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Jun 12, 2016 Court Papers Give Insight Into Stanford Sex Assault

QUOTE: The assault of the 22-year-old woman — she is described as Jane Doe in court documents — has led to a firestorm of outrage for what many saw as her assailant’s light punishment, a six-month jail term with the possibility of parole after just three months.

New York Times
Nov 19, 2014 A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA

QUOTE: UVA's emphasis on honor is so pronounced that since 1998, 183 people have been expelled for honor-code violations such as cheating on exams. And yet paradoxically, not a single student at UVA has ever been expelled for sexual assault. "Think about it," says Susan Russell, whose UVA daughter's sexual-assault report helped trigger a previous federal investigation. "In what world do you get kicked out for cheating, but if you rape someone, you can stay?"

Rolling Stone
May 22, 2014 Why colleges fail at investigating and punishing sex crimes (Op-Ed)

QUOTE: the demise of in loco parentis left colleges in an uncertain and awkward position. If they now had little or no control over student conduct, what role should they play — if any — when students misbehaved? And what if students acted in ways that would be criminal in broader society?...The disciplinary systems of colleges, designed to deal with plagiarism and roommate spats, have proved utterly inadequate to deal with the more serious issue of sexual assault.

Los Angeles Times
Oct 14, 2012 Christian Group Finds Gay Agenda in an Anti-Bullying Day

QUOTE: The program, started 11 years ago by the Southern Poverty Law Center and now in more than 2,500 schools, was intended as a way to break up cliques and prevent bullying. But this year, the American Family Association, a conservative evangelical group, has called the project “a nationwide push to promote the homosexual lifestyle in public schools”...

New York Times
Aug 08, 2012 UC report on anti-Semitism draws ire

QUOTE: To students who regard Israel as an essential Jewish homeland, this event and others like it that are staged each year on University of California campuses seem hostile, like poorly concealed anti-Semitism - especially when the Israeli flag with its Star of David is paired with a Nazi swastika, says a new report by a UC fact-finding team seeking to understand Jewish students' experiences

San Francisco Chronicle
Jul 15, 2012 The woman who stood up to Joe Paterno

QUOTE: [Triponey] experienced firsthand the clubby, jock-snapping culture, the sense of entitlement, the cloistered existence. It's what drove her five years ago from her job as the vice president who oversaw student discipline....She clashed often with Paterno over who should discipline football players when they got into trouble. The conflict with such an iconic figure made her very unpopular around campus. For a while, it cost Triponey her peace of mind and her good name. It almost ended her 30-year academic career.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Mar 10, 2012 Minnesota girl alleges school privacy invasion

QUOTE: A Minnesota middle school student, with the backing of the American Civil Liberties Union, is suing her school district...was on two occasions punished for statements she made on her Facebook account, and was also pressured to divulge her password to school officials, the complaint states.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Feb 10, 2012 N.Y. Law on Contraceptives Already in Place, and Catholic Institutions Comply

QUOTE: Some New York Catholic institutions...chose to self-insure rather than pay for contraception after New York State adopted a requirement in 2002 that any insurance policy with a prescription drug benefit provide coverage for birth control. The requirement has a narrow exemption that applies to policies provided by houses of worship, but not to most other religiously affiliated employers. But some Catholic institutions now offer health insurance plans that include contraceptive drugs among the services they cover for employees and students, though with caveats.

New York Times
Jun 23, 2011 Attack of the federal sex police

QUOTE: a seemingly innocuous 19-page letter on April 4 from the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights to colleges and universities....includes a requirement that universities adopt a "preponderance of the evidence" standard of proof for deciding sexual harassment and sexual assault. In other words, in every case of alleged sexual harassment or sexual assault, a disciplinary board must decide on the basis of more likely than not.

New York Post
May 14, 2011 Your So-Called Education

QUOTE: Too many institutions, for instance, rely primarily on student course evaluations to assess teaching. This creates perverse incentives for professors to demand little and give out good grades....On those commendable occasions when professors and academic departments do maintain rigor, they risk declines in student enrollments. And since resources are typically distributed based on enrollments, rigorous classes are likely to be canceled and rigorous programs shrunk.

New York Times
Apr 08, 2011 Why is sexual assault on campus tolerated?

QUOTE: Universities in the United States rarely expel students for sexual assault… Because of the way universities handle sexual misconduct, it is often the victim who drops out of school.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jan 11, 2011 If You Think Someone Is Mentally Ill: Loughner's Six Warning Signs

QUOTE: In most states, including Arizona, it's predictably difficult to detain someone involuntarily due to mental illness. If he is not deemed an imminent danger to himself or others, as determined by a judge, in almost all cases, treatment will not come without the person in question admitting that they are ill and need help. Even then, there is no guarantee that help will come readily or swiftly.

