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Jun 28, 2016 Democrats Need to Wake Up

QUOTE: Surprise, surprise. Workers in Britain, many of whom have seen a decline in their standard of living while the very rich in their country have become much richer, have turned their backs on the European Union and a globalized economy that is failing them and their children. And it’s not just the British who are suffering. That increasingly globalized economy, established and maintained by the world’s economic elite, is failing people everywhere.

New York Times
May 30, 2014 Bloomberg: Universities becoming bastions of intolerance

QUOTE: Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, delivering Thursday's commencement speech at Harvard University, criticized what he described as a disturbing trend of liberals silencing voices "deemed politically objectionable."

CNN (Cable News Network)
Mar 11, 2012 Cry, the Beloved Constitution (Op-Ed)

QUOTE: Both liberals and conservatives have the American Constitution in the cross hairs. They assault the Constitution in their different ways, each with damaging effects on our nation. Conservatives attack the courts on one hand and seek to have them advance their activist agenda on the other. Liberals, when it suits them, embrace rights that have not been enumerated in the Constitution and cry for restraint only when their pet bills come under fire. The result is a national jurisprudence whetted by political appetite, with our democratic values as the victims.

International Herald Tribune (IHT)
Jan 24, 2012 In Address, Obama Makes Pitch for Economic Fairness

QUOTE: President Obama pledged on Tuesday night to use government power to balance the scale between America’s rich and the rest of the public, trying to present an election-year choice between continued leadership toward an economy “built to last” and what he called irresponsible policies of the past that caused an economic collapse.

New York Times
Dec 11, 2011 How to Fix Fact-Checking

QUOTE: The Standard piece offers up some genuine examples of faulty fact-checking in service of its tendentious argument. The problem with fact-checking is not that it’s a liberal media plot. The problem is that fact-checking – like everything – is sometimes a lazy, half-assed business.

Oct 21, 2011 The Ugliness Started With Bork

QUOTE: [The Bork] nomination battle is also a reminder that our poisoned politics is not just about Republicans behaving badly, as many Democrats and their liberal allies have convinced themselves. Democrats can be — and have been — every bit as obstructionist, mean-spirited and unfair.

New York Times
Sep 03, 2011 Arizona Redistricting Panel Is Under Attack, Even Before Its Work Is Done

QUOTE: the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, with two Republican members, two Democratic members and an independent chairwoman, has found itself subject to such fierce attacks that its work is being questioned even before that work has been done. The stakes are high — explosive population growth over the last decade, especially among Latinos, entitles the state to one more Congressional seat, its ninth.

New York Times
Apr 17, 2011 Victor Toro, Tortured in Chile, Fights Deportation

QUOTE: A well-known advocate for immigrants and the needy in New York, Mr. Toro has been in and out of immigration court for nearly four years, unsuccessfully battling a deportation order and trying to win asylum.

New York Times
Mar 09, 2011 Wisconsin Senate Limits Bargaining by Public Workers

QUOTE: Democrats, meanwhile, condemned the move as an attack on working families, a violation of open meetings requirements (most of them did not know there was to be a vote until not long before), and a virtual firebomb in state that already found itself politically polarized and consumed with recall efforts, large scale protests and fury from public workers.

New York Times
May 15, 2010 Top backers of gay/transgender nondiscrimination bill push for a vote

QUOTE: As the Obama administration reviews whether to discard the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, House Democratic leaders are quietly pushing another sensitive issue in the culture wars: civil rights for transgender workers.

Washington Post
Mar 01, 2010 Both parties fall prey to make-believe politics

QUOTE: A disconnect between the language of politics and the nation's actual problems is growing. The politics of the budget offer a splendid example.

Washington Post
Aug 20, 2009 Hugo Chávez seeks to catch them young: Venezuela's education “reforms”

QUOTE: the focus of the Venezuelan leader’s [Hugo Chávez] reforms [for education] is on ensuring the intrusion of politics at every level. Mariano Herrera, an educationalist, predicts that the result will be greater inequality, not less

Jun 12, 2009 San Francisco at Crossroads Over Immigration

QUOTE: But over the last year... San Francisco has become less like its self-image [a liberal enclave that does not cooperate with immigration authorities] and more like many other cities in the United States: deeply conflicted over how to cope with the fallout of illegal immigration.

New York Times
Jan 22, 2009 Marching for Hamas

QUOTE: To stand up against an enemy bent on your destruction is everywhere counted an act of bravery. But not when it comes to Israel....In a bizarre reversal of all their commitment to human rights and the struggle of men and women for independence and self-determination, the European Left has chosen again and again to side with the bullies and to condemn a small nation struggling to survive in a hostile neighborhood.

Jerusalem Post
Dec 09, 2008 Funeral Leads to More Greece Mayhem

QUOTE: Thousands of protesters marched on central Athens on Tuesday, facing off against police in riot gear and shouting anti-government slogans as Greece buried the teenager whose shooting by the police on Saturday set off some of the worst rioting here in recent years....Clashes between the police and anarchists and other radical youth in Greece are common, but the rioting represented the worst such violence in years.

