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Apr 26, 2012 Teacher who was fired after fertility treatments sues diocese

QUOTE: ...Herx's case bears some of the hallmarks of the case of Cheryl Perich, a former teacher who was fired from a religious school in Michigan after taking a medical leave of absence in 2004. At issue was whether the Americans with Disabilities Act applies to hiring and firing decisions involving "ministerial employees," such as teachers who teach secular subjects. The U.S. Supreme Court decided that Perich -- who taught secular subjects along with a religion class -- was considered a "minister" and could in fact be fired based on church doctrine.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Mar 10, 2012 Minnesota girl alleges school privacy invasion

QUOTE: A Minnesota middle school student, with the backing of the American Civil Liberties Union, is suing her school district...was on two occasions punished for statements she made on her Facebook account, and was also pressured to divulge her password to school officials, the complaint states.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Feb 27, 2012 Yoga and Sex Scandals: No Surprise Here

QUOTE: After accusations of sexual impropriety with female students, John Friend, the founder of Anusara, one of the world’s fastest-growing styles, told followers that he was stepping down for an indefinite period...Yoga teachers and how-to books seldom mention that the discipline began as a sex cult — an omission that leaves many practitioners open to libidinal surprise.

New York Times
Jun 27, 2011 Teacher Grades: Pass or Be Fired

QUOTE: [Impact's] admirers say the system, a centerpiece of the tempestuous three-year tenure of Washington’s former schools chancellor, Michelle Rhee, has brought clear teaching standards to a district that lacked them and is setting a new standard by establishing dismissal as a consequence of ineffective teaching. But some educators say it is better at sorting and firing teachers than at helping struggling ones...

New York Times
Jun 23, 2011 Attack of the federal sex police

QUOTE: a seemingly innocuous 19-page letter on April 4 from the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights to colleges and universities....includes a requirement that universities adopt a "preponderance of the evidence" standard of proof for deciding sexual harassment and sexual assault. In other words, in every case of alleged sexual harassment or sexual assault, a disciplinary board must decide on the basis of more likely than not.

New York Post
Jun 03, 2011 When Teachers Talk Out of School (Op-Ed)

QUOTE: Such teachers have become minor Internet celebrities, lauded by their fans for exposing students’ insolent manners and desultory work habits. Their backers also say that teachers’ freedom of speech is imperiled when we penalize their out-of-school remarks...The truly scary restrictions on teacher speech lie inside the schoolhouse walls, not beyond them.

New York Times
May 21, 2011 Behind Grass-Roots School Advocacy, Bill Gates

QUOTE: They described themselves simply as local teachers who favored school reform — one sympathetic state representative, Mary Ann Sullivan, said, “They seemed like genuine, real people versus the teachers’ union lobbyists.” They were, but they were also recruits in a national organization, Teach Plus, financed significantly by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

New York Times
May 14, 2011 Your So-Called Education

QUOTE: Too many institutions, for instance, rely primarily on student course evaluations to assess teaching. This creates perverse incentives for professors to demand little and give out good grades....On those commendable occasions when professors and academic departments do maintain rigor, they risk declines in student enrollments. And since resources are typically distributed based on enrollments, rigorous classes are likely to be canceled and rigorous programs shrunk.

New York Times
Feb 21, 2011 Why America's teachers are enraged

QUOTE: Thousands of teachers, nurses, firefighters and other public sector workers have camped out at the Wisconsin Capitol, protesting Republican Gov. Scott Walker's efforts to reduce their take-home pay -- by increasing their contribution to their pension plans and health care benefits -- and restrict their collective bargaining rights.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Dec 26, 2010 Hurdles Emerge in Rising Effort to Rate Teachers

QUOTE: It is becoming common practice nationally to rank teachers for their effectiveness....But the experience in New York City shows just how difficult it can be to come up with a system that gains acceptance as being fair and accurate. The rankings are based on an algorithm that few other than statisticians can understand, and on tests that the state has said were too narrow and predictable. Most teachers’ scores fall somewhere in a wide range, with perfection statistically impossible...

New York Times
Nov 14, 2009 Selling Lessons Online Raises Cash and Questions

QUOTE: Joseph McDonald, a professor at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development at New York University, said the online selling [of lesson plans] cheapens what teachers do and undermines efforts to build sites where educators freely exchange ideas and lesson plans.

New York Times
Oct 23, 2009 Are Teacher Colleges Turning out Mediocrity?

