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Aug 14, 2006 Some Scientists See Shift in Stem Cell Hopes

QUOTE: researchers envisage a longer-term program in which human embryonic cells would be a research tool to study the mechanisms of disease...To work with unapproved lines, government-supported researchers must not only raise private money but also keep their government-financed work separate from their work on unapproved stem cell lines.

New York Times
Jul 10, 2006 Stock Option Awards Grew For Top-Earning Executives, Declined For Others Last Year: 2005 Compensation For Top-Earning Executives Grew With Stock Option Awards

QUOTE: It was another banner year for the Washington area's highest-paid executives...Just as options buoyed compensation for the top group, a decline in the awards dragged down results for others: The median total compensation package for the next 600 executives in the study fell by 3.9 percent to $642,543.

Washington Post
Jul 09, 2006 Does 'Freedom to Read' Apply to DVDs?: Library Board Battles County Over Right To Buy R-Rated Films

QUOTE: The library system's 440 R-rated movies are especially popular. They are also provoking a public battle between the county's Board of Supervisors and the library board of trustees... They say the supervisors' actions are akin to censorship and violate a basic principle espoused by most libraries in the United States: that the freedom to read (and listen and view) is a right of library users with which the government should not interfere...

Washington Post
Jun 13, 2006 Gas-saving devices mostly a scam

QUOTE: The EPA to date has tested in the neighborhood of 100 gas-saving devices, the most recent at the request of the Federal Trade Commission, and only six "indicated a very small improvement in fuel economy without an increase in exhaust emissions."
Jun 02, 2006 Lynch in Talks to Settle Auctions Suit

QUOTE: A company affiliated with money manager Mario Gabelli is in talks to settle a civil lawsuit alleging that it created sham entities to bid for cellphone licenses under a federal program that offered discounts to small businesses.

Washington Post
Jun 02, 2006 VOIP, Cellphone Bills Could Rise for Subsidy

QUOTE: Consumers could see their mobile and Internet telephone bills rise under a Federal Communications Commission proposal that would increase the amount such companies pay to subsidize telephone service in poor and rural parts of the country.

Washington Post
May 30, 2006 The DVD War Against Consumers

QUOTE: I support the rights of the studios to protect their content right up until it stops me from doing something reasonable that I want to do. Blu-ray crosses this line.

May 26, 2006 FCC to Probe TV Stations for Unlabeled Ads

QUOTE: Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin ordered a probe of dozens of television stations after a report found they aired advertisements as if they were news reports...

Washington Post
May 17, 2006 FDA Asked to Better Regulate Nanotechnology

QUOTE: A number of animal studies have shown that at least some nanoparticles can penetrate cells and tissues, migrate through the body and brain and cause biochemical damage. But whether nano-spiked cosmetics and sunscreens pose health risks remains largely unknown, pending completion of long-range studies recently begun by the FDA and other agencies.

Washington Post
May 14, 2006 China Says One of Its Scientists Faked Computer Chip Research

QUOTE: China said Friday that a prominent university scientist who had developed one of the nation's first homegrown computer chips had fabricated his research and stolen the technology from a foreign company, according to the official Xinhua News Agency.

New York Times
Mar 21, 2006 Big Firms Fail to Police Adware, Report Says: Glut of Pop-Ups Laid to Lapses; Ad Firm CEO Says It's No Different From TV

QUOTE: ome of the biggest names in Internet advertising -- from Netflix to PeoplePC to -- not only are feeding into the annoying problem of pop-up ads but are also doing very little to keep their messages away from the self-installing software that fuels the pop-up ads...

Washington Post
Mar 11, 2006 For Gay Gamers, A Virtual Reality Check

QUOTE: Within "World of Warcraft," there are numerous "guilds." They are not unlike high school clubs, and last year, Andrews started one akin to a Gay-Straight Alliance...Repeatedly, she wrote in general chats within the game: "We are not 'GLBT only,' but we are 'GLBT friendly!' " Then one of the game's moderators, interpreting the game's "terms of use," cited her for "Harassment-Sexual Orientation."

