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Aug 01, 2007 Senate Bill Revisits Medical Safeguards

QUOTE: Several states have allowed boxers to compete with fraudulent or insufficient medical examinations in recent years, interviews and records show. But while the boxing community seems to agree that the sport is in need of medical reform, the breadth and method of change remain points of contention.

New York Times
Jul 20, 2007 When a Comedy is Too Much Fun: The new movie-musical version of 'Hairspray' is bouncy enough, but the high jinks smudge an important history lesson.

QUOTE: So how does one make a musical about segregation "fun"? Quite easily: by totally mischaracterizing the spirit of the civil-rights movement.

Jul 05, 2007 Raising Millions for Charity, And Even More for Golfers

QUOTE: The charities that host such PGA Tour events collectively raise millions of dollars for good works in the community...[but] Less well known is that much more money goes toward expenses and operations -- especially the purses taken home by golfers.

Washington Post
Jul 05, 2007 Ugly Airline Math: Planes Late, Fliers Even Later

QUOTE: The on-time performance of airlines has reached an all-time low, but even the official numbers do not begin to capture the severity of the problem.

New York Times
Jul 02, 2007 Gangsta rap on death row as the US tunes out

QUOTE: Confronted with haemorrhaging sales, [gangsta rap,] the most assertive popular music movement since the Sex Pistols has lost its swagger and is suffering a crisis of confidence. .... Rap has been deserted by many white fans and middle-class blacks, apparently tiring of the "gangsta" attitude to women, racism, violence and bling.

Daily Telegraph
Jun 30, 2007 Under NFL Rule, Media Web Sites Are Given Just 45 Seconds to Score

QUOTE: [It’s] a move designed to protect the Internet operations of [the NFL’s] 32 teams...[but] the policy, announced last month with little fanfare, has frustrated journalists, who say it constricts the public's access to information...

Washington Post
Jun 27, 2007 Nascar Continues to Be Strict on Illegal Modifications of Cars

QUOTE: Nascar suspended the crew chiefs for the drivers Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson for six races each because their cars had altered front fenders that failed inspection...

New York Times
Jun 16, 2007 Lance denies more doping allegations: Armstrong contends he's clean on eve of new book

QUOTE: This latest book...could further undermine [Lance] Armstrong's contention that he was a clean champion. In an exclusive interview with Sports Illustrated last week, Armstrong once again vehemently denied that he ever used performance-enhancing drugs.

Sports Illustrated (SI)
Jun 15, 2007 Thomas the Tank Engine Toys Recalled Because of Lead Paint

QUOTE: The toy maker RC2 Corporation pulled a number of its Thomas & Friends trains and accessory parts off the shelves yesterday after learning that the red and yellow paint used to decorate more than 1.5 million of the toys contained lead.

New York Times
Jun 14, 2007 Blogger’s Ejection May Mean Suit for N.C.A.A.

QUOTE: The eviction of a newspaper reporter from a baseball press box for blogging about a game while it was in progress has stirred a debate about First Amendment rights, intellectual property rights and contract law.

New York Times
Jun 12, 2007 Cheating Leads to Cancel an Investing Contest

QUOTE: said last night that it would cancel the first round of its “Beat the Street” competition because some of the contestants had taken advantage of the system.

New York Times
Jun 07, 2007 Before Punishing Giambi, Selig Wants His Help

QUOTE: [MLB Commissioner Bud] Selig wants to show that he is tough on steroid users, but punishing [Jason] Giambi is problematic because if he used steroids, it occurred before Major League Baseball punished players for using .... Selig took a calculated approach yesterday when he asked Giambi ... to cooperate ... with the investigation into the use of illegal performance-enhancing substances being conducted by the former Senator George Mitchell.

New York Times
Jun 07, 2007 Royal treatment for heiress Paris Hilton provokes anger

QUOTE: In the narrative of public opinion, Hilton's release confirmed the divide of rich and poor, black and white, famously vacuous and everyone else.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Jun 07, 2007 CNBC's Easy Money: BusinessWeek uncovers that the cable channel's own design flaw may be behind the investigation into its million-dollar stockpicking contest

QUOTE: Several contest participants have told BusinessWeek that there was a flaw in the design of the CNBC game that allowed certain players an unfair advantage.