Time Magazine
Jul 05, 2010 To Stop Cheats, Colleges Learn Their Trickery (Cheat Sheet)

QUOTE: As the eternal temptation of students to cheat has gone high-tech — not just on exams, but also by cutting and pasting from the Internet and sharing of homework online like music files — educators have responded with their own efforts to crack down.

New York Times
Jun 27, 2010 Online Bullies Pull Schools Into the Fray

QUOTE: Affronted by cyberspace’s escalation of adolescent viciousness, many parents are looking to schools for justice, protection, even revenge. But many educators feel unprepared or unwilling to be prosecutors and judges.

New York Times
May 20, 2010 The Academies’ March Toward Mediocrity

QUOTE: Sports stars are flattered on campus, avoid many of the onerous duties other midshipmen must perform, and know they’re not going to be thrown out. Instead of zero tolerance, we now push for zero attrition: we “remediate” honor code offenses. Another program that is placing strain on the academies is an unofficial affirmative-action preference in admissions....

New York Times
Mar 29, 2010 9 Teenagers Are Charged After Classmate’s Suicide

QUOTE: It is not clear what some students at South Hadley High School expected to achieve by subjecting a freshman to the relentless taunting described by a prosecutor and classmates. Certainly not her suicide. And certainly not the multiple felony indictments...

New York Times
Feb 18, 2010 Girl's arrest for doodling raises concerns about zero tolerance

QUOTE: "We are arresting them at younger and younger ages [in cases] that used to be covered with a trip to the principal's office, not sending children to jail," said Emma Jordan-Simpson, executive director of the Children's Defense Fund, a national children's advocacy group.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Oct 03, 2009 It's a touchy subject on campus: 'sexiled' students

QUOTE: Tufts, a liberal arts college near Boston founded in 1852, is believed to be the first university to explicitly forbid sex in the presence of roommates...

Los Angeles Times
Sep 19, 2009 Eager Students Fall Prey to Apartheid’s Legacy

QUOTE: Thousands of schools across South Africa are bursting with students who dream of being the accountants, engineers and doctors this country desperately needs, but the education system is often failing the very children depending on it most to escape poverty.

New York Times
Sep 04, 2009 Expelled student sues over "unreasonable" cell phone search

QUOTE: The organization [American Civil Liberties Union] has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Mississippi middle-school honor student, alleging that a 2008 cell phone search and the sixth-grader's subsequent expulsion were not only unnecessary, but also unconstitutional.

Ars Technica
Jul 26, 2009 Should Schools Use Restraints on Students?

QUOTE: The Government Accountability Office reported more than 33,000 incidents of restraint or seclusion [of students] last year at schools in Texas and California, two of only six states that track such data. Nineteen states have no regulations at all regarding the use of restraint and seclusion in schools.

Jul 01, 2008 Textbook Piracy Grows Online, Prompting a Counterattack From Publishers

QUOTE: In response to such sites, the Association of American Publishers hired an outside law firm this summer to scour the Web for illegally offered textbooks. Already the firm has identified thousands of instances of book piracy and has sent legal notices to Web sites hosting the files demanding that they be removed. The group is looking for all types of books, though trade books and textbooks, which generally have high price tags, are the most frequent books offered on peer-to-peer sites.

Chronicle of Higher Education
May 24, 2008 Busy Students Get a New Required Course: Lunch

QUOTE: In a school where SAT scores are the talk in the hallways and more than half the seniors are accepted to their first-choice college, Briarcliff’s principal, Jim Kaishian, said mandatory lunch is intended to reduce stress on teenagers so caught up in the achievement frenzy they barely have time to eat or sleep.

New York Times
May 16, 2008 High School Seniors Suspended Over T-Shirts Joking About Underage Drinking

QUOTE: "People wear shirts worse than this, with Guinness, Jack Daniels and Corona on them and don't get stopped," Stevenson High senior Jared Belsley told MyFOX Detroit. "To get in trouble for a shirt like this made up for spirit week is kind of absurd.

Fox News
May 05, 2008 Dartmouth's 'Hostile' Environment

QUOTE: an Ivy League professor threatening to sue her students because, she claims, their "anti-intellectualism" violated her civil rights...some of her students were so unreceptive of "French narrative theory" that it amounted to a hostile working environment. She is also readying lawsuits against her superiors...