QUOTE: while "Who's teaching my kid?" is an important question for parents to ask, there may be an equally essential (and rarely remarked upon) question — "Who's teaching my kid's teachers?"

Time Magazine
Sep 19, 2009 Eager Students Fall Prey to Apartheid’s Legacy

QUOTE: Thousands of schools across South Africa are bursting with students who dream of being the accountants, engineers and doctors this country desperately needs, but the education system is often failing the very children depending on it most to escape poverty.

New York Times
Aug 10, 2009 Disabled Students Are Spanked More

QUOTE: More than 200,000 schoolchildren are paddled, spanked or subjected to other physical punishment each year, and disabled students get a disproportionate share of the treatment, according to a new study.

New York Times
Jul 26, 2009 Should Schools Use Restraints on Students?

QUOTE: The Government Accountability Office reported more than 33,000 incidents of restraint or seclusion [of students] last year at schools in Texas and California, two of only six states that track such data. Nineteen states have no regulations at all regarding the use of restraint and seclusion in schools.

Jul 26, 2009 As Charter Schools Unionize, Many Debate Effect

QUOTE: the unionization effort raises questions about whether unions will strengthen the charter movement by stabilizing its young, often transient teaching force, or weaken it by preventing administrators from firing ineffective teachers and imposing changes they say help raise achievement, like an extended school year.

New York Times
Mar 23, 2009 China targets an academic culture of cut-and-paste: After a scandal highlighting rampant plagiarism, the government tries to rein it in – and a new generation of teachers trained abroad could help.

QUOTE: Plagiarism and sheer invention have flourished in Chinese academic circles, adds Stephen Stearns, a Yale University professor...

Christian Science Monitor
Nov 24, 2008 Schools, fools, and the tools of ignorance: If not for help from a handful of geeks, Connecticut school teacher Julie Amero would be in prison right now for crimes she didn't commit. What's wrong with

QUOTE: Amero's "crime": In October 2004, the substitute teacher from Norwich, Conn., was surfing the Net on a computer inside a middle school classroom when porn ads began popping up all over the screen. She didn't turn the computer off, because school officials expressly told her not to....Amero isn't totally exonerated. She agreed to plead guilty to "disorderly conduct" (a misdemeanor), pay $100, and have her teaching credentials revoked. The state still refuses to acknowledge it was mistaken.

Nov 13, 2008 School Chief Takes on Tenure, and Stirs a Fight

QUOTE: Ms. Rhee has proposed spectacular raises of as much as $40,000, financed by private foundations, for teachers willing to give up tenure....Ms. Rhee said she could no longer wait for a union response to her proposal, first outlined last summer, and announced an effort to identify and fire ineffective teachers, including those with tenure.

New York Times
Sep 22, 2008 Schoolhouse Rock: Fixing The Education System

QUOTE: One potential problem with basing teacher compensation in part on test scores is that it gives teachers an incentive not just to "teach to the test," but to game the test completely... in a series of investigative articles, revealed that at least part of those test-score gains were due to widespread cheating by teachers and administrators.

Sep 04, 2008 Schoolhouse Rock: The Bonus Lottery

QUOTE: Only three percent of the educators deemed worthy of the $2,100 bonuses worked in the low-income schools that struggle most, where at least nine in 10 students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch. And almost two-thirds taught in A-rated schools, where they arguably were least needed.

May 05, 2008 Dartmouth's 'Hostile' Environment

QUOTE: an Ivy League professor threatening to sue her students because, she claims, their "anti-intellectualism" violated her civil rights...some of her students were so unreceptive of "French narrative theory" that it amounted to a hostile working environment. She is also readying lawsuits against her superiors...

Wall Street Journal, The (WSJ)
Mar 10, 2008 Brutal Beating Death Brings Sumo's Dark Side to Light: Teen Trainee Sought to Quit Japan's National Sport

QUOTE: The death, the arrests and the measured response of the JSA have cast a cold light on the closed world of sumo, laying bare the bullying, brutality and hierarchical torment that are routine in the self-governed sport, which is 2,000 years old and has been a profitable professional endeavor for nearly four centuries.

Washington Post
Feb 25, 2008 Teachers strike back at students' online pranks: Students are increasingly facing lawsuits and expulsions for targeting their teachers online.

