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Oct 30, 2004 Mold Removal Sales Pitch Raises Ethical, Other Questions

QUOTE: First, home inspectors who perform corrective work pursuant to their inspections are highly suspect and are operating in direct opposition to established industry standards of ethical conduct.

Washington Post
Oct 30, 2004 A Closer Eye on Mortgage Fraud: Lenders Look Out for Phony Applications, False Credit Scores

QUOTE: ...alleged fraud by some unethical mortgage brokers, who are dummying up credit scores...Such fraud can cause losses for lenders; it can also stick homeowners with loans they can't afford.

Washington Post
Oct 07, 2004 Nigeria's latest: Scam targets classified ad users

QUOTE: ...The buyer offers to pay for the used vehicle and shipping with a cashier's check in excess of the asking price of the car, and asks the seller to refund the difference. Naturally, the cashier's check is bogus...

Sep 30, 2004 Finding renters insurance coverage that pays

QUOTE: if you ever have need for renter's coverage, you'll probably wish you'd purchased more or different coverage.
Sep 26, 2004 A Less Painful Conversion

QUOTE: When retailers or businesses use check conversion, your payment may be processed a lot more quickly than if they processed your check the traditional way...

Washington Post
Sep 21, 2004 Planning for the financial fallout from a fatal disease

QUOTE: When a loved one is diagnosed with a disease such as Alzheimer's or planning is something that needs to be addressed -- and as quickly as possible. ...Often a person will deny he or she has...another debilitating or fatal illness.
Sep 18, 2004 Ensuring an End To Loan Insurance

QUOTE: It's a win-win concept for the lender and the consumer...the date-certain cancellation feature is inherently a trade-off itself: It costs the borrower extra every month, but costs the lender or servicer nothing at all.

Washington Post
Sep 01, 2004 Deceptive Magazine Sales (Scam Alert)

QUOTE: Attorney James Reilly Dolan of the Federal Trade Commission says deceptive magazine sales have been on the FTC’s "top 10" list of complaints for the last three years. The FTC logged 516,740 such complaints in 2003; it received 204,334 complaints in 2001.

Aug 21, 2004 If There's No Inspection Contingency, Don't Sign the Contract

QUOTE: Why do potential buyers buy a house without having it inspected?...when people buy a house, usually the most expensive purchase they will make in their lifetime, they just sign a contract and hope for the best.

Jul 28, 2004 7 myths surrounding life insurance

QUOTE: Unfortunately, any mistake you make when buying a life insurance policy can have long-lasting consequences...To choose the life insurance that's right for you, steer clear of these seven most common myths surrounding life insurance...
Jul 28, 2004 How to find the best agent for you

QUOTE: Financial experts say it's important to find a good insurance agent...finding one who's qualified, knowledgeable about life insurance and who's willing to listen carefully to your needs may take a great deal of time and effort.
Jul 27, 2004 Singled Out by Two-for-One Sales

QUOTE: "Why do grocery chains advertise and sell food items cheaper for large orders and two-for-one prices?"... Doesn't that discriminate against seniors and singles?

Washington Post
Jul 25, 2004 Can You Mix Business Travel And Family?

QUOTE: When your job calls you to the road, is it practical to turn that time into a family road trip? Or, is mixing business with pleasure a ticket to trouble?

Wall Street Journal, The (WSJ)
Jun 23, 2004 How to dispute a credit card purchase

QUOTE: Credit card purchases are protected under the Fair Credit Billing Act. This law gives the consumer the right to withhold payment on poor-quality or damaged merchandise purchased with a credit card.
Jun 23, 2004 Disputed credit card charges: Ask Dr. Don

QUOTE: I had a bad experience with my credit card company related to a disputed vendor charge. The vendor did not deliver what he charged my card for, and the credit card company refuses to temporarily credit my account while the dispute is resolved.
Jun 01, 2004 Recycling Phones Can Bring a Payoff

QUOTE: A recent survey conducted by the nonprofit Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corp. found that more than 56 percent of cell phone users surveyed still have their old cell phones somewhere. Only 2.3 percent recycled them, and more than 70 percent were unaware they could be recycled.

Washington Post
May 18, 2004 Debit cards lack protections of credit cards

QUOTE: When you're making a big purchase, think twice about using a debit card in place of a credit card. If something goes wrong, you may have a tough time getting your money back with a debit card, if you get the money back at all.
Apr 01, 2004 The Long Rebate Wait: Clip the Bar Code, Circle the Receipt, Cross Your Fingers (Your Money)

QUOTE: Adkins' frustration reflects a growing chorus of complaints by consumers who argue that companies aren't making good on mail-in rebate offers. Yet the practice of enticing shoppers with cash-back incentives on everything from computers to cell phones has grown by as much as 30 percent in the last year, industry experts say.