New York Times
Dec 08, 2008 The Politics of the Federal Bench: GOP-Appointed Majorities Winning Ideological Battles at Appellate Level

QUOTE: Although the impact of Bush's judicial appointments is most often noticed at the Supreme Court, it has played out much more frequently and more importantly here and in the nation's 12 other appellate courts, where his appointees and their liberal counterparts are waging often-bitter ideological battles.

Washington Post
Oct 20, 2008 ‘Spreading the Wealth’ as Both Accusation and Prescription

QUOTE: ...Mr. McCain denounces Mr. Obama for wanting to redistribute wealth, hitting especially hard on Mr. Obama’s plan to give tax credits, in the form of checks, to some people who do not pay income tax. (Mr. McCain omits the fact that his own health care plan would do much the same thing, giving tax credits of $5,000 to families for health insurance, regardless of whether they pay income taxes.)

New York Times
Apr 01, 2008 The End of 'Tourism Apartheid': Cuba Repeals Ban on Its Citizens Staying in Hotels on Island

QUOTE: The government of President Raúl Castro has lifted a ban on Cubans staying in hotels on the island, tourism industry employees said Monday, in an apparent end to a policy that exiled bloggers and other critics had dubbed "tourism apartheid."

Washington Post
Mar 24, 2008 A Vote of Allegiance? In the Obama-Clinton Battle, Race & Gender Pose Two Great Divides for Black Women

QUOTE: The admonitions of white feminists urging black women to vote gender over race have cracked open a scab, a festering sore, that had crusted over the history of this country's competing isms. A scab that covered the lingering tension between some white feminists and some black women, with their dual historic burden of race and gender. It is black women, after all, who have faced both sexism and racism in their lives.

Washington Post
Jan 20, 2008 Radical Left, Iran’s Last Legal Dissidents, Until Now

QUOTE: In recent weeks, the leaders of the Marxist student movement have been arrested, suggesting that the government is worrying about the size of the demonstrations and the growing attraction of an ideology that is deeply antithetical to its own.

New York Times
Nov 06, 2007 Cable Channel Nods to Ratings and Leans Left

QUOTE: Having a prime-time lineup that tilts ever more demonstrably to the left could be risky for General Electric, MSNBC’s parent company, which is subject to legislation and regulation far afield of the cable landscape. Officials at MSNBC emphasize that they never set out to create a liberal version of Fox News.

New York Times
Oct 18, 2007 Quandary Over Gay Rights Bill: Is It Better to Protect Some or None?

QUOTE: Yet the decision ignited a firestorm among gay, lesbian and transgender advocacy groups, creating a rift between pragmatists who believed that a flawed bill was better than no bill and those who preferred nothing if they couldn't have it all. As it now stands, the more limited bill is expected to narrowly clear the House next week, at which point the Senate will likely move forward.

Washington Post
Sep 24, 2007 New York Times Says It Violated Policies Over MoveOn Ad

QUOTE: After two weeks of denials, the New York Times acknowledged that it should not have given a discount to for a full-page advertisement assailing Gen. David H. Petraeus.

Washington Post
Aug 31, 2007 Democratic Donor Turns Himself In

QUOTE: Investigators believe that after Mr. Hsu skipped his court appearance in 1992, he went to his native Hong Kong and then continued working in the garment trade. At some point, Mr. Hsu, a naturalized American citizen, returned to New York and in 2003 made the first of what became hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions to Democratic campaigns around the nation.

New York Times
Jul 04, 2007 Hero's tale is 'too positive' for the BBC

QUOTE: The [BBC] has cancelled the commission for a 90-minute drama about Britain's youngest surviving Victoria Cross hero because it feared it would alienate members of the audience opposed to the war in Iraq. The BBC's retreat from the project, which had the working title Victoria Cross, has sparked accusations of cowardice and will reignite the debate about the broadcaster's alleged lack of patriotism.

Daily Telegraph
Jan 22, 2007 Bolivia's Political Fissures Force Morales to Shift Course

QUOTE: Morales, and the slight majority of assembly members aligned with him, initially had hoped that the assembly, created last year, would enable them to grant indigenous communities more institutional power and a bigger share of government revenue. But long-simmering regional conflicts have interfered, with opposition assembly members insisting on more autonomy for local governments in regions that produce the bulk of the country's export income.

Washington Post
Dec 12, 2006 Controversial legacy of former Chilean dictator: General Pinochet is credited with stablilizing Chile's economy, but is best known for his repressive rule and alleged human rights violations.

QUOTE: The death Sunday of one of South America's most notorious dictators, Gen. Augusto Pinochet, frustrated the efforts of those who had hoped to see him condemned for the human rights abuses committed during his 17-year rule. Yet Gen. Pinochet, who overthrew Chile's democratically elected Marxist government in a 1973 coup, leaves behind a disputed legacy that is also lauded for impressive economic successes.

