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Oct 09, 2007 Neighbors fight over clean power

QUOTE: In blustery regions, home turbines can cut power bills by up to 80 percent. But opponents claim Mann's wind turbine needlessly threatens neighborhood property values because Atlanta's low winds don't produce enough speed to make the device worthwhile.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Aug 21, 2007 Courts Block Laws on Video Game Violence

QUOTE: politicians around the country have tried to outlaw the sale of some violent games to children… [and] Citing the Constitution’s protection of free speech, federal judges have rejected attempts to regulate video games in eight cities and states since 2001… [but] New York will probably be the next state to try its chances in court.

New York Times
Aug 20, 2007 A Quest to Get More Court Rulings Online, and Free

QUOTE: The project is the latest effort of Carl Malamud, an activist who founded in March, with the broad intent of building “public works” accessible via the network, and with the specific plan to force the federal government to make information more publicly accessible.

New York Times
Aug 19, 2007 Introducing The New and Improved iPhone -- by Hackers

QUOTE: [Although] The Apple smartphone is on what techies call a "closed" system… The work that Mac programmers and hobbyists are doing here relies on a new class of underground applications designed for the iPhone called "jailbreak" programs.

Washington Post
Aug 18, 2007 Lifting Corporate Fingerprints From the Editing of Wikipedia

QUOTE: Since Wired News first wrote about WikiScanner last week, Internet users have spotted plenty of interesting changes to Wikipedia by people at nonprofit groups and government entities like the Central Intelligence Agency. Many of the most obviously self-interested edits have come from corporate networks.

New York Times
Aug 17, 2007 Liberties Advocates Fear Abuse of Satellite Images

QUOTE: a new plan to allow emergency response, border control and, eventually, law enforcement agencies greater access to sophisticated satellites and other sensors that monitor American territory has drawn sharp criticism from civil liberties advocates who say the government is overstepping the use of military technology for domestic surveillance.

New York Times
Aug 16, 2007 Cost of Saving the Climate Meets Real-World Hurdles

QUOTE: The market for "voluntary carbon offsets" now encompasses dozens of sellers and thousands of buyers, including individuals and corporations. But in some cases, these customers may be buying good feelings and little else.

Washington Post
Aug 16, 2007 District Looks to Lead the Way in Crisis Technology: Pilot System Lets Safety Officials Communicate Even When Other Networks Fail

QUOTE: On Sept. 11, 2001, the cellphone network in the Washington area was quickly overloaded as frantic residents dialed relatives and friends. Now, the District is trying to develop a high-tech wireless network for public safety officials...

Washington Post
Aug 09, 2007 Md. Panel Grills Verizon Over Delays in Repairs

QUOTE: Maryland regulators demanded an explanation from Verizon officials yesterday of why hundreds of customers have waited days and even weeks for telephone repairs this year, exceeding the state standard for missed service appointments for five months running.

Washington Post
Aug 03, 2007 Border Computers Vulnerable to Attack: GAO Report Details Problems in System

QUOTE: Homeland Security officials said that many vulnerabilities exist throughout the network... These vulnerabilities could, in turn, spread the risk of cyber-attacks or data losses to some of the government's most sensitive security databases, the officials said.

Washington Post
Jul 31, 2007 Md. Officials Oppose New Legal Policy At Comcast

QUOTE: Comcast, which provides cable service to more than 150,000 homes in Montgomery County and 24 million nationwide, informed county subscribers of a policy change that county officials say denies customers the right to take the company to court and bars class-action suits.

Washington Post
Jul 30, 2007 New Scrutiny for Facebook Over Predators

QUOTE: Facebook, the online social network... is being subjected to... accusations that it does not do enough to keep sexual predators off its site.

New York Times
Jul 16, 2007 First Atomic Bomb Test Exposed U.S. Civilians to Radiation

QUOTE: The world’s first atomic bomb test might have exposed unaware civilians in New Mexico to thousands of times the recommended level of public radiation exposure, according to reconstructed data in a new study.

Jul 11, 2007 Accuser Says Web Site for Teenagers Has X-Rated Link

QUOTE: Alex Becker, a former vice president at Stickam...was speaking out because the company was not doing enough to protect young users of its service...[but] Stickam’s vice president for marketing, denied that the site was negligent about protecting its users...