Washington Post
Feb 22, 2006 The $75 Billion TV Tab

QUOTE: ...a provision requiring television broadcasters to switch their signals from analog to digital by Feb. 19, 2009. The intent is to free up valuable bandwidth that the federal government can sell, presumably to help whittle down the budget deficit. But it will also require much of the country to spend billions in order to watch television...

Feb 16, 2006 NOTED WITH INTEREST: The True Cost Of Protection?

QUOTE: according to a recent report by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the government spent more than $1.4 billion protecting endangered species in 2004 -- 17 percent more than in 2003.

Washington Post
Dec 25, 2005 Ethics in Research Debated: Stem Cell Debacle Spurs Calls for Improved Oversight

QUOTE: The stunning revelation that a South Korean researcher faked landmark stem cell experiments has sparked an intense new debate about the safeguards designed to prevent and catch scientific fraud. While it remains unclear what motivated Hwang Woo Suk, the case has highlighted how the increasingly rapid pace of science, and rising international competition, may be intensifying the temptation to fake results, experts said.

Washington Post
Dec 21, 2005 Defending Science by Defining It

QUOTE: Since the scientific revolution of the 16th and 17th centuries, "science has been limited to the search for natural causes to explain natural phenomena," Jones writes, noting that the scientific revolution was explicitly about the rejection of "revelation" in favor of empirical evidence. Since then, he writes, "science has been a discipline in which testability, rather than any ecclesiastical authority or philosophical coherence, has been the measure of a scientific idea's worth."

Washington Post
Nov 30, 2005 DuPont, EPA Settle Case On Chemical Disclosure

QUOTE: Federal officials and the DuPont Co. have reached a settlement on charges that the chemical giant concealed possible harmful health effects associated with perfluorooctanoic acid, a chemical compound used to produce Teflon.

Washington Post
Oct 12, 2005 Court to Rule on Federal Regulation of Wetlands

QUOTE: The Supreme Court...will decide how extensively government can regulate the nation's wetlands, a key source of contention among environmentalists and property owners.

Washington Post
Aug 20, 2005 Judge Tells U.S. to Revisit Wolves' Status

QUOTE: The Bush administration violated the law when it dropped efforts to bring back gray wolves in the Northeast...

Washington Post
Jul 17, 2005 The Animal Zealotry That Destroyed My Lab

QUOTE: The care of laboratory animals isn't, as some seem to believe, an unregulated field. As scientists engaged in government-sponsored research, we must conform to an exhaustive array of local, state and federal rules. Nor are we unthinking about these animals' use. As scientists, we debate it among ourselves and with others, as all thoughtful individuals do when dealing with issues of life and death. What happened in Iowa, though, was not a debate; it was an assault.

Washington Post
Jul 14, 2005 GAO Urges Stronger Law On Toxic Substances

QUOTE: The government has provided only "limited assurance" that the 700 new chemical compounds entering the marketplace each year are safe...

Washington Post
Jul 05, 2005 Oops, I Made an Oil Spill ...: What should I do?

QUOTE: A research vessel ran aground in a Hawaiian marine wildlife reserve on Sunday and appears to be leaking oil... What happens when your ship spills oil?

Jun 25, 2005 Retesting Reveals Mad Cow Case: USDA Criticized for First Clearing Animal of Disease

QUOTE: New tests have confirmed that a Texas animal that federal officials earlier declared to be free of mad cow disease did have the brain-wasting ailment, the U.S. Agriculture Department announced yesterday.

Washington Post
Jun 25, 2005 EPA Emissions Rule Is Upheld: Judges Back Agency's View on Coal-Fired Plant Upgrades

QUOTE: A federal appeals court affirmed the administration's approach to calculating polluting emissions from aging power plants yesterday, rejecting 13 states' contention that it violates the Clean Air Act.

