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Dec 01, 2007 The Search for Thugs

QUOTE: Sean Taylor's death proved one thing. Young black men are stigmatized as gangstas, asking for trouble.

Nov 26, 2007 French Youths Clash With Police

QUOTE: The confrontation began Sunday night when two youths on a motorbike were killed in a collision with a police car in Villiers-le-Bel, a mixed suburb with Arab, black and white residents 12 miles north of Paris. Within an hour of the accident, youths began throwing stones at the police and firemen, and set four buildings ablaze

New York Times
Nov 26, 2007 Up Close, Farms Annoy Some Seekers of Rural Life

QUOTE: As the North Fork — country cousin to the trendier peninsula to the south — has become an increasingly attractive place for those seeking the un-Hamptons, efforts to preserve farmland and maintain its rural character are bumping up against the constant creep of suburbanization.

New York Times
Nov 26, 2007 Immigrants Pull Weight in Economy, Study Finds

QUOTE: The study, conducted over the past year, concluded that the contributions of people born outside the country have spread far beyond the low-wage, low-skill work often associated with immigrants. Most immigrants meld into New York communities, learn to speak English and buy homes, it found.

New York Times
Nov 23, 2007 Where Boys Grow Up to Be Jihadis

QUOTE: Yet individual experiences and ideological convictions can only explain so much. Increasingly, terrorism analysts have focused on the importance of social milieu. Some stress that terrorists are not simply loners, overcome by a militant cause. They are more likely to radicalize together with others who share the same passions and afflictions and daily routines.

New York Times
Nov 19, 2007 Many sex offenders are often homeless

QUOTE: Thousands of convicted sex offenders are reporting to police that they are homeless, raising concerns that their lack of a permanent address could make them difficult to track, a USA TODAY analysis shows.

Nov 18, 2007 A Symbol of Activism Is at Center of Court Dispute

QUOTE: But in 2001 Mr. Phillips was declared mentally incompetent — a result of an investigation that some believe was politically motivated — and a series of court-appointed guardians took over his affairs. For years, according to accusations in court by the current guardian, they siphoned off his fortune and failed to pay his taxes.

New York Times
Nov 17, 2007 In Name Count, Garcias Are Catching Up to Joneses

QUOTE: The number of Hispanics living in the United States grew by 58 percent in the 1990s to nearly 13 percent of the total population, and cracking the list of top 10 names suggests just how pervasively the Latino migration has permeated everyday American culture.

New York Times
Nov 09, 2007 Iraq's new crisis: Moms, dads abandoning kids

QUOTE: Hakki says the spike in numbers of abandoned children is especially alarming, the result of sectarian violence and drastic socio-economic problems. The majority of parents in Iraq, he says, leave their children with a single relative who often has about 20 to 30 children to look after. Some parents just leave their kids altogether.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Nov 08, 2007 Surge Seen in Number of Homeless Veterans

QUOTE: Experts who work with veterans say it often takes several years after leaving military service for veterans’ accumulating problems to push them into the streets. But some aid workers say the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans appear to be turning up sooner than the Vietnam veterans did.

New York Times
Oct 30, 2007 Gay Enclaves Face Prospect of Being Passé

QUOTE: These are wrenching times for San Francisco’s historic gay village, with population shifts, booming development, and a waning sense of belonging that is also being felt in gay enclaves across the nation, from Key West, Fla., to West Hollywood, as they struggle to maintain cultural relevance in the face of gentrification.

New York Times
Oct 24, 2007 Living Beneath the Surface, Undocumented and Unsure

QUOTE: The driver’s license fight, though, is about much more than insurance rates or hit-and-run accidents. It is a proxy for how society deals with undocumented immigrants. Under the current system, they simply drop beneath the surface of ordinary life.