Mar 05, 2004 10 things you need to know about homeowners insurance

QUOTE: Why wait until after a disaster to discover your homeowners insurance doesn't really have you covered? Here are 10 things to do so you can have peace of mind -- and full protection -- right now:
Feb 06, 2004 8 most common hospital billing errors

QUOTE: Here are the most common areas of overcharges and errors, with tips on what to do if you find irregularities.
Jan 18, 2004 Tracking down an abandoned account

QUOTE: If there has been no activity in the account for a set period of time, usually between two and five years, your money is considered unclaimed or abandoned.
Jan 15, 2004 15 ways to squeeze your budget

QUOTE: If you find it challenging to steal away some cash from your budget to put into a savings account, here are a few ideas. Print out this list of 15 ways to build a healthy savings cushion.
Sep 23, 2003 11 dogs that could raise your insurance costs

QUOTE: Insurers say when they identify dog breeds that tend to bite, it helps bring down the cost of homeowner policies. Dog owners say their pets should be considered as individuals and the insurance approach amounts to ineffective canine profiling.
Aug 18, 2003 Getting Personal With The Call Center

QUOTE: In today's down economy, many companies are trying to save money by trimming call-center staffs, adding layers to already byzantine self-service menus, and installing voice-recognition systems. We asked industry insiders how to avoid getting caught in menu hell and make sure you're heard when you finally get through to an agent.

Aug 18, 2003 Having A Breakdown?

QUOTE: While complex gadgets have proliferated, electronics repair shops have been vanishing--dwindling from about 40,000 nationwide in 1985 to 10,000 at the end of last year. So more people find themselves puzzling over what to do when a screen goes dead or a signal fades.

US News & World Report
Aug 18, 2003 Just Plain Complainin'

QUOTE: The FCIC produces the Consumer Action handbook and an accompanying Web site, con, which provide extensive information on what to do before and after a business transaction to protect yourself.

May 22, 2003 Sticker shock: What to do when the price is wrong?

QUOTE: Sanchez's friend "proceeded to explain that according to consumer protection laws, vendors are bound to charge the price that is on the item," even if it's been mislabeled.

May 05, 2003 Safety Net Is Weaker for Unemployed Women

QUOTE: The rising jobless rate is often harder on women because their tendency to earn less and work part-time so they can care for family members disqualifies them from unemployment benefits in many states.

May 01, 2003 Buy Where You Shop

QUOTE: But if you aren't satisfied with the online shopping experience, you want to look at the physical product, for example browsing through a book in the store, you owe it to the retailer--and to yourself--to buy it there, rather than going home and saving a few dollars by ordering it online.

O'Reilly Media
Apr 03, 2003 Markup madness: Boston taxes still chafe

QUOTE: Thinking of renting a car while traveling? You may want to bring a glossary-- and some very deep pockets. In what some veteran travelers might consider an understatement, the Federal Trade Commission declares that renting a car can be "confusing and expensive." Greg Wood recently learned exactly how confusing and expensive.

Mar 13, 2003 Women still find slow rise to power positions

QUOTE: Women are making slow progress in moving into the top ranks of Canadian companies, but still hold just 14 per cent of corporate officer positions, according to a new study by Toronto research firm Catalyst Canada.

Mar 01, 2003 Credit Repair Firms Often Fix Nothing (Scam Alert)

QUOTE: The vast majority of credit repair firms, experts say, promise what they can't deliver—to "erase your bad credit," for example.

Nov 01, 2002 Surprise Ending (Scam Alert)

QUOTE: Surveys show that more and more Americans are signing "preneed" agreements under which they pay in advance for their funeral and burial expenses. But the preneed industry is rife with deceptive sales practices and outright fraud...

Oct 01, 2002 10 Things Your Money Manager Won't Tell You

QUOTE: Sounds legit, but heads up: Your manager may not be churning your account, but he can still harm it with silly investments.

Smart Money
May 11, 2002 Real estate laws leave buyers stranded

QUOTE: business law experts say that someone buying a house has less legal protection than someone buying a used car or a blender, as many throughout the Tristate are discovering as the Erpenbeck ordeal continues. But other than trying to sue...or just eating the costs, those stuck in the middle of the fiasco don't have many options.