Washington Post
Jun 22, 2005 A New Page in Google's Books Fight: The newly revealed contract with the University of Michigan is stoking publishers' fears about plans to digitize library collections

QUOTE: "Publishers have finally had a chance to look at some of the details of Google's Print for Libraries project, a massive effort to digitize books that some publishers fear could violate copyright laws."

Jun 22, 2005 Remember Flim-Flam: How to be a modern skeptic.

QUOTE: Since that glorious display of public humiliation, the Amazing Randi has taken on levitators, psychic surgeons, dowsers, and astrologers. In 1999, he debunked homeopathic remedies for insomnia by swallowing an entire bottle of "natural" sleeping pills in front of a congressional committee.

Jun 20, 2005 The Court of Online Opinion Has Its Say on File Sharing

QUOTE: "Of course, that slightly mischaracterizes the debate, which hinges not on the legality of peer-to-peer file sharing, but on whether makers of file-sharing software are liable for illegal copying by users."

New York Times
Jun 17, 2005 Grand Theft Auto Meets Robocop

QUOTE: Using character-recognition technology...four robot eyes in the course of one night queried more than 12,000 license plates, recovered seven stolen cars and resulted in three arrests.

Jun 11, 2005 NASA Chief to Oust 20: Shake-Up Linked to Mars Initiative

QUOTE: "New NASA Administrator Michael D. Griffin has decided to replace about 20 senior space agency officials by mid-August in the first stage of a broad agency shake-up. The departures include the two leaders of the human spaceflight program, which is making final preparations to fly the space shuttle for the first time in more than two years."

Washington Post
Jun 09, 2005 Many Scientists Admit to Misconduct: Degrees of Deception Vary in Poll; Researchers Say Findings Could Hurt the Field

QUOTE: "Few scientists fabricate results from scratch or flatly plagiarize the work of others, but a surprising number engage in troubling degrees of fact-bending or deceit, according to the first large-scale survey of scientific misbehavior."

Washington Post
Jun 09, 2005 Academic Journals Open to Change

QUOTE: "He and his postdoctoral adviser, Pat Brown, fully expected cooperation from Stanford Library, which hosts a large number of scientific journals. 'Instead,' Eisen recalled, 'we were told that the articles we wanted belonged to the publishers and we should basically piss off.'"

Jun 07, 2005 PSP Hackers Go Retro

QUOTE: "On May 10, sites like PSP Hacker reported that a Japanese hacker known only by the name Mr. Mirakichi had developed a program called RIN that let the PSP play software written for the original black-and-white Nintendo Game Boy system."

Apr 06, 2005 Texas bill would replace vehicle inspection stickers with RFID tags

QUOTE: A Texas legislator has filed a bill that would, in part, call for the state to replace vehicle inspection stickers with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. Beth Givens, director of the San Diego-based Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, [said] "As with any information technology, there will be many other uses found for the RFID tag located on the vehicle. And tracking could be one of them."

Apr 04, 2005 Opposition to Private Fuel Storage Mounts from Public Interest Groups and Tribes

QUOTE: Public interest groups and spokespersons from indigenous tribes today charged that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is exacerbating the nation’s nuclear waste problems – and endangering national security – by preliminarily approving a so-called temporary waste dump in Utah known as Private Fuel Storage (PFS).

Apr 02, 2005 New Ethics Rules Cost NIH Another Top Researcher

QUOTE: ...rules curtailing what stocks researchers can own and regulating their relationships with drug companies, scientific organizations and even medical journals have set the [NIH] against trends advocating closer ties among researchers, companies and think tanks.

Mar 31, 2005 Canadian Waters Stained Red by Baby Seal Cull

QUOTE: The seal hunt in eastern Canada is inhumane and environmentally unsustainable, anti-hunt campaigners said. They also argued that rather than protecting fishing stocks, the cull may reduce the numbers of some fish.

Jan 26, 2005 Chimps' Sense of Justice Found Similar to Humans'

QUOTE: Sarah Brosnan and Frans de Waal of the Yerkes National Primate Research Center in Atlanta determined that capuchin monkeys don't like being subjected to treatment they deem unjust.

