Draws U.S. Denunciation

QUOTE: The United Nations said that by the end of March, 37,641 people were being detained throughout Iraq, including 17,898 in U.S. custody and 17,063 spread across the Iraqi ministries of Justice, Interior and Defense. It expressed concern about the U.S. military's "indefinite internment of detainees" and people "held for prolonged periods effectively without charge or trial."

Washington Post
Apr 25, 2007 Bush, Congress reach for war's reins: The showdown this week between President Bush and Congress on war funding is a constitutional issue over who controls the military.

QUOTE: At the heart of the dispute is a tension locked into the Constitution over who directs a war. As commander in chief, Bush says that he and generals on the ground determine the deployment of US forces, not members of Congress .... But many congressional experts see this week's confrontation over war funding as a critical test for a Congress that has long deferred to the White House over the conduct of the war.

Christian Science Monitor
Mar 26, 2007 Few Americans share Iraq war's sacrifices: Some say US citizens need a war tax or a call to national service.

QUOTE: unlike past wars, even unpopular ones, most Americans have contributed little directly [to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan] .... So what should citizens do – if anything – to support US troops?

Christian Science Monitor

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