Mar 12, 2002 10 Things Your Accountant Won't Tell You

QUOTE: Most people who hire an accountant to do their taxes are motivated in part by a mortal fear of coming face-to-face with an IRS auditor. But they might be better off on their own...some accountants are just glorified tax protesters whose methods all but guarantee the unwanted attention of the IRS.

Smart Money
Jan 05, 2002 When is a Mortgage Rate Lock Not a Lock?

QUOTE: Consumers who clamored to snap up low rates flooded brokers, leaving lenders overworked and swamped with applications... Now, as lock deadlines approach, borrowers are fretting that they may get stuck with a sour deal.

Washington Post
Dec 18, 2001 10 Things Your Financial Planner Won't Tell You

QUOTE: There's a huge market of consumers desperately seeking financial guidance these days — and a wealth of planners eager to serve...Anyone can hang out a shingle and call himself a financial planner: There's no required training or experience...Many clients meet with planners and leave with more questions than answers.

Smart Money
Sep 14, 2001 Ten Things Your Online Bank Won't Tell You

QUOTE: ...e-banks could pay customers higher interest rates on deposits while still turning big profits...profits haven't materialized, and the e-bank graveyard is now full of once highflying names...

Smart Money
Aug 14, 2001 Ten Things Your CFO Won't Tell You

QUOTE: Certainly, CFOs are entitled to a little privacy when it comes to conducting the company's business. But what about when it comes to decisions that will fundamentally change the nature of your investment...Don't expect much.

Smart Money
Jun 22, 2001 10 Things Your Headhunter Won't Tell You

QUOTE: In this job market, a good headhunter can be a godsend... But that doesn't mean you should send your resume off blindly. Some headhunters are obviously going to be better than others.

Smart Money
May 16, 2000 Consumer Action: Taken for a Ride

QUOTE: Feeling abused...But as consumers flock to Priceline in hopes of scoring deals on everything from groceries to gas, many are coming away with tales that have distinctly unhappy endings. Nightmarish itineraries that can't be changed. Tacked-on charges. Fruitless conversations with surly customer-service reps.

Smart Money
Jan 01, 2000 Ten Things Your Home Builder Won't Tell You

QUOTE: Having a home built? You may anticipate a few things going wrong, but you'd expect your builder to erect your house on solid ground, right? Don't be so sure.

Smart Money
Oct 01, 1999 Ten Things Investment Newsletters Won't Tell You

QUOTE: Last year Global Financial Traders, publisher of the Daily Speculator, was sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission for allegedly bilking investors out of more than $5.8 million by using the newsletter to hype the stock of American Image Motor...

Smart Money
Sep 01, 1999 Ten Things Your Fund Supermarket Won't Tell You

QUOTE: They were supposed to make things easier, and they did. Maybe too easy. Mutual fund supermarkets --introduced by Charles Schwab in 1984 -- have fostered an environment where investors swagger about with a shoot-first-ask-questions-later attitude.

Smart Money
Jul 01, 1999 Ten Things Your Cell-Phone Company Won't Tell You

QUOTE: Many of the 75 million U.S. cell-phone users believe that their service can be a lifesaver in an emergency. It's what Pat Smith, a former nurse in the Orlando area, must have thought -- until she actually had to use the phone in such a situation.

Smart Money
May 01, 1999 Ten Things the SEC Won't Tell You

QUOTE: A lot of people are singing the praises of the Securities and Exchange Commission these days...Just imagine, then, what the agency could be doing if it had the proper resources...The SEC is ill-equipped to confront old and new problems alike.

Smart Money
Apr 01, 1999 Rage Against the Machine

QUOTE: Witness the surge in complaints received by the nation's 133 local Better Business Bureaus, a proxy for private-sector grievances. They topped 2 million in 1997, up 15 percent from 1996 and a remarkable 61 percent from 1995. (Figures for last year are not yet available.) While some 1.7 million of the 1997 complaints were then referred to more appropriate agencies or handled over the phone, the BBB processed 309,935 consumer grievances — the highest count of the decade.

Smart Money
Nov 01, 1998 Ten Things Your Home Security Firm Won't Tell You

QUOTE: As comforting as it may be to have an elaborate alarm system, the truth is you can deter most break-ins much more cheaply.

Smart Money
May 01, 1997 Ten Things Your Veterinarian Won't Tell You

QUOTE: Sure, the majority of vets take up their craft because of a deep-seated love for creatures large and small. But that doesn't mean he or she has to like your precious Fifi. "Some vets don't like pets," admits Dr. Merry Crimi, a former president of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

Smart Money

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