Jan 24, 2005 Gray Matter and Sexes: A Gray Area Scientifically

QUOTE: Has science found compelling evidence of inherent sex disparities in the relevant skills, or perhaps in the drive to succeed at all costs, that could help account for the persistent paucity of women in science generally, and at the upper tiers of the profession in particular?

New York Times
Nov 25, 2004 Lack of Money Slows Cleanup Of Hundreds of Superfund Sites: Federal Toxic Waste Program's Budget Is Stagnant

QUOTE: ...The cleanup effort here, however, is receiving only a fraction of the funding it needs, and the project could easily take a dozen years. It is not the only one. Nationwide, Superfund is grappling with a growing number of costlier and more complex sites and a chronic reluctance by Congress to raise its budget.

Washington Post
Sep 25, 2004 Calif. Says Carmakers Must Cut Emissions: Rule Sets Limit On Carbon Dioxide

QUOTE: California regulators yesterday approved the nation's first limits on greenhouse gas...regulators have calculated that complying with the new requirement would cost about $1,050 per vehicle by 2016, the alliance says the cost would be more than $3,000 per vehicle.

Washington Post
Sep 22, 2004 EPA Wording Found to Mirror Industry's: Influence on Mercury Proposal Probed

QUOTE: ...environmental advocates have discovered passages in the Bush administration's proposal for regulating mercury pollution from power plants that mirror almost word for word portions of memos written by a law firm representing coal-fired power plants.

Washington Post
Aug 16, 2004 'Data Quality' Law Is Nemesis Of Regulation

QUOTE: The Data Quality just two sentences directing the OMB to ensure that all information disseminated by the federal government is reliable...interpretation of those two sentences could tip the balance in regulatory disputes that weigh the interests of consumers and businesses.

Washington Post
Jul 21, 2004 New York City and 8 States Plan to Sue Power Plants

QUOTE: Eight states and New York City plan to sue utilities today that they say are the country's biggest emitters of carbon dioxide...The states and the city will not seek financial penalties but, according to a draft news release, will demand "substantial cuts" in the emissions...

New York Times
Jul 04, 2004 Endangered Species Act's Protections Are Trimmed

QUOTE: The Bush administration has succeeded in reshaping the Endangered Species Act in ways that have sharply limited the impact of the 30-year-old law aimed at protecting the nation's most vulnerable plants and animals, according to environmentalists and some independent analysts.

Washington Post
Jun 01, 2003 Sign Here: Will a scientist need a legal opinion before starting the next experiment?

QUOTE: ...a recent federal appeals court decision means that the entire scholarly research community, not just biologists, will be spending a lot more time with lawyers to determine whether their investigations violate someone's patent rights.

Scientific American
Feb 06, 2003 Bush Data-Mining Plan in Hot Seat

QUOTE: Despite assurances by the Bush administration that the Total Information Awareness program would not violate Americans' civil liberties, a broad coalition of grassroots organizations called Wednesday for greater oversight of the experimental data-mining program.

Oct 10, 2002 Jamming camcorders in movie theaters

QUOTE: As one of the key architects of the discontinued Divx DVD system, Robert Schumann knows first hand how hard it can be to sell copyright protection to the masses.

Jul 17, 2002 Mail-order Molecules Brew a Terrorism Debate

QUOTE: ...announcement that scientists in New York had used the company's mail-order molecules to make polioviruses from scratch has prompted questions about whether the DNA synthesis industry deserves closer scrutiny...

Jul 16, 2002 "Extinction" Claim Over North Sea Cod

QUOTE: "Joan Edwards, of the Trusts, told BBC News Online: 'The cod really have gone commercially. Most of the cod we eat in the UK now come from Iceland.'"

Jan 01, 1111 When Collaborations Compete: What to do when you know two scientists are competing with each other, and they don't.

QUOTE: You've never personally met either investigator, and now you find yourself standing on an ethical tightrope by potentially setting up a competition between these two groups. How much should you reveal to each party?

Scientist, The (TS)

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