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Jul 21, 2016 Trump’s Republican National Convention speech massively distorted national crime statistics

QUOTE: When Donald Trump took the stage in Cleveland on Thursday night (July 21), he immediately made some strong comments about law and order. They were, however, in typical Trump fashion, a rather blatant distortion of the facts.

Jul 12, 2016 How technology disrupted the truth

QUOTE: Social media has swallowed the news – threatening the funding of public-interest reporting and ushering in an era when everyone has their own facts. But the consequences go far beyond journalism....It seemed that journalists were no longer required to believe their own stories to be true, nor, apparently, did they need to provide evidence. Instead it was up to the reader – who does not even know the identity of the source – to make up their own mind. But based on what? Gut instinct, intuition, mood? Does the truth matter any more?

Guardian Unlimited
Jan 04, 2013 Secret and Lies of the Bailout:The federal rescue of Wall Street didn’t fix the economy – it created a permanent bailout state based on a Ponzi-like confidence scheme. And the worst may be yet to come

QUOTE: Not only did [the 2009 banking system bailout--Ed.] prevent another Great Depression, we've been told, but the money has all been paid back, and the government even made a profit. No harm, no foul – right? Wrong. It was all a lie – one of the biggest and most elaborate falsehoods ever sold to the American people. We were told that the taxpayer was stepping in – only temporarily, mind you – to prop up the economy and save the world from financial catastrophe. What we actually ended up doing was the exact opposite: committing American taxpayers to permanent, blind support of an ungovernable, unregulatable, hyperconcentrated new financial system that exacerbates the greed and inequality that caused the crash, and forces Wall Street banks like Goldman Sachs and Citigroup to increase risk rather than reduce it. The result is one of those deals where one wrong decision early on blossoms into a lush nightmare of unintended consequences.

Rolling Stone
Dec 27, 2012 Viral Spiral 2012: The constant battle against crackpot claims, paranoid conspiracy theories and malicious lies.

QUOTE: old viral emails, unfortunately, never die — and new ones spread like a highly contagious disease. These overwhelmingly anonymous messages are, by and large, bogus. Many not only twist the facts but also peddle pure fabrications, urging recipients to forward these “shocking” revelations to all their friends. And despite all good common sense, people do pass along these malicious attempts to deceive, often in the same amount of time it would take to check their tenuous hold on veracity.
Nov 09, 2012 Fantasyland: Denial has poisoned the GOP and threatens the rest of the country too.

QUOTE: Romney has no political heirs in his own party or elsewhere, he does leave behind a cultural legacy of sorts. He raised Truthiness to a level of chutzpah beyond Stephen Colbert’s fertile imagination, and on the grandest scale. That a presidential hopeful so cavalierly mendacious could get so close to the White House, winning some 48 percent of the popular vote, is no small accomplishment. The American weakness that Romney both apotheosized and exploited in achieving this feat—our post-fact syndrome where anyone on the public stage can make up anything and usually get away with it—won’t disappear with him. A slicker liar could have won, and still might....This year’s instantly famous declaration by the Romney pollster Neil Newhouse that “we’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers” crystallized the mantra of the entire GOP. The Republican faithful at strata both low and high, from Rush’s dittoheads to the think-tank-affiliated intellectuals, have long since stopped acknowledging any empirical evidence that disputes their insular worldview, no matter how grounded that evidence might be in (God forbid) science or any other verifiable reality, like, say, Census reports or elementary mathematics

New York Magazine
Nov 05, 2012 The Real Loser: Truth (Op-Ed)

QUOTE: To be sure, the Obama campaign has certainly had its own share of dissembling and distortion, including about Mr. Romney’s positions on abortion and foreign aid. But nothing in it — or in past campaigns, for that matter — has equaled the efforts of the Romney campaign in this realm. Its fundamental disdain for facts is something wholly or lose, the Romney campaign has placed a big and historic bet on the proposition that facts can be ignored, more or less, with impunity.

New York Times
Oct 24, 2012 Tax Policy Center in Spotlight for Its Romney Study

QUOTE: No white paper or policy manifesto put out during the presidential campaign has proved more controversial than an August study by the Washington-based Tax Policy Center, a respected nonprofit that issues studiously detailed tax analyses. That study found, in short, that Mr. Romney could not keep all of the promises he had made on individual tax reform...

New York Times
Oct 15, 2012 Do facts matter?

QUOTE: it is not clear what impact the fact checkers are having on the public at large or, nearly as important, on the politicians. They keep laying out the facts and the politicians keep stretching the truth. There is little evidence that the public is outraged by any of the revelations nor that it has any real influence on how the politicians conduct themselves...