New York Times
Oct 19, 2007 Under The Needle: Shilshole facelift threatens 'sense of community': Push for modernization changing the culture at Ballard marina

QUOTE: But even more than that, port employees began red-tagging everything on the docks that didn't fit the rigorous new code. No bicycles. No barbeques. No flower pots. No storage of any kind on the slip, other than maybe a hose. The place boat owners once leaned dinghies for free is now rental space to store the exact same thing.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Oct 18, 2007 Nobel winner accused of being racist

QUOTE: A British museum has canceled a lecture by Dr. James Watson, co-discoverer of the DNA double helix, after he claimed black people are less intelligent than whites in a recent newspaper interview.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Oct 17, 2007 Abroad: Ready or Not, France Opens Museum on Immigration

QUOTE: But being a French citizen means you’re not categorized as African French or Southeast Asian French or West Indian French; you’re just plain French. That’s the republican ideal, citizenship bestowing theoretical equality, belying the reality of racism. French schoolchildren are steeped in the concept of a single France. The law actually forbids taking a census according to ethnic or racial categories.

New York Times
Oct 12, 2007 UW wants sex offenders moved

QUOTE: But university officials, including President Mark Emmert, defend the efforts they have made to persuade Gov. Christine Gregoire and state prison officials to move all registered sex offenders in the area to other neighborhoods.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Oct 11, 2007 Signs of a truce in America's divisive culture war? A group with Evangelical and progressive members released proposals Wednesday.

QUOTE: Now, calls for a truce are coming from a group of leaders from the Evangelical and progressive communities, long at odds with each other. They're pointing the way toward common ground on the most polarizing issues, with aims of a new civility and concrete progress.

Christian Science Monitor
Oct 09, 2007 Swiss Fury at Foreigners Boiling Over: Grisly Attack on African Underscores Race Issue In a Harsh Campaign

QUOTE: Across Switzerland, anti-foreigner and anti-Islamic attitudes have become so pervasive on the streets, in politics and within governmental institutions that the United Nations, European Union, Amnesty International and Switzerland's own Federal Commission Against Racism have expressed alarm in recent months.

Washington Post
Oct 08, 2007 Children caught in the immigration crossfire

QUOTE: They are the lost generation of an underground economy: Brought here illegally by parents, they grew up in American neighborhoods, attended American schools and made American friends. As they approach adulthood, most find that their illegal status is a barrier to jobs and education, and their lack of documentation puts them in line for deportation.

Oct 04, 2007 Police probe racial incident at school for deaf

QUOTE: A black student was held against his will and "KKK" and swastikas were drawn on him in marker Sunday at the Model Secondary School for the Deaf, D.C. Metro Police Chief Cathy Lanier said.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Sep 07, 2007 Land of Raggae and Homophobia: Jamaica's intolerant attitude toward gays runs counter to its unofficial motto, 'No problem, mon.'

QUOTE: Between February and July of this year, 98 gay men and lesbians were targeted in 43 different mob attacks, according to the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays. Four lesbians were raped, four gay men were murdered, and the houses of two gay men were burned down.

Aug 24, 2007 In Britain, ever-cheaper alcohol is prompting legal action

QUOTE: Almost 200 lawmakers are calling for an end to irresponsible drink promotions and in particular want supermarkets to desist from selling alcohol below cost. Some stores, for instance, have been pricing lager cheaper than water.

Christian Science Monitor
Aug 22, 2007 Star power brings attention to Africa: Money soon follows, but do the A-listers understand the issues?

QUOTE: Skeptics often belittle the rise in celebrity attention paid to Africa, calling it a fad… Of course, it's hard to gauge anyone's motivations. But one can ask whether these celebrities are really helping Africans.

Christian Science Monitor
Aug 22, 2007 A Blood Sport Exposed: Vick's Case Puts Dogfighting Culture in the Spotlight

QUOTE: ... the dogfighting subculture is deeply entrenched in the United train them, owners often whip their pit bulls, burn them with cigarettes, feed them gunpowder and jalapeño peppers until they turn unremittingly vicious.

Washington Post
Aug 21, 2007 Can the Paralympic games give China's disabled a boost? China hopes next year's Paralympics will improve conditions for disabled people.

QUOTE: [While] The Paralympics offer China an equal, if not a greater, chance of national sporting glory… The government is also holding out the prospect of improved access to public facilities for Beijing's large – but mostly invisible – physically disabled population.

Christian Science Monitor
Aug 21, 2007 Illegal Immigrant Advocate for Families Is Deported

QUOTE: [Although] Ms. Arellano’s supporters said she had grown frustrated that the immigration debate had receded from the forefront of public attention in recent weeks… People opposed to illegal immigration held little sympathy for Ms. Arellano.