Jun 05, 2007 Broadcasters Win Appeal Of FCC's Profanity Ruling

QUOTE: A federal appeals court tossed out an indecency ruling against Rupert Murdoch's Fox television network yesterday and broadly questioned whether the Federal Communications Commission has the right to police the airwaves for offensive language.

Washington Post
Jun 04, 2007 Pirate-Proofing Hollywood: Video fingerprinting could remove a lot of the guesswork for moviemakers

QUOTE: Fingerprinting systems could be a crucial link in the battle to control video content on the Net.

Jun 01, 2007 'Flip This House' Star Sam Leccima Faces Claims of Fraud

QUOTE: Sam Leccima, an Atlanta businessman known for his presence on the reality show "Flip This House," has been accused of fraud.

Mar 30, 2007 Why doesn't baseball have more female umpires?

QUOTE: To become an umpire, men and women alike must fork over $2,000 to $3,000 in tuition and spend a few weeks working on their stance, calls, strike zone, field positioning, and voice control. (After that, getting to the major leagues is a long shot no matter what gender you are.) Only the top 50 students in the country—out of a total of about 300—get sent to an evaluation camp run by the Professional Baseball Umpire Corp., the organization in charge of hiring for the minor leagues.

Mar 26, 2007 Pakistan coach's death reveals cricket's dark side: The killing of top international coach Bob Woolmer revives concerns about gambling in a sport that once epitomized fair play.

QUOTE: In recent years, several international players have been banned for fixing parts of games for shadowy bookmakers. The Pakistan team has been scrutinized by match-fixing probes before, most notably during the 1999 World Cup when they sensationally lost to cricketing minnow Bangladesh...Cricket's ruling body, the International Cricket Council, launched a probe seven years ago that concluded match-fixing was rife. Since then, high-profile members of the cricket community say things have improved but the practice persists.

Christian Science Monitor
Mar 20, 2007 Did Timbaland Do It?

QUOTE: He’s created monster hits for Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, and Missy Elliott and is considered one of the most original producers of the decade. But if you believe an obscure Finnish computer musician and his YouTube-savvy fans, Timothy “Timbaland” Mosley is a rip-off artist. Janne “Tempest” Suni claims the melody for “Do It,” a Timbaland-helmed track on Nelly Furtado’s 2006 platinum smash Loose, was filched from a chiptune he recorded in 2000.

Mar 17, 2007 Florida Girls Learn to Lift Weights, and Gold Medals

QUOTE: No other state has officially adopted weightlifting for girls, as the Florida High School Athletic Association did in 1997, a sign that the perception endures of weightlifting as a sport for he-men and the occasional bodybuilding queen who slathers her preternaturally bulging biceps with baby oil.

New York Times
Mar 11, 2007 Battling the 'Stigma' of Play-In

QUOTE: The NCAA tournament's opening-round game, which was added in 2001 and is commonly known as the play-in game, still faces the perception that it is not truly a part of the tournament. It is an issue of particular interest for historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), whose teams have been relegated to the Tuesday night game most often. If the NCAA selection committee keeps with its current pattern when the field of 65 is announced today, it would mark the sixth straight season that the champion of the Southwest Athletic Conference or the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference, the two leagues that comprise Division I's historically black colleges, will be sent to the play-in game.

Washington Post
Mar 08, 2007 Breaking Away from the Cycling Scandal: Journalists attend training camp with members of the T-Mobile team and learn about keeping the edge without doping

QUOTE: Bob Stapleton, a U.S. wireless pioneer-turned-cycling hoping that cutting-edge training techniques will offset the competitive disadvantages of his resolute stance against doping...