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jul 23, 2012 Scott Brown gets in on the Big Lie (Plum Line)

QUOTE: Obama’s now infamous “didn’t build that” speech is similar to Elizabeth Warren’s viral remarks about how the rich didn’t get rich on their own. So it’s not surprising that Senator Scott Brown has just released a new Web video (embedded below) tying Obama’s remarks to Warren’s and painting them as vaguely anti-American. Brown says: “I will never demonize you as business leaders and business owners.”

Washington Post
Feb 10, 2012 The Afghanistan Report the Pentagon Doesn't Want You to Read

QUOTE: a bombshell piece about Lt. Colonel Daniel Davis, a 17-year Army veteran recently returned from a second tour in Afghanistan. According to the Times, the 48-year-old Davis had written an 84-page unclassified report, as well as a classified report, offering his assessment of the decade-long war. That assessment is essentially that the war has been a disaster and the military's top brass has not leveled with the American public about just how badly it’s been going.

Rolling Stone
Dec 22, 2011 The Post-Truth Campaign

QUOTE: Over all, Mr. Obama’s positions on economic policy resemble those that moderate Republicans used to espouse. Yet Mr. Romney portrays the president as the second coming of Fidel Castro and seems confident that he will pay no price for making stuff up.

New York Times
Dec 21, 2011 Foes of Hungary’s Government Fear ‘Demolition of Democracy’

QUOTE: Democracy here is dying not with a single giant blow but with many small cuts, critics say, through the legal processes of Parliament that add up to a slow-motion coup. And in its drift toward authoritarian government, aided by popular disaffection with political gridlock and a public focused mainly on economic hardship, Hungary stands as a potentially troubling bellwether for other, struggling Eastern European countries with weak traditions of democratic government.

New York Times
Dec 11, 2011 How to Fix Fact-Checking

QUOTE: The Standard piece offers up some genuine examples of faulty fact-checking in service of its tendentious argument. The problem with fact-checking is not that it’s a liberal media plot. The problem is that fact-checking – like everything – is sometimes a lazy, half-assed business.

Oct 05, 2011 Think Occupy Wall St. is a phase? You don't get it

QUOTE: the reason why some mainstream news journalists and many of the audiences they serve see the Occupy Wall Street protests as incoherent is because the press and the public are themselves...In fact, we are witnessing America's first true Internet-era movement, which -- unlike civil rights protests, labor marches, or even the Obama campaign -- does not take its cue from a charismatic leader, express itself in bumper-sticker-length goals and understand itself as having a particular endpoint.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jul 13, 2011 Book Challenges Obama on Mother’s Deathbed Fight

QUOTE: The White House on Wednesday declined to challenge an account in a new book that suggests that President Obama, in his campaign to overhaul American health care, mischaracterized a central anecdote about his mother’s deathbed dispute with her insurance company.

New York Times
Jan 11, 2011 Tucson shootings don't quell debate over political rhetoric

QUOTE: Across the ideological spectrum, officials and activists agreed after Saturday's Tucson killings that it was time to soften the harsh edges of America's raucous national dialogue. But by Monday, a bitter debate had erupted over how to do it - and on whose terms.

Washington Post
May 22, 2010 Lies as Wishes

QUOTE: “I think that lies are like wishes,” said Bella DePaulo, a psychology professor at the University of California at Santa Barbara. “So when you wish you were a certain kind of person that you know you’re not, and maybe you’re not willing to do what it would take to become that person or can’t go back, then it becomes very tempting to lie.”

New York Times
Mar 03, 2010 Paterson’s Ethics Breach Is Turned Over to Prosecutors

QUOTE: Gov. David A. Paterson falsely testified under oath during an ethics investigation into his acceptance of free World Series tickets last fall, according to the State Commission on Public Integrity, which announced on Wednesday that it had asked prosecutors to determine if criminal charges should be brought against the governor.

New York Times
Mar 01, 2010 Both parties fall prey to make-believe politics

QUOTE: A disconnect between the language of politics and the nation's actual problems is growing. The politics of the budget offer a splendid example.

Washington Post
Nov 16, 2009 Taint of Corruption Is No Barrier to U.S. Visa

QUOTE: former and current State Department officials said Equatorial Guinea’s close ties to the American oil industry were the reason for the lax enforcement of the law [baring official Teodoro Nguema Obiang from entering the U.S,. to his mansion].

New York Times
Oct 19, 2009 Investment firm dares to cry corruption in Russia: British company outlines tax fraud's many accomplices

QUOTE: Hermitage Capital Management, once the largest foreign investor in the Russian stock market, is escalating its campaign to force the Kremlin to punish officials suspected of stealing $230 million from the government last year...

Washington Post
Oct 19, 2009 Government Can Supress Torture Evidence...If It Wants

QUOTE: President Obama's May decision to declassify Bush-era legal memos does not require the government to give up more information on techniques revealed by those opinions, a judge ruled last week.

Atlantic Online, The (Atlantic Monthly)
Oct 09, 2009 Against Transparency: The perils of openness in government.