Christian Science Monitor
Nov 12, 2006 Former Contras Bemoan Ortega's Return to Power In Nicaragua

QUOTE: some former contras view Ortega's return in almost apocalyptic terms. Although Ortega cast himself as the candidate of "reconciliation," Laguna's neighbor, Leiva Ramirez, a petite woman with dark, intense eyes, predicted that it is only a matter of time before he reinstates unpopular policies of his previous 11-year rule, such as expropriating property, rationing food and jailing dissenters.

Washington Post
Jul 27, 2006 Liberals and Israel

QUOTE: most of the lefty blogs are avoiding the Middle East war...conservatives are ramping up the argument that there's a game of camouflage going on, and the back-and-forth is revealing.

Washington Post
Jan 06, 2006 San Cristóbal Journal: A Masked Marxist on the Stump

QUOTE: ...a six-month national tour led by the man known as Subcommander Marcos has all the earmarks of a run-of-the-mill campaign for political office: slogans, chants, partisan songs, rallies large and small....Marcos, a captivating speaker who now calls himself Delegate Zero, even has a stump speech of sorts, in which he blames "savage capitalism" and the sins of the rich for everything from gay-baiting to racism to domestic violence.

New York Times
Dec 18, 2005 The World: Latin America Looks Leftward Again

QUOTE: ...a new leftward tide now rising in Latin American politics. Tired of poverty and indifferent governments, villagers here are being urged by some of their more radical leaders to forget the promises of capitalism and install instead a community-based socialism in which products would be bartered. Some leaders even talk of forming an independent Indian state.

New York Times
Nov 20, 2005 Che's Second Coming?

QUOTE: Morales is the first full-blooded Aymara, Bolivia's dominant ethnic group, to make a serious run for the presidency, which is in itself testimony to the extraordinary marginalization that Bolivian citizens of pure Indian descent, who make up more than half of the population, have endured since 1825, when an independent Bolivia was established.

New York Times
Nov 14, 2004 On 'Moral Values,' It's Blue in a Landslide

QUOTE: It's in the G.O.P.'s interest to pander to this far-right constituency - votes are votes - but you can be certain that a party joined at the hip to much of corporate America, Mr. Murdoch included, will take no action to curtail the blue culture these voters deplore.

New York Times
Sep 27, 2004 New Routes for Money to Sway Voters: 501c Groups Escape Disclosure Rules

QUOTE: ...[501c] tax-exempt advocacy and charitable organizations are conduits for a steady stream of secretive cash flowing into the election, in many respects unaffected by the McCain-Feingold legislation enacted in 2002.

Washington Post
May 03, 2004 New Internet Site Turns Critical Eyes and Ears to the Right

QUOTE: Mr. Brock said the central thrust of his group would be to closely monitor conservative commentators and journalists and, when they make erroneous or misleading claims, to point them out and set the record straight on the Media Matters Web site (

New York Times
Apr 26, 2004 Rethinking Indonesia's History: Six Years After Suharto Dictatorship, New Curriculum Is Opening Issues to Debate

QUOTE: Today [in Indonesia--Ed.], six years after Suharto was forced from power by mass protests, the teaching of history is slowly being freed of state-imposed dogma.

Washington Post
May 05, 2002 An Eminence With No Shades of Gray: In a New Bestseller, Noam Chomsky Argues Against the War in Afghanistan

QUOTE: To pick up the most powerful newspapers and intellectual magazines in the United States, to tune in the 463 television political babble-athons, is to conclude that Chomsky is invisible.

Washington Post
Dec 18, 2001 A Deepening Divide On U.S. Civil Rights Panel: Controversy Over Appointment Highlights Historical Disagreements Over Commission's Role

QUOTE: Conservatives are trying to "destroy the commission or disrupt its effectiveness," said a dismayed Democrat who heads a civil rights organization. Liberals should realize that "the civil rights commission has outlived its usefulness," a disgruntled Republican said.

Washington Post
Dec 01, 2001 Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News

ABSTRACT: An expose of the news business from Bernard Goldberg, a veteran reporter at CBS for decades. His main charges--- pervasive liberal bias and lack of journalistic integrity sacrificed to commercialism (ratings).

Regnery Publishing
Nov 11, 2001 Pressure of War Splinters Israel's Left

QUOTE: [leftwing/dovish Israelis of the Peace Now movement] who believed most in a warm peace — one in which settlers played jazz in Palestinian Ramallah and Palestinians danced in the nightclubs of Tel Aviv — have taken a hard look at their own assumptions about relations between the two peoples.

New York Times
Jul 21, 2001 States Steer Religious Charities Toward Aid

QUOTE: ...local officials [in many states] are making unprecedented efforts to encourage religious charities to apply for government money.

New York Times
May 21, 2001 Bork Wasn't Borked

QUOTE: We may wish for loftier talk when high federal judgeships are at stake, but when defenders of constitutional liberty see aggression they need not unilaterally disarm. The Bork fight showed the outer edges of permissible debate but also set a useful standard.

Washington Post
Sep 22, 1999 The New Politics of Inequality

QUOTE: study has disputed, because no study can dispute, that the boom of the past decade has widened an already large gap between rich and poor.

New York Times