New York Times
Jul 07, 2007 Five Years, Two Owners and a Town Still in Limbo

QUOTE: Though a handful of other towns have been auctioned on eBay since Bridgeville made history, locals are sour on the approach.

New York Times
Jul 05, 2007 At I.B.M., a Smarter Way to Outsource

QUOTE: The debate continues over how much skilled work in the vast service sector of the American economy can migrate offshore to lower-cost nations like India. Estimates of the number of services jobs potentially at risk… range widely from a few million to more than 40 million, which is about a third of total employment in services.

New York Times
Jul 05, 2007 In India, Protecting a Whistle-Blower

QUOTE: “The people who are supposed to be controlling corruption and fighting on behalf of the poor, they are sucking blood out of the poor,” Ms. Jayashree said in the interview.

New York Times
Jul 04, 2007 SAP, German Software Giant, Admits to Illicit Downloads

QUOTE: SAP, the big German software maker, admitted yesterday that a subsidiary had improperly obtained documents and software from Oracle, its archrival in the business software market.

New York Times
Jun 30, 2007 Alarmist global warming claims melt under scientific scrutiny

QUOTE: Many of the assertions [Al] Gore makes in his movie, ''An Inconvenient Truth,'' have been refuted by science, both before and after he made them. Gore can show sincerity in his plea for scientific honesty by publicly acknowledging where science has rebutted his claims.

Chicago Sun-Times
Jun 28, 2007 Ethics and the iPhone

QUOTE: Does the "i" in iPhone stand for iSolation? It doesn't bode well for society when everyone is plugged in and tuned out

Jun 14, 2007 EBay Says Fraud Crackdown Has Worked

QUOTE: The results [of new policies] are promising. The company will report a 60 percent decline in the number of complaints from luxury goods makers that counterfeits of their products are being sold on the site…But many of its efforts have also fallen short. Other companies whose products are not yet protected by the new anticounterfeiting measures still complain about piracy on eBay…

New York Times
Jun 12, 2007 The DNA Age: In Age of DNA Tests, the Dog Becomes a Guinea Pig

QUOTE: as dog breeders apply scientific precision to their age-old art, they find that the quest for genetic perfection comes with unforeseen consequences. And with DNA tests on their way for humans, the lessons of intervening in the nature of dogs may ultimately bear as much on us as on our best friends.

New York Times
Jun 07, 2007 A bioethics twist: artificial stem cells: New procedure lets adult mouse cells mimic stem cells, bringing hope to anticloning activists.

QUOTE: Scientists in the United States and Japan announced yesterday that they have developed artificial stem cells from adult mouse cells. If the approach can be retooled for humans, they say, it would avoid the ethical quicksand that surrounds the use of stem cells drawn from nascent human embryos.

Christian Science Monitor
May 30, 2007 Which ISPs Are Spying on You?

QUOTE: Wired News, with help from some readers, attempted to get real answers from the largest United States-based ISPs about what information they gather on their customers' use of the internet, and how long they retain records like IP addresses, e-mail and real-time browsing activity. Most importantly, we asked what they require from law-enforcement agencies before coughing up the data, and whether they sell your data to marketers

May 23, 2007 Hack My Son's Computer, Please

QUOTE: Can an elderly father give police permission to search a password-protected computer kept in his adult son's bedroom, without probable cause or a warrant? In April, a three judge panel of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals said yes. This week, the son's attorney ... will ask the court to reconsider the panel's ruling.

May 17, 2007 State's highest court tosses 2 stem-cell suits: Agency Vows To Act Quickly To Issue Bonds For Research

QUOTE: The California Supreme Court on Wednesday removed the last legal impediment blocking financing for the state's $3 billion stem-cell institute when it refused to review two lawsuits challenging the institute's constitutionality .... The 2005 suits - backed by the California Family Bioethics Council, People's Advocate and the National Tax Limitation Foundation - had claimed the institute lacks adequate state supervision and is riddled with conflicts of interest.

San Jose Mercury News
May 15, 2007 States Fault MySpace on Predator Issues

QUOTE: Some of the country’s top law enforcement officials are charging that the online social network MySpace has discovered thousands of known sex offenders using its service, but has failed to act on the information.