QUOTE: More information,[from greater government transparency]" as [Archon] Fung and his colleagues put it, "does not always produce markets that are more efficient." Instead, "responses to information are inseparable from their interests, desires, resources, cognitive capacities, and social contexts..."

New Republic, The (TNR)
Sep 19, 2009 Planes to nowhere? Congress plans to increase small-town airline subsidies

QUOTE: opponents call the program [Essential Air Service] wasteful spending, noting that much of the money provides service to areas with fewer than 30 passengers a day.

Los Angeles Times
Sep 06, 2009 Administration Seeks to Keep Terror Watch-List Data Secret

QUOTE: The Obama administration wants to maintain the secrecy of terrorist watch-list information it routinely shares with federal, state and local agencies, a move that rights groups say would make it difficult for people who have been improperly included on such lists to challenge the government.

Washington Post
Aug 22, 2009 Ridge's Telling Tale, or Just Another Tell-All?

QUOTE: There is something about the Beltway culture that seems to discourage protest resignations. Instead, the well-worn path is to collect your grievances, find a publisher, hit the talk-show circuit and recast yourself as a painfully honest critic of the administration you once saluted.

Washington Post
Aug 18, 2009 The Most Outrageous U.S. Lies About Global Healthcare

QUOTE: Many of the most wildly inaccurate statements [about health systems] have been directed abroad -- sometimes at the United States' closest allies, such as Britain and Canada, and often at the best health-care systems in the world.

Jul 31, 2009 Federal Agencies Diverted Earmark Money

QUOTE: Thirteen federal agencies took nearly half a billion dollars off the top of Congressional earmarks for administrative expenses in 2008, nearly 3 percent of the total amount that members of Congress had directed to pet projects in federal spending bills.

New York Times
Jul 23, 2009 U.S. Rebuffs U.N. Requests for Guantanamo Visits, Data on CIA Prisons

QUOTE: he Obama administration has declined requests from U.N. human rights investigators for information on secret prisons and for private interviews with inmates at the U.S. military detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, U.N. officials said, dampening their hopes of greater U.S. cooperation on human rights issues.

Washington Post
Jul 21, 2009 TARP watchdog cites lack of transparency in Obama administration

QUOTE: critics of the administration said that the White House has fallen short of its promises to run a more open government.

Los Angeles Times
Jul 17, 2009 New Zealand moves forward with child porn filtering system

QUOTE: The blacklist currently contains 7,000 salacious websites that the [New Zealand] government claims serve up child porn, but there's no way to verify this claim because the list remains under tight lock and key.

Ars Technica
Jul 09, 2009 Secret Program Fuels CIA-Congress Dispute: Democrats Accuse Agency of Pattern of Withholding Information From Lawmakers

QUOTE: The [secret program] incident has reignited a long-running dispute between congressional Democrats and the CIA, with some calling it part of a broader pattern of the agency withholding information from Congress.

Washington Post
Jul 02, 2009 Congress's Travel Tab Swells:Spending on Taxpayer-Funded Trips Rises Tenfold; From Italy to the Galápagos

QUOTE: Spending by lawmakers on taxpayer-financed trips abroad has risen sharply in recent years, a Wall Street Journal analysis of travel records shows,

Wall Street Journal, The (WSJ)
Jun 10, 2009 Lobbyists unlimited in honoring lawmakers

QUOTE: Despite a ban on gifts to lawmakers and limits on campaign contributions, lobbyists and groups that employ them can spend unlimited money to honor members of Congress or donate to non-profits connected to them or their relatives.

May 23, 2009 Nuance Is Fine Until It’s a Flip-Flop

QUOTE: It was the kind of careful, nuanced argument...a methodical laying-out of the facts by a president who seems convinced that if he simply explains himself to the American people, they will surely understand his position and forgive him for changing his mind. It is a tactic Mr. Obama has employed repeatedly as president...

New York Times
May 04, 2009 Should the White House Be a Place for Friends? (Bits)

QUOTE: There are some real questions about how the government will deal with the personal information it will get access to about people who befriend it online, questions that so far the White House and G.S.A. don’t have full answers to.

New York Times
Apr 24, 2009 In Olympic City, an Uneven Playing Field for Vote

QUOTE: opposition candidates [for the office of mayor of Moscow] and many citizens complain that the local administration — in what is by now a familiar pattern in Russia — has used heavy-handed tactics to strangle the competition and promote the candidacy of the acting mayor, Anatoly Pakhomov, of the Kremlin-backed party United Russia.

New York Times
Apr 15, 2009 Pentagon Closes Office Accused of Issuing Propaganda Under Bush

QUOTE: the Defense Department office for support to public diplomacy, overstepped its mandate... by trying to organize information operations that violated Pentagon guidelines for accuracy and transparency.