New York Times
Aug 21, 2007 Muslim woman: Do I look like a terrorist?

QUOTE: A simple headscarf generally used by women to hide the hair from view, the hijab has become so controversial among some that several countries have banned or considered banning Muslim women from wearing them in public places.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Aug 20, 2007 Moving the homeless out of shelters, into homes: A new approach is being heralded not only as more successful in fighting chronic homelessness, but more cost effective.

QUOTE: cities across the country are focusing not just on emergency shelter, but on getting the homeless homes… [But] While critics applaud efforts to reduce chronic homelessness, there's also concern the focus on prevention and diversion takes resources away from families that are already homeless.

Christian Science Monitor
Aug 20, 2007 India's Lower Castes Seek Social Progress In Global Job Market

QUOTE: The debate on affirmative action in India is similar to the one in the United States in terms of discrimination and ways to end it. But in India, those who experience discrimination, especially in rural areas, are the majority and are ruled by an elite.

Washington Post
Aug 16, 2007 Creating a Village to Foster a Child

QUOTE: Treehouse is a planned intergenerational community, created in the hope that a close-knit support network can prevent children from bouncing from one foster home to another and give them tools to succeed.

New York Times
Aug 16, 2007 CARE Turns Down Federal Funds for Food Aid

QUOTE: CARE, one of the world’s biggest charities, is walking away from some $45 million a year in federal financing, saying American food aid is not only plagued with inefficiencies, but also may hurt some of the very poor people it aims to help.

New York Times
Aug 14, 2007 A Grass-Roots Effort to Grow Old at Home

QUOTE: Along with more than 100 communities nationwide — a dozen of them planned here in Washington and its suburbs — their group is part of a movement to make neighborhoods comfortable places to grow old, both for elderly men and women in need of help and for baby boomers anticipating the future.

Aug 11, 2007 Rights Movement Divides Russia's Gay Community

QUOTE: Campaigners say homophobia is as much a political as a social issue… But other gays express skepticism over an approach that pushes them into the public eye.

Washington Post
Aug 08, 2007 The names we use for people over 50: Whatever you do, don't say 'elderly.' The preferred word choice in a new survey: 'older.'

QUOTE: [AARP] editor Steven Slon says… those who are older "don't want to be marginalized and put off in a category of people who simply get discounts but are not to be taken seriously."

Christian Science Monitor
Aug 05, 2007 The downside of diversity: A Harvard political scientist finds that diversity hurts civic life. What happens when a liberal scholar unearths an inconvenient truth?

QUOTE: Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam... has found that the greater the diversity in a community, the fewer people vote and the less they volunteer, the less they give to charity and work on community projects. In the most diverse communities, neighbors trust one another about half as much as they do in the most homogenous settings. The study, the largest ever on civic engagement in America, found that virtually all measures of civic health are lower in more diverse settings.

Boston Globe
Aug 04, 2007 La. Town Fells 'White Tree,' but Tension Runs Deep: Black Teens' Case Intensifies Racial Issues

QUOTE: District Attorney Reed Walters said in December that his decision to prosecute the black teenagers to the full extent of the law had nothing to do with race... But black residents in Jena said issues of race permeate their town…

Washington Post
Jul 10, 2007 Persecuted Gays Seek Refuge in U.S.: Foreigners' Abuse Increasingly Seen as Grounds for Asylum

QUOTE: Harassment and abuse of gay men and lesbians is becoming increasingly accepted as grounds for legal asylum in the United States, even at a time of conservative judicial activism...

Washington Post
Jul 09, 2007 Sun-scorched Phoenix takes more heart for its homeless: The heat wave hitting the Sun Belt's homeless population is being met with new rigor.

QUOTE: "Living outside, whether summertime or wintertime, is both dangerous and life-threatening to the homeless," says Michael Stoops... [but] “There's been a statewide effort to reach out and help care for our men, women, and children on the streets."

Christian Science Monitor
Jun 06, 2007 For teens, it's curfew time ... at the mall: Shopping centers ban unsupervised teens on Friday and Saturday nights to curb violence. Kids say: Hey, where will we hang out?