New York Times
Apr 17, 2007 No-Fishing Zones in Tropics Yield Fast Payoffs for Reefs

QUOTE: Today, Palau, a tiny island state 600 miles east of the Philippines that is internationally known as a site for recreational diving, is at the forefront of a worldwide movement to ban fishing in key reefs to allow the return of prized species. It now protects a patchwork of reefs and lagoon waters amounting to 460 square miles.

New York Times
Apr 01, 2007 Poor Nations to Bear Brunt as World Warms

QUOTE: But despite longstanding treaty commitments to help poor countries deal with warming, these industrial powers are spending just tens of millions of dollars on ways to limit climate and coastal hazards in the world’s most vulnerable regions — most of them close to the equator and overwhelmingly poor.

New York Times
Apr 01, 2007 Morality: All In Your Mind

QUOTE: QUOTE"Right now, we're discovering the seat of morality," warns NIO Director Zack Lynch. "In 10 to 15 years, we'll have the technologies to manipulate it." But there's the other catch: Once technology manipulates ethics, ethics can no longer judge technology.

Washington Post
Mar 29, 2007 Scientists weigh risks of climate 'techno-fixes': Schemes from space mirrors to vast algal blooms have sparked debate over the ethics of geoengineering.

QUOTE: Proposals run the gamut from space mirrors deflecting a portion of the sun's energy to promoting vast marine algal blooms to suck carbon out of the atmosphere. The schemes have sparked a debate over the ethics of climate manipulation, especially when the uncertainties are vast and the stakes so high. For many scientists, the technology is less an issue than the decisionmaking process that may lead to its implementation.

Christian Science Monitor
Mar 29, 2007 Report Says Interior Official Overrode Work of Scientists

QUOTE: In recent years, agency lawyers reported, 75 percent of the Western offices’ findings on endangered-species status reviews and critical-habitat determinations were sent to Washington without any assurance from career lawyers and biologists that they were valid. Court challenges from both industry and environmentalists are a regular occurrence at the fish and wildlife agency. Making decisions that are vulnerable increases the risk that time-consuming, labor-intensive scientific and regulatory work must be redone

New York Times
Feb 21, 2007 EC Wants to Free Mobile and TV Spectrum: Proposed changes would mean the removal of regulations on certain bands and an end to "single-use" spectrum

QUOTE: Reding said the regulatory environment will begin to loosen up but added spectrum hunters might be in for a long wait. "We seek to provide new opportunities for industry through less restrictive regulatory conditions that strengthen competition and increase consumer choice. However, this is a gradual process which will not happen overnight," she said in a statement.

Feb 18, 2007 New Weapon in Web War Over Piracy

QUOTE: The new technological weapon is content-recognition software, which makes it possible to identify copyrighted material, even, for example, from blurry video clips. The technology could address what the entertainment industry sees as one of its biggest problems — songs and videos being posted on the Web without permission.

New York Times
Feb 17, 2007 The future of heat-beaming weapons.

QUOTE: That's the metaphysical gap nonlethal energy weapons exploit. The rain of pain falls mainly in the brain. The long-range acoustic device, for instance, "can target narrow sound beams at excruciating decibel levels, but below the threshold of hearing damage," according to a military account of a presentation by its project manager. Four months ago, Congress passed and President Bush signed legislation to prosecute torture, defined as intentional infliction of "serious physical or mental pain or suffering." But that rule applies only in captivity. On the street, pain administration won't be a crime. It'll be a policy.

Feb 15, 2007 Time to Face the Music on File Sharing

QUOTE: Customers might not like the idea of technology that allows some uses of music (like copying iTunes downloads to their iPods) but forbids others (like copying the same song to another kind of music player). But until recently, it didn't seem to bother the executives behind these anti-piracy systems.

Washington Post
Jan 25, 2007 PR's 'pit bull' takes on open access: Journal publishers lock horns with free-information movement.

QUOTE: a group of big scientific publishers has hired the pit bull [Eric Dezenhall--Ed.] to take on the free-information movement, which campaigns for scientific results to be made freely available. Some traditional journals, which depend on subscription charges, say that open-access journals and public databases of scientific papers such as the National Institutes of Health's (NIH's) PubMed Central, threaten their livelihoods.