QUOTE: In the growing backlash against these cybergoofs, however, real-world norms of propriety are being pitted against the uncertain jurisdictions of the Digital Age. A new test may be emerging on how far online lampooning can go, say First Amendment experts – and to what extent schools can control off-campus pranks.

Christian Science Monitor
Jan 11, 2008 Cells, texting give predators secret path to kids

QUOTE: Before cell phones, laptops and Sidekicks -- a BlackBerry-like device for the younger, hipper crowd -- someone might have noticed that a teacher was "grooming" a child, or being way too attentive, too often. Not anymore. Now, teachers have weeks, months and years to secretly undermine a child's parents and get a student to go along with sexual contact.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Nov 26, 2007 Sudan arrests UK teacher for teddy bear blasphemy

QUOTE: Numerous media reports say Gibbons was arrested after allowing her class of 7-year-olds to name a teddy bear "Mohammed."

CNN (Cable News Network)
Nov 20, 2007 Decline of the Tenure Track Raises Concerns

QUOTE: Rutgers University agreed in a labor settlement in August to add 100 tenure or tenure-track positions. Across the country, faculty unions are organizing part-timers. And the American Federation of Teachers is pushing legislation in 11 states to mandate that 75 percent of classes be taught by tenured or tenure-track teachers.

New York Times
Oct 24, 2007 Child Care Workers in New York City Vote to Unionize

QUOTE: Many child care workers favored unionization because they were dissatisfied with their pay, averaging $19,000 a year, according to a recent survey, and with the lack of health insurance and paid vacations.

New York Times
Oct 21, 2007 Sexual misconduct plagues U.S. schools, AP reports

QUOTE: more than 2,500 cases over five years in which educators were punished for actions from bizarre to sadistic. There are 3 million public school teachers nationwide, most devoted to their work. Yet the number of abusive educators, nearly three for every school day, speaks to a much larger problem in a system that is stacked against victims.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Oct 11, 2007 Report Recounts Horrors of Youth Boot Camps

QUOTE: Reports of abuse of troubled young people in privately run boot camps and other residential treatment centers are widespread, with examples numbering in the thousands, according to a federal report released Wednesday. The report also found that managers of these programs, which are largely unregulated, faced little or no punishment for their actions.

New York Times
Sep 18, 2007 Should teachers be allowed to pack a gun? The case of an Oregon teacher fighting for the right to take a gun to school for protection from her ex-husband.

QUOTE: In Michigan last week, 16 state lawmakers sponsored legislation allowing teachers, administrators, and other school employees to carry concealed weapons on school property. Ohio has a similar bill pending.South Carolina, Alabama, and Virginia are among several other states that have considered lifting school campus gun bans this year...

Christian Science Monitor
Sep 04, 2007 As New Orleans restarts its schools, most are now charter schools: Since Hurricane Katrina, the city has been determined to reform one of the nation's worst school districts.

QUOTE: Despite some bright spots, however, critics worry that this setup for the school district could further entrench educational and racial inequities. Thus New Orleans is becoming a proving ground for charter schools in US urban areas: Can they really improve academic achievement in places where reform is needed most?

Christian Science Monitor
Aug 29, 2007 Rhee Seeks Authority to Terminate Employees: Planned Legislation Is Aimed at Reorganizing the D.C. School Central Command

QUOTE: As the initial piece of her strategy, Rhee has begun drafting legislation that would ask the D.C. Council to suspend personnel laws so that the chancellor would have the authority to terminate employees without having to reassign them to other jobs. Rhee also has been meeting with council members to lay the groundwork for their political support, members said.

Washington Post
Jul 22, 2007 Jury Backs Teacher Who Says Room Made Her Ill

QUOTE: Washington is one of a number of teachers and students in the county who have reported falling ill from exposure to mold and other toxins inside portable classrooms.

Washington Post
Jul 17, 2007 10 Are Accused of Scheme to Fake College Transcripts

QUOTE: The teachers were said to have bought falsified master’s degrees from Touro that helped in their promotion and their certification.

New York Times
Jul 17, 2007 Lawsuit Says Teachers Are Overcharged on Annuities

QUOTE: A lawsuit filed last week in federal court in Washington State contends that the National Education Association breached its duty to members by accepting millions of dollars in payments from two financial firms whose high-cost investments it recommended to members in an association-sponsored retirement plan.