Feb 28, 2007 N.F.L. Doctor Quits Amid Research Doubt

QUOTE: Pellman had no particular background in neurology, which prompted many outside experts to question his leadership of a group devoted to researching brain injuries. The research that the committee published on the effects and care of concussions among N.F.L. players also was debated heavily because it often ran counter to the findings of scientists not affiliated with the league.

New York Times
Feb 23, 2007 As screen violence rises, so do new tactics to curb it: Many say education, not more regulation, is the right approach to finding common ground among Hollywood, politicians, and parents.

QUOTE: "The emerging common ground in this debate is to develop widespread media literacy, to stop reducing complex kinds of entertainment into simplistic political positions that can't and should not be reduced to easy labels of conservative versus liberal," says Peter Lehman, director of the Center for Film, Media and Popular Culture at Arizona State University in Tempe.

Christian Science Monitor
Feb 22, 2007 And the Oscar for Creative Accounting Goes To …: Can PricewaterhouseCoopers be trusted to count the Academy Awards ballots?

QUOTE: The presence of these professional nit-pickers, these meticulous number-crunchers, reassures the audience and the nominees that the process of counting the Oscar ballots is fair, accurate, and beyond corruption. After all, as Edward Jay Epstein has documented, accounting in Hollywood is a bizarre and highly suspect enterprise. And given the potential economic rewards that can accrue to Oscar winners, it's easy to see how certain parties might be tempted to rig the vote.

Feb 16, 2007 Cycling Race Did Not Test for Drug of Its Sponsor

QUOTE: And now, organizers of the Tour of California, who boasted after last year’s race that no riders tested positive for banned substances, have acknowledged that riders were not tested for what has become the sport’s most abused drug — the blood booster known as EPO.

New York Times
Jan 07, 2007 The Scold

QUOTE: Dick Pound, chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency and global evangelist for the cause of pure sport ... believes deeply in the grandeur of sport, less so in the goodness of athletes .... [Lance] Armstrong says he believes Pound and WADA have run roughshod over his and other athletes’ rights, and he is not alone in that criticism.

New York Times
Dec 11, 2006 10 Things Your Fitness Club Won't Tell You

QUOTE: ...the gym, with its sweaty bodies in close proximity, [is] a highly conducive environment for catching everything from athlete's foot to the flu.

Smart Money
Dec 10, 2006 The YouTube Referee Indictment

QUOTE: with the rise of YouTube, sophisticated methods of scrutinizing, publicizing and condemning those [sports officiating] errors have emerged.

New York Times
Oct 08, 2006 Parents, Singles Tussle Over Places to Play

QUOTE: In the dense inner suburbs -- where there is precious little parkland -- young professionals such as Reinisch are battling with parents over tiny scraps of land no bigger than regulation-size basketball courts. Kids might still need swing sets, the thinking goes, but young adults -- now a sizeable chunk of the population -- want their play space, too.

Washington Post
Sep 13, 2006 Re-think Ticket Policy For Next Year

QUOTE: For the third time in three years, UConn basketball fans underwent a different system for obtaining student season tickets. While hopes were high that this new method would bring about a fairness that last year's system was sorely lacking, the flawed new system was mired by rampant cheating - rendering this year's process an abject failure.

Sep 04, 2006 Horse Show Ends in Uproar Over U.S.D.A. Inspections

QUOTE: At the dispute’s center is disagreement over the standards that determine whether a horse is injured and should be disqualified from events. Many owners and trainers see the inspections as a subjective process that finds soring where there is none and is suffocating a longstanding tradition and the industry around it.

New York Times
Sep 01, 2006 Boolah-Moolah Kickoff Time

QUOTE: With the addition of an extra game to the season, college football powerhouses are now paying top dollar to play weaker opponents in order to fatten their records, and university coffers.

New York Times
Aug 14, 2006 In Steroid Era, Will Integrity Stand the Test?

QUOTE: as golf courses grow longer in an effort to combat gains achieved through equipment and fitness, some players openly wonder if golf might follow the perilous path of baseball, where home run chases in the late 1990’s may have obscured a darker truth.