Wall Street Journal, The (WSJ)
Apr 17, 2008 Chinese Student in U.S. Is Caught in Confrontation

QUOTE: With Chinese anger stoked by disruption of the Olympic torch relays and criticism of government policy toward Tibet, what was once a favorite campus cause — the Dalai Lama’s people — had become a dangerous flash point, as Ms. Wang was soon to find out.

New York Times
Feb 25, 2008 Teachers strike back at students' online pranks: Students are increasingly facing lawsuits and expulsions for targeting their teachers online.

QUOTE: In the growing backlash against these cybergoofs, however, real-world norms of propriety are being pitted against the uncertain jurisdictions of the Digital Age. A new test may be emerging on how far online lampooning can go, say First Amendment experts – and to what extent schools can control off-campus pranks.

Christian Science Monitor
Jan 23, 2008 Va. Student's Snow-Day Plea Triggers an Online Storm

QUOTE: ...a phone call to a Fairfax County public school administrator's home last week about a snow day...has taken on a life of its own. Through the ubiquity of Facebook and YouTube, the call has become a rallying cry for students' First Amendment rights, and it shows that the generation gap has become a technological chasm.

Washington Post
Nov 14, 2007 A Day After a School Brawl, a Town Asks, Why?

QUOTE: As often happens in such situations, different accounts emerged. The police said they had to fend off students who threw themselves at officers and struck them with chairs. Students, in turn, said that officers, some in riot gear, used pepper spray, brought in dogs and struck one student with a walkie-talkie.

New York Times
Nov 07, 2007 Students Call Protest Punishment Too Harsh

QUOTE: A school superintendent’s decision to suspend, and perhaps expel, about two dozen students who took part in a protest against the Iraq war at a suburban high school drew criticism Tuesday from the students and their parents, who demanded that their children be allowed to return to classes.

New York Times
Nov 04, 2007 Attack From Beyond (The Ethicist)

QUOTE: [1] If the instructions in her will do not violate the law...her executor is obliged to carry them out. [2] a group of four students was widely known to cheat on tests...What should I do?

New York Times
Oct 23, 2007 Students in Iran Protest Sentences for 3 Activists

QUOTE: Authorities accused the three, all from Amir Kabir University, of publishing articles insulting to Islam in student publications. The students denied the charges and said their publications had been forged to frame them.

New York Times
Oct 23, 2007 Tension Tied to Race Percolates in Ithaca

QUOTE: Tempers flared last week over the district’s handling of a two-year-old racial-harassment complaint. Almost half of the 1,600 students at Ithaca High School stayed home two days amid fears of possible violence and a rumored “hit list” that singled out minority students who have been seeking a forum to bring their grievances into the open.

New York Times
Oct 21, 2007 Sexual misconduct plagues U.S. schools, AP reports

QUOTE: more than 2,500 cases over five years in which educators were punished for actions from bizarre to sadistic. There are 3 million public school teachers nationwide, most devoted to their work. Yet the number of abusive educators, nearly three for every school day, speaks to a much larger problem in a system that is stacked against victims.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Oct 19, 2007 Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

QUOTE: Magid argues the focus on sexual predators on social networking sites is largely political grandstanding. Much less sensational, and far more common, he contends, are cases where kids simply post too much sensitive or compromising information about themselves on social networks or blogs, leading to incidents of cyberbullying and embarrassment.

Oct 11, 2007 Report Recounts Horrors of Youth Boot Camps

QUOTE: Reports of abuse of troubled young people in privately run boot camps and other residential treatment centers are widespread, with examples numbering in the thousands, according to a federal report released Wednesday. The report also found that managers of these programs, which are largely unregulated, faced little or no punishment for their actions.

New York Times
Oct 08, 2007 After son attacked, parents push back: They stand guard at school events, arrange safety plan

QUOTE: The Sheas were among several families who shared their stories with the Seattle P-I after the newspaper published a special report on school security. The report found that while a majority of incidents on Seattle school campuses were noted in Seattle Public Schools' security logs and police were notified if necessary, a number were mishandled or ignored -- including assaults, robberies and one alleged rape.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Sep 04, 2007 Residents: Nooses spark school violence, divide town

QUOTE: The case is getting international media attention -- a buzz that has drawn the NAACP and civil rights stalwarts such as the Rev. Al Sharpton and Martin Luther King III -- but many in Jena are skeptical the boys can get a fair trial.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Sep 04, 2007 Bipolar Soars as Diagnosis for the Young

QUOTE: Other experts say bipolar disorder is overdiagnosed. The term, the critics say, has become a catchall applied to almost any explosive, aggressive child. After children are classified, the experts add, they are treated with powerful psychiatric drugs that have few proven benefits in children and potentially serious side effects like rapid weight gain.