New York Times
Jul 12, 2007 Lawsuit Filed Over Treatment of Girls at State Reform School in Mississippi

QUOTE: Troubled adolescent girls at the Columbia Training School, a state-run reform school, were shackled for 12 hours a day and forced to eat and to use the bathroom while wearing the shackles...

New York Times
Jun 14, 2007 Soft-Court Porn

QUOTE: [A police detective testified that the] computer’s history file showed she intentionally accessed the website....An independent analysis of the computer’s hard drive, conducted this spring by Sunbelt Software and presented to the court for consideration, revealed that the hard drive was riddled with spyware and other programs known to cause pornographic pop-ups.

Hartford Courant (Connecticut)
Feb 25, 2007 Fictional Favoritism (The Ethicist)

QUOTE: It is not favoritism to single out excellent work for special consideration...Your colleague did err in neglecting to get the student's consent before submitting the story.

Feb 10, 2007 Critics Question Education Department’s Screening

QUOTE: Katherine McLane, a department spokeswoman, said the scrutiny was warranted because her agency had access to databases with financial data and other information, including names and social security numbers of students or of applicants to colleges or other programs. “We want to make sure that the people who handle and have access to this information are responsible, reliable and trustworthy,” Ms. McLane said.

New York Times
Jan 25, 2007 Substitute Teacher Faces Jail Time Over Spyware

QUOTE: A 40-year-old former substitute teacher from Connecticut is facing prison time following her conviction for endangering students by exposing them to pornographic material displayed on a classroom computer....The defense claimed the graphic images were pop-up ads generated by spyware already present on the computer prior to the teacher's arrival.

Washington Post
Jan 11, 2007 Justices Hear Case on Right of Unions to Use Nonmembers' Dues

QUOTE: The Washington Education Association, the state's largest teachers union, said its freedoms would be endangered by a state law that would increase restrictions on the union's ability to use workers' money for political causes. On the other side are workers who do not join the union but under state law must pay dues anyway. They say their money should not be used for the union's election causes without their explicit approval.

Washington Post
Dec 26, 2006 'Barefoot Teachers' Left Behind in China: Rural Educators Lose Jobs in Push to Modernize

QUOTE: Several years ago, however, government officials announced they wanted to raise the standard of rural education. And now, although many barefoot teachers have qualified to become professionals, Sun and thousands like her have been cast difficult and wrenching the modernization of China's creaking socialist system can be, especially for a class of people once celebrated as the heart of the Communist Party.

Washington Post
Dec 02, 2006 Supporting Boys or Girls When the Line Isn'’t Clear

QUOTE: "The prospect of cross-dressing kindergartners has sparked a deep philosophical divide among professionals over how best to counsel families. Is it healthier for families to follow the child’s lead, or to spare children potential humiliation and isolation by steering them toward accepting their biological gender until they are older?"

New York Times
Sep 18, 2006 Institutions Hinder Female Academics, Panel Says

QUOTE: Women in science and engineering are hindered not by lack of ability but by bias and “outmoded institutional structures” in recommends that universities alter procedures for hiring and evaluation, change typical timetables for tenure and promotion, and provide more support for working parents.

New York Times
Sep 03, 2006 Palestinian Teachers Begin New School Year on Strike

QUOTE: Most Palestinian schoolteachers went on strike on Saturday, the first day of the school year, in the latest protest over wages for Palestinian government employees who have gone largely unpaid for nearly six months.

New York Times
Jul 26, 2006 11 Sex Offenders Eligible to Teach: Audit Faults School System Oversight

QUOTE: State auditors told legislators yesterday that they had found 11 convicted sex offenders who were certified as teachers and eligible to be hired by Maryland public schools.

Washington Post
Jun 30, 2006 Student sues over IM-related suspension (Police blotter)

QUOTE: A student at Weedsport Middle School sues after being suspended for a semester for having an allegedly "threatening" instant-message icon on his home computer.
May 18, 2006 Colleges Chase as Cheats Shift to Higher Tech

QUOTE: With their arsenal of electronic gadgets, students these days find it easier to cheat. And so, faced with an array of inventive techniques in recent years, college officials find themselves in a new game of cat and mouse, trying to outwit would-be cheats this exam season with a range of strategies...

New York Times
Apr 19, 2006 Greene & Winters: The Boys Left Behind

QUOTE: In a new Manhattan Institute study we find that females graduate high school at substantially higher rates than males...while the gender gap is relatively small for white and Asian students, it is particularly large for blacks and Hispanics.

National Review

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