New York Times
May 30, 2006 Taking a cruise without floating a loan

QUOTE: Just because a cruise line advertises to attract certain passengers doesn't mean that the reality always lives up to the hype
May 07, 2006 Digital Domain: Someone Has to Pay for TV. But Who? And How?

QUOTE: The design appears to threaten the inalienable right to channel-surf during commercials or fast-forward through ads in programs you've taped.

New York Times
Apr 28, 2006 NCAA Will Monitor Prep Schools

QUOTE: NCAA vice president for membership services and chairman of a committee that recommended changing the ways prep schools are monitored, said during a teleconference yesterday that the NCAA already has identified 40 prep schools that will come under greater scrutiny...Investigations by The Washington Post and New York Times found several prep schools across the country that operate with little oversight by the NCAA or state education boards

Washington Post
Feb 13, 2006 10 Things Your Movie Critic Won't Tell You

QUOTE: When deciphering film ads, use the law of three — that is, every ad should boast full sentences from at least three media sources you've heard of. I

Smart Money
Nov 15, 2005 H.I.V. Debate Emerges in Canada

QUOTE: ...a similar controversy has engulfed an infected player in the Canadian Football League. It has rekindled debate over whether athletes who contract H.I.V., the virus that causes AIDS, should be barred from competition.

New York Times
Nov 03, 2005 Forests Get New Rules for Off-Road Vehicles

QUOTE: The Bush administration yesterday gave local managers the authority to decide where visitors can use off-road vehicles in national forests...

Washington Post
Oct 23, 2005 Opinions on the NBA's Dress Code Are Far From Uniform

QUOTE: Stern's possible concern that the NBA's image problems could alienate corporate sponsors and affect future network television contracts may have outweighed his desire for his players to be respected as individuals...

Washington Post
Oct 20, 2005 Arkansas St. Player Barred For Refusal to Wear Adidas

QUOTE: ...a senior basketball player at Arkansas State, has refused to wear the Adidas sneakers...Arkansas State is contractually obligated to outfit its team with Adidas, Nichols can't practice with the team, much less play games, unless he relents.

Washington Post
Oct 14, 2005 League's Dress Code Doesn't Suit Everyone

QUOTE: Commissioner David Stern has establish a strict off-court dress code specifically for inactive players on the bench and players at team functions and road trips...players have already begun preparing for the change, but the reaction has been mostly negative.

Washington Post
Sep 25, 2005 A Sports Drink for Children Is Jangling Some Nerves

QUOTE: Many of AdvoCare's customers say they love the products, but pediatricians, medical strong concern about the levels of caffeine and the idea of encouraging children to use performance-enhancing products...

New York Times
Aug 20, 2005 Garth's New Friends In Wal-Mart Places

QUOTE: Exclusive partnerships between big-box retailers and musicians have been growing in the past few years... advocates and record buyers have expressed concerns about such exclusive deals, saying they stifle competition and enable retailers to keep prices for popular CDs high.

Washington Post
Aug 15, 2005 Will The RIAA Target Homemade CDs?

QUOTE: The digital equivalent of homemade tapes are the next target of the Recording Industry Association of America.

Aug 14, 2005 No Gift Horses Here, So Look in Their Mouths

QUOTE: Yet here at the 85th annual Saratoga Selected Yearling Sale...buyers worried about what nips and tucks these young thoroughbreds had undergone that were undetectable to the eye of the keenest horsemen... There are no lemon laws when it comes to buying racehorses.

New York Times
Aug 11, 2005 ABC TV Is Sued Over Plan for Show

QUOTE: The creators of a television show...filed suit yesterday against ABC television, as well as a producer of "American Idol" and Simon Cowell, the outspoken "Idol" judge, for preparing a similar show with the same title: "Million Dollar Idea."

New York Times
Aug 11, 2005 When a Night Out Is Dinner and a (TV) Show

QUOTE: Though numbers are hard to come by, restaurants with tabletop televisions have been popping up throughout the country....Some are appalled by this development, seeing a further intrusion of television and advertising into the culture, and an erosion of social engagement.

New York Times

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