New York Times
Oct 20, 2008 ‘Spreading the Wealth’ as Both Accusation and Prescription

QUOTE: ...Mr. McCain denounces Mr. Obama for wanting to redistribute wealth, hitting especially hard on Mr. Obama’s plan to give tax credits, in the form of checks, to some people who do not pay income tax. (Mr. McCain omits the fact that his own health care plan would do much the same thing, giving tax credits of $5,000 to families for health insurance, regardless of whether they pay income taxes.)

New York Times
Aug 08, 2008 Dirty Politics in the Internet Age

QUOTE: Hence, the Net can be used to create a smear campaign and augment a questionable series of more formal assertions like the Swift Boat campaign used against John Kerry. This can be done by the public at large, and neither party really has an advantage. The key to success in the upcoming election will be home-brewed dirty tricks—all played out on the Internet.

PC Magazine
Jul 29, 2008 Air tanker drops in wildfires are often just for show (Big Burn - Wildfire in the West Part 2 of 5)

QUOTE: Fire commanders say they are often pressured to order planes and helicopters into action on major fires even when the aircraft won't do any good. Such pressure has resulted in needless and costly air operations, experienced fire managers said in interviews.

Los Angeles Times
May 29, 2008 Ex-Aide Turns Critic; Chorus Strikes Back

QUOTE: As news of Mr. McClellan’s new tell-all book — in which he calls the war in Iraq a “strategic blunder” and accuses Mr. Bush of engaging in “self-deception” — dominated the airwaves, the White House and a tight-knit group of former aides pushed back. They sought to paint the former press secretary as a disgruntled man trying to redeem his own reputation after long remaining silent about concerns he is suddenly taking public.

New York Times
Oct 05, 2007 Clinton Says She Would Shield Science From Politics

QUOTE: The Bush White House has been dogged by complaints from scientists in and out of government, including some of its own appointees, that it has ignored, contorted or suppressed work by government scientists if they contradict administration views, particularly in areas like climate.

New York Times
Jul 07, 2007 Faith Intertwines With Political Life for Clinton

QUOTE: Her Methodist faith, Mrs. Clinton says, has guided her as she sought to repair her marriage, forgiven some critics who once vilified her and struggled in the bare-knuckles world of politics to fulfill the biblical commandment to love thy neighbor .... [her] references to faith, though, have come under attack...

New York Times
Jun 27, 2007 This Is Your Brain On Politics

QUOTE: Ever wonder why fear-mongering seems to work so well at the polls—while appeals to reason often leave the electorate cold? A new book applies neuroscience to politics to figure out why the Democrats struggle to push the buttons in voters’ brains.

Apr 12, 2007 In 5-Year Effort, Scant Evidence of Voter Fraud

QUOTE: Most of those charged have been Democrats, voting records show. Many of those charged by the Justice Department appear to have mistakenly filled out registration forms or misunderstood eligibility rules, a review of court records and interviews with prosecutors and defense lawyers show.

New York Times
Jan 19, 2007 Identity of Edwards Home's Buyers Veiled: Assisted-Living Magnates in SEC Probe Paid Candidate $5.2 Million

QUOTE: ...John Edwards finally succeeded last month in selling his imposing Georgetown mansion for $5.2 million....the buyers were Paul and Terry Klaassen, according to several sources...The wealthy founders of the nation's largest assisted-living housing chain for seniors, the Klaassens are currently cooperating with a government inquiry in connection with accounting practices and stock options exercised by them and other company insiders. They are also the focus of legal complaints by some of the same labor unions whose support Edwards has been assiduously courting for his presidential bid.

Washington Post
Oct 28, 2006 Allen Blasts Webb Novels For Sex Scenes: Veteran Says Works Reflect Trauma of War

QUOTE: With 10 days remaining before Election Day, the allegations about sex-laced passages in Webb's writings inject a new question into a campaign that has centered almost exclusively on character issues: Should the author of a fictional work who runs for office be personally held to account for the scenes in his books?

Washington Post
Oct 27, 2006 The Year Of Playing Dirtier: Negative Ads Get Positively Surreal

QUOTE: On the brink of what could be a power-shifting election, it is kitchen-sink time: Desperate candidates are throwing everything. While negative campaigning is a tradition in American politics, this year's version in many races has an eccentric shade, filled with allegations of moral bankruptcy and sexual perversion.

Washington Post
Oct 26, 2006 Paths to Forgiveness - Mercy vs. justice as Liberia heals itself: Liberia's new Truth and Reconciliation Commission seeks a balance between punishment and forgiveness.

QUOTE: they debate such issues as how to help victims of war testify in public - and whether to subpoena warlords-turned-members of parliament. Meet the members of Liberia's new Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). Theirs is the latest of the 30-plus truth commissions held around the world since 1974, including South Africa's, which famously charted a healing path for its postapartheid nation.

Christian Science Monitor

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