QUOTE: The [mall curfew] policy has stirred up emotion and controversy among teens, parents, and others and raises age-old questions: How do you create a safe shopping environment without singling out one group – in this case, teens? Will a curfew really bring more civility to the aisles of Ann Taylor and Aéropostale?

Christian Science Monitor
Jun 05, 2007 California's Biggest Law Firms Receive Poor Marks for Minority Hiring

QUOTE: Berkeley's Greenlining Institute released a report card Thursday summarizing how the legal profession has fared in hiring and promoting attorneys of various ethnic backgrounds. And the numbers are not encouraging.
May 30, 2007 Interrogation Methods Are Criticized

QUOTE: As the Bush administration completes secret new rules governing interrogations, a group of experts advising the intelligence agencies are arguing that the harsh techniques used since the 2001 terrorist attacks are outmoded, amateurish and unreliable. .... In a blistering lecture delivered last month, a former adviser to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called “immoral” some interrogation tactics used by the Central Intelligence Agency and the Pentagon.

New York Times
May 25, 2007 Minority Women Face Uphill Climb in Small Business

QUOTE: THERE'S A TROUBLING question facing women-of-color entrepreneurs, who are starting small businesses at a rate higher than the national average: What's holding them back?

Smart Money
May 20, 2007 Academics May Boycott Iran Over Scholar's Detainment

QUOTE: Momentum is building behind an academic boycott of Iran to pressure the government to free imprisoned American scholar Haleh Esfandiari

Washington Post
Apr 30, 2007 Study Suggests Why Elderly are Good Scam Targets

QUOTE: not reacting to a potential loss could be detrimental if older adults are oblivious to signals of something harmful in their environment.
Apr 29, 2007 In praise of peer pressure: How a new form of marketing, using the appeal of fitting in, may persuade people to drink less--and turn down their thermostats

QUOTE: The research, reported in next month's issue of Psychological Science, reflects growing interest in what's known as "social-norms marketing" -- attempting to change behavior by telling people what their peers do. .... The effects of peer pressure remain hard to measure, and hard to manipulate -- yet the tug of the herd mindset is everywhere.

Boston Globe
Apr 22, 2007 In Brooklyn, Hipsters Sip 'Fair Trade' Brews

QUOTE: In general, the fair trade label means that farmers of crops like coffee or cocoa in the third world, or workers who stitch T-shirts in factories abroad, are paid fairly. .... Some industry observers and journalists have identified labor abuses on farms producing crops that have been certified as fair trade by international groups, like paying migrant workers below a country’s legal minimum wage.

New York Times
Apr 14, 2007 Chess champ arrested at protest

QUOTE: Thousands of police officers massed to keep the demonstrators off landmark Pushkin Square in downtown Moscow, beating some and detaining many others, including Garry Kasparov, the former world chess champion who has emerged as the most prominent leader of the opposition alliance.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Apr 14, 2007 Administration Seeks to Expand Surveillance Law

QUOTE: The proposed revisions to FISA would also allow the government to keep information obtained "unintentionally," unrelated to the purpose of the surveillance, if it "contains significant foreign intelligence." Currently such information is destroyed unless it indicates threat of death or serious bodily harm.

Washington Post
Apr 11, 2007 Klan-busters fighting on a new front

QUOTE: The lawsuit, filed in February in Meade County Circuit Court in Kentucky, is the first by the law center aimed at combating a rise in violence against immigrants, according to Morris Dees, the center's founder. "The biggest thing fueling hate groups is Latino migration into this country, (people) who are perceived as harming America," Dees said.

Apr 10, 2007 From L.A., a reinvention of Big Labor: A 'blue-green alliance' of workers, environmentalists, and others offers one model for union revival, analysts say.

QUOTE: Analysts note that the city is a major entry point for immigrants, legal and otherwise, who tend to work at low-wage jobs in numbers large enough to have some collective impact. It has active environmental and religious communities, which are increasingly taking up the causes of the poor. Moreover, they say, an exodus by much of the middle class leaves a city in which the contrast between Hollywood's megarich and South Central's slipping poor is acute and, to many, disturbing.

Christian Science Monitor

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