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Feb 09, 2012 Education Gap Grows Between Rich and Poor, Studies Say

QUOTE: Education was historically considered a great equalizer in American society, capable of lifting less advantaged children and improving their chances for success as adults....while the achievement gap between white and black students has narrowed significantly over the past few decades, the gap between rich and poor students has grown substantially during the same period.

New York Times
Jun 15, 2008 Summer Camps Revive India's Ancient Sanskrit: Effort Is Part of Bitter Debate Over the Role of Hindu Language in a Diverse Society

QUOTE: Their endeavors are viewed with suspicion by many scholars here as part of an increasingly acrimonious debate over the role of Sanskrit in schools and society. The scholars warn against exploiting Indians' reverence for Sanskrit to promote the supremacy of Hindu thought in a country that, while predominantly Hindu, is also home to a large Muslim population and other religious minorities.

Washington Post
Dec 02, 2007 Effort to Limit Junk Food in Schools Faces Hurdles

QUOTE: Federal lawmakers are considering the broadest effort ever to limit what children eat: a national ban on selling candy, sugary soda and salty, fatty food in school snack bars, vending machines and cafeteria lines.

New York Times
Nov 16, 2007 Vaccinate Your Kids--or Else: Maryland school officials are taking parents to court for refusing to inoculate their kids. Could other districts follow suit?

QUOTE: Should parents be fined or jailed for refusing to vaccinate their children? Hundreds of parents may face both if they don't show up at court to have their children vaccinated this weekend. A Maryland school district has ordered the parents of 2,300 students to court Saturday for missing the September immunization deadline.

Nov 01, 2007 Workplace raids ensnare kids in net, too

QUOTE: For every two illegal immigrants arrested in a workplace raid, at least one child feels the effect...In some cases, children spend at least one night without a parent and are handed off in a mad scramble to babysitters or relatives...

Oct 24, 2007 Child Care Workers in New York City Vote to Unionize

QUOTE: Many child care workers favored unionization because they were dissatisfied with their pay, averaging $19,000 a year, according to a recent survey, and with the lack of health insurance and paid vacations.

New York Times
Dec 02, 2006 Supporting Boys or Girls When the Line Isn'’t Clear

QUOTE: "The prospect of cross-dressing kindergartners has sparked a deep philosophical divide among professionals over how best to counsel families. Is it healthier for families to follow the child’s lead, or to spare children potential humiliation and isolation by steering them toward accepting their biological gender until they are older?"

New York Times
Jul 26, 2006 In Kindergarten Playtime, a New Meaning for ‘Play’

QUOTE: The pressure to make kindergarten more academic can be especially intense in poorer neighborhoods.

New York Times
Dec 14, 2004 10 Things Your Preschool Won't Tell You

QUOTE: Most three- and four-year-olds go to preschool these days...But there's a downside: Many aren't very good.

Smart Money
Sep 02, 2003 Genes' Sway Over IQ May Vary With Class: Study: Poor More Affected by Environment

QUOTE: a groundbreaking study of the interaction among genes, environment and IQ finds that the influence of genes on intelligence is dependent on class....results suggest that early childhood assistance programs such as Head Start can help the poor and are worthy of public support.

Washington Post
Apr 13, 2003 Vikings? Such friendly folk, say textbooks

QUOTE: "Vital pieces of history have been taken out of schoolbooks and the curriculum in the European-wide drive to pretend the union has a common identity and background," said Soysal. "But, unless our children understand the truth about how Europe was created, they will never appreciate the current world conflicts or understand European reactions to them."

Guardian Unlimited
Feb 12, 2003 Head Start Plan Worries Supporters

QUOTE: Under a Bush administration proposal, Head Start, the preschool program serving nearly one million poor children, would become a block grant program. Direct control would go from the federal government to the nation's cash-strapped governors.

New York Times
Jul 27, 2001 Many States Ceding Regulations to Church Groups

QUOTE: ...religious organizations have been seeking and winning exemptions from other areas of the law, from land-use regulations to health requirements, like immunization.

New York Times
Mar 09, 2001 Battle of the Celebrity Gender Theorists

QUOTE: Christina Hoff Sommers skewers Carol Gilligan, Jane Fonda and their "girl crisis" rhetoric.

Jan 07, 2001 Attacks Without Facts, Who's Responsible?

QUOTE: ...the academy has been under attack as the bastion of so-called "political correctness " for nearly two decades. Stories about victimization seem to spread like wildfire...

Online Journalism Review (OJR)
Oct 30, 2000 Is Nothing Sacred?: It Turns Out That Reading Aloud to Your Child is a Violent Act.

QUOTE: ...a professor at the University of Southern California, who revealed the terrorism inherent in reading to children...insisted that teaching kids to read initiates them into the patriarchal construct of the family unit and society...

Oct 08, 1999 Charity Led By General Powell Comes Under Heavy Fire, Accused of Inflating Results

QUOTE: ... Gen. Colin L. Powell whetted the imagination of many community leaders when he pledged to help children get what they needed to grow into healthy, productive adults.

New York Times