Sep 18, 2006 Institutions Hinder Female Academics, Panel Says

QUOTE: Women in science and engineering are hindered not by lack of ability but by bias and “outmoded institutional structures” in recommends that universities alter procedures for hiring and evaluation, change typical timetables for tenure and promotion, and provide more support for working parents.

New York Times
Sep 15, 2006 US to cut funds for two renewable energy sources

QUOTE: The US Department of Energy (DOE) is quitting the hydropower and geothermal power research business - if Congress will let it...Indeed, the costs of lost opportunities from dropping such research could be enormous in the long run, recent federal studies suggest.

Christian Science Monitor
Sep 03, 2006 Screening Tools Slow to Arrive in U.S. Airports

QUOTE: federal government has been unable to move bomb-detection technologies from the laboratory to the airport successfully...Members of Congress and former domestic security officials blame poor management for stumbles in research, turf fights, staff turnover and underfinancing. Some initiatives have also faced opposition from the airlines or been slowed by bureaucratic snarls.

New York Times
Sep 03, 2006 Economic View: The State of Research Isn’t All That Grand

QUOTE: After several years of spending a bit more on research and development, the federal government is cutting back in some areas, after adjusting for inflation. While the government will continue to spend more on developing weapons systems and spacecraft, overall government investment in basic and applied research — the foundation of the nation’s innovative capacity — is in some ways shrinking.

New York Times
Sep 02, 2006 Clarification Issued on Stem Cell Work

QUOTE: The scientific journal Nature has corrected a press release and is considering whether to add further information to an article published last week reporting that human embryonic stem cells could be generated without destroying an embryo. The article has political consequences because destruction of embryos, which is unavoidable with present methods, is the main stated objection of many who oppose embryonic stem cell research.

New York Times
Sep 02, 2006 Tumult Among NASA Advisers

QUOTE: Mr. Griffin has done away with a longstanding advisory structure in which panels of scientists fed their suggestions directly to administrators responsible for research programs...What the public needs from all this is some assurance that once the passions have subsided, Mr. Griffin will look closely at whether he is losing anything valuable through his streamlining of the advisory structure.

New York Times
Sep 02, 2006 A Victory for the National Parks

QUOTE: But under this administration, when science and politics conflict, science loses. For the parks to survive in good health for another century, it will take more than a presidential challenge. It will take solid financing and rational leadership.

New York Times
Sep 01, 2006 Safety Last

QUOTE: While we as consumers might wonder why vendors are selling batteries intended to go in pockets and briefcases that have greater energy storage density than dynamite, recent history actually shows that we’ll accept almost any risk for more power.

New York Times
Aug 30, 2006 What Pilots Could Tell Us

QUOTE: NASA is quietly ending a project that costs relatively little and could help prevent just the sort of disaster we saw in Kentucky.

New York Times
Aug 29, 2006 Universal Backs Free Music Rival to iTunes

QUOTE: reflects the music industry’s eagerness to experiment with various digital business models and to find a way to overcome piracy and illegal copying...record executives have begun to chafe at Apple’s dominance in the online market, particularly its insistence on a one-size-fits-all pricing model, saying it has restricted the growth of digital sales.

New York Times
Aug 26, 2006 Stem Cells Without Embryo Loss

QUOTE: the Advanced Cell Technology approach does not seem likely to open the floodgates for federal financing. Mostly it illustrates the great lengths to which scientists must go these days to shape stem cell research to fit the dictates of religious conservatives who have imposed their own view of morality on the scientific enterprise.

New York Times
Aug 23, 2006 Tempting Data, Privacy Concerns

QUOTE: they balanced a chronic thirst for useful data against concerns over individual privacy...The AOL incident has set off a flurry of divergent opinions in the academic community over the appropriateness of using the data for academic research.

New York Times
Aug 16, 2006 Grass Created in Lab Is Found in the Wild

QUOTE: An unapproved type of genetically engineered grass has been found growing in the wild in what scientists say could be the first instance in the United States in which a biotechnology plant has established itself outside a farm...E.P.A. scientists and others said the grass would probably not pose an ecological threat. Still, it could provide fodder for critics who say that agricultural biotechnology cannot be adequately controlled.

New York Times

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