New York Times
Jul 12, 2007 Lawsuit Filed Over Treatment of Girls at State Reform School in Mississippi

QUOTE: Troubled adolescent girls at the Columbia Training School, a state-run reform school, were shackled for 12 hours a day and forced to eat and to use the bathroom while wearing the shackles...

New York Times
Apr 17, 2007 US evangelicals aim to influence European law: In a German court battle, a home-schooled girl was taken from her parents and put in psychiatric ward.

QUOTE: The Busekros case is emblematic of the growing effort by US Christian legal organizations to take the "culture wars" overseas. Pushing back against a perceived assault on their values by an increasingly secular society, the groups are striving to influence European law on issues ranging from home schooling to stem-cell research to gay marriage.

Christian Science Monitor
Apr 13, 2007 Duke case spurs US colleges to clean up campus culture: While the case is over for the former lacrosse players, it has prompted soul-searching at many colleges and refining of student policies.

QUOTE: Concern about the alcohol-fueled party that provided the backdrop to the case prompted Duke administrators and faculty to undertake an introspective examination of campus culture – a process that is outlasting the case itself. It's forced a closer look at everything from the unofficial school motto – changed from "Work Hard, Play Hard" to "Work Hard, Play Well" – to ideas for closer supervision of student drinking to why 44 percent of black students had complained of racial discrimination by their sophomore year.

Christian Science Monitor
Apr 10, 2007 Colleges look for lessons in troubled case: As the Internet democratizes publishing and companies build databases containing other people's work, similar court challenges may increase.

QUOTE: Top copyright lawyers say both sides have compelling arguments. The Turnitin case highlights the mounting tensions between the social utility and economic value of searchable databases, and the ire they provoke over issues of privacy and profiting from another's work.

Christian Science Monitor
Apr 03, 2007 Mission: Social Responsibility: A U.N. initiative to promote business ethics is readying a set of principles. It could change the way B-schools operate

QUOTE: In July, 2000, the U.N. launched the U.N. Global Compact, an initiative to encourage responsible business practices worldwide. The program developed principles for responsible investment and now has more than 3,800 participants, including more than 2,900 businesses in 100 countries...Members developing the principles envision that business schools will reassert their commitment to teaching business ethics and address issues of human rights, labor, environment, and corruption.

Mar 18, 2007 Free-Speech Case Divides Bush and Religious Right

QUOTE: While it is hardly surprising to find the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Coalition Against Censorship on Mr. Frederick’s side, it is the array of briefs from organizations that litigate and speak on behalf of the religious right that has lifted Morse v. Frederick out of the realm of the ordinary. The groups include the American Center for Law and Justice, founded by the Rev. Pat Robertson; the Christian Legal Society; the Alliance Defense Fund, an organization based in Arizona that describes its mission as “defending the right to hear and speak the Truth”; the Rutherford Institute, which has participated in many religion cases before the court; and Liberty Legal Institute, a nonprofit law firm “dedicated to the preservation of First Amendment rights and religious freedom.”

New York Times
Dec 02, 2006 Supporting Boys or Girls When the Line Isn'’t Clear

QUOTE: "The prospect of cross-dressing kindergartners has sparked a deep philosophical divide among professionals over how best to counsel families. Is it healthier for families to follow the child’s lead, or to spare children potential humiliation and isolation by steering them toward accepting their biological gender until they are older?"

New York Times
Aug 26, 2006 Colleges still trying to strike balance on student drinking

QUOTE: the debate over alcohol's place on campus: How much can — and should — a school do to monitor students' drinking habits? And how much responsibility lies with students, many of them away from home for the first time?

Aug 12, 2006 Teen Terror: Are Teenagers Like Fundamentalist Terrorists?

QUOTE: The annual crop of Columbine wannabes flourished yet again this year. And where they may once have been charged with conspiracy or attempted assault, they are now charged as terrorists. Which probably rules out college.

Jul 30, 2006 Guidance Counselor: Parents' Rights (and Wrongs)

QUOTE: Colleges fear that parental interference prevents students from developing into independent and resilient adults.

New York Times
Jul 19, 2006 Ex-Navy Quarterback Calls Sex Consensual: Midshipman Says Accuser Became Unresponsive After He Was Invited to Her Room

QUOTE: The former U.S. Naval Academy quarterback accused of raping a female facing a court-martial on charges of rape, conduct unbecoming an officer and violating a protective order.

Washington Post

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