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Jul 28, 2013 Student’s home-schooling highlights debate over Va. religious exemption law

QUOTE: Powell’s family encapsulates the debate over the long-standing law, with his parents earnestly trying to provide an education that reflects their beliefs and their eldest son objecting that without any structure or official guidance, children are getting shortchanged. Their disagreement, at its core, is about what they think is most essential that children learn — and whether government, or families, should define that.

Washington Post
May 21, 2011 Behind Grass-Roots School Advocacy, Bill Gates

QUOTE: They described themselves simply as local teachers who favored school reform — one sympathetic state representative, Mary Ann Sullivan, said, “They seemed like genuine, real people versus the teachers’ union lobbyists.” They were, but they were also recruits in a national organization, Teach Plus, financed significantly by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

New York Times
May 16, 2011 In Georgia, Court Ruling Could Close Some Charter Schools

QUOTE: In a 4-to-3 decision, the Georgia [Supreme--Ed.] court struck down a law empowering a special statewide commission to approve and finance charter schools even over the objections of local school boards.

New York Times
Apr 27, 2011 In a Mother’s Case, Reminders of Educational Inequalities

QUOTE: The tale outlined outside court by the defendant’s supporters had a heartbreaking story line — a child tossed out of school, a homeless mother charged with felony theft for the crime of sending him to a better school than the one available to her, the inequalities that define America’s schools.

New York Times
Aug 17, 2009 The Muslim Madrassa Myth: The problem with Arab education goes beyond a few extremist schools.

QUOTE: [Middle Eastern] Government schools that do educate the masses are mind-numbing and anachronistic, utterly useless for helping graduates face global competition. And their failures are far more dangerous.

Aug 11, 2009 U.K.'s Jewish-School Ruling: Who Decides Who Is a Jew?

QUOTE: Faith schools across Britain are holding their breath and waiting to see if they will need to change their admissions procedures after Europe's largest Jewish school was last week given the right to appeal a court decision saying its entry policy was racist.

Time Magazine
Jun 22, 2009 Education Chief to Warn Advocates That Inferior Charter Schools Harm the Effort

QUOTE: The Obama administration has made opening more charter schools a big part of its plans for improving the nation’s education system, but Education Secretary Arne Duncan will warn advocates of the schools on Monday that low-quality institutions are giving their movement a black eye.

New York Times
Jun 18, 2009 Federal Inquiry Into Blagojevich Turns to University Admissions

QUOTE: Federal prosecutors are trying to determine if former Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich and his allies used political muscle to influence student admissions at three state universities.

New York Times
May 30, 2009 Supreme Court to Address Meeting the Needs of Special-Education Students

QUOTE: ... United States Supreme Court will soon decide when public schools must reimburse parents of special-education students for private-school tuition.

New York Times
Aug 16, 2007 Forced to Pick a Major in High School

QUOTE: Some parents have welcomed the requirement, noting that a magnet school in the district already allowed some students to specialize. But other parents and some educators have criticized it as preprofessionalism run amok or a marketing gimmick....after finding many of the legal cases boring and hard to relate to, she was unable to take classes in other fields because she was locked into her specialization.

New York Times
Aug 15, 2007 How New Arabic School Aroused Old Rivalries

QUOTE: When aides to Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein were presented last fall with a proposal for an Arabic language and culture school... they said they could not resist the appeal of a school that seemed right for the times and that would be a piece of the school system’s mosaic of dual-language programs.[But] Those intentions ran straight into the treacherous ethnic and ideological political currents of New York...

New York Times
Oct 26, 2006 Move to single-sex classes fans debate: New federal rules let US public schools split up boys and girls. Research on the practice is inconclusive.

QUOTE: Controversial new regulations give educators far more latitude to establish schools and classes strictly for a single gender, even as research on the practice is scarce and inconclusive...It's a change that has intensified a long-running debate over whether boys and girls learn better in a single-sex environment, with critics warning the regulations may roll back years of hard-won ground.

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 25, 2006 Most States Fail Demands in Education Law

QUOTE: Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings, who took office promising flexible enforcement of the law, has toughened her stance, leaving several states in danger of losing parts of their federal aid...legislators, educators and teachers unions criticized the law’s many rules and what they said was its overemphasis on standardized testing.

New York Times
Sep 26, 2005 A Web of Faith, Law and Science in Evolution Suit

QUOTE: ...the Dover case, which begins Monday in Federal District Court in Harrisburg, is the first direct challenge to a school district that has tried to mandate the teaching of intelligent design.

New York Times
Jun 03, 2005 Mother Fights to Keep Voucher Enrollment

QUOTE: ... [a child-Ed.] could not return in part because he needed individual tutoring and the school did not have enough staff for it.... [the mother-Ed.] said she reminded Rock Creek staff of earlier promises to help Cornell.

Washington Post
Aug 17, 2004 Nation's Charter Schools Lagging Behind, U.S. Test Scores Reveal

The first national comparison of test scores among children in charter schools and regular public schools shows charter school students often doing worse than comparable students in regular public schools.

New York Times
Mar 25, 2003 Lifting Hope, One Job at a Time: Innovative Network of Catholic Schools for Low-Income Students Opens Doors -- and Eyes

QUOTE: The ancient, educationally oriented Catholic order says it is looking for more ways to help inner-city children. John Armstrong, secretary for secondary and pre-secondary education at the U.S. Jesuit Conference in Washington, said the focus is on students who without some help "would very likely not get into the Catholic school system and never get into the mainstream of business life and things like that."

Washington Post
Mar 09, 2003 Provision may get kids out of dangerous schools

QUOTE: If a school is labeled "persistently dangerous," any — or all — of its students can transfer to a safer school. The principle is simple: Students shouldn't be forced to attend dangerous schools. But that's where the simplicity ends.

Feb 11, 2003 Charter schools in Boca, Riviera Beach at risk of being closed

ABSTRACT: Two charter schools may be shutting their doors permanently.... Background checks, discipline, and failure to make corrections after an August Health Dept. inspection are just a few of the violations.

Sun-Sentinel (Florida)
Feb 08, 2003 President to Push Vouchers for D.C.

QUOTE: Despite opposition from several D.C. officials, a U.S. Department of Education spokesman said yesterday that the Bush administration will move ahead with plans to ask Congress to set aside federal money for a school voucher program in the District.

Washington Post
Oct 09, 2002 Bilingual Education on Ballot in Two States

QUOTE: Teachers, parents and politicians on both sides of the debate say that teaching English as a second language to 4.4 million students in public schools is critical to helping them succeed in American society. But they are at odds over which approach is most effective.

New York Times
Aug 22, 2002 Retrograde on School Choice

QUOTE: is deeply troubling that in their determination to thwart school choice programs...champions of equality would resort to invoking state constitutional provisions whose lineage lies in the sullied era of 19th-century bigotry against Catholics.

Washington Post
Aug 12, 2002 School Desegregation Policy Is Challenged

QUOTE: Three years ago, when Samantha Comfort asked to enroll her daughter, Elizabeth, in kindergarten at Sisson Elementary School here…she did not know that she was starting down a path to litigation that could determine the fate of hundreds of school diversity policies nationwide.

New York Times