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Jul 21, 2005 Video Game Known for Violence Lands in Rating Trouble Over Sex

QUOTE: Under pressure from Democratic senators, the board that rates video games assigned the latest installment of the Grand Theft Auto series an adults-only label yesterday, effectively removing it from the shelves of most major retail stores.

New York Times
Jul 20, 2005 Give this man an assist: Tosheff continues to wage pension battle for NBA pioneers

QUOTE: These 40 or so players retired before 1965 but, for no more than an accident of birth, are denied pension benefits that are available to today's NBA players.

Boston Globe
Jul 16, 2005 Redskins Name Can Be Challenged: Appeals Court Ruling Keeps Trademark Battle Alive

QUOTE: The dispute involves six trademarks owned by Pro-Football Inc...The Native Americans said the trademarks should be taken away because they insult them and hold them up to ridicule.

Washington Post
Jul 15, 2005 Lab Owner in Steroid Scandal Pleads Guilty

QUOTE: The plea arrangement, however, does not require Conte to cooperate with federal authorities or anti-doping officials about drug use by athletes...Anti-doping officials said they viewed this as a greatly missed opportunity that would diminish Balco's impact on the fight against doping in sports.

New York Times
Jul 15, 2005 Locked Out: How visa procedures have blocked European musicians from the U.S. since 9-11

QUOTE: Filing fees, travel to the local consulate, legal help, and what Ian Smith of the U.K.'s Musicians' Union calls "the thousand-dollar bribe" for premium processing can quickly add up....the "forced to cancel" mantra that accompanies many visa stories can ring false, with musicians sometimes playing the evil-empire card to cloak their own administrative failures..

Village Voice
Jul 14, 2005 MLB TV Deals Adviser Disputes O's Allegations

QUOTE: Comcast has said there is room for only one sports network in the region, and has sued in Montgomery County Circuit Courts...The Orioles accused Greenberg of being an agent for Comcast and of trying to get the Orioles to give Comcast part ownership in MASN in return for carrying the network on its cable system.

Washington Post
Jul 13, 2005 Maryland Parents File Lawsuit Over Home-Schooling

QUOTE: A group of parents who have filed a $7.7 million lawsuit against the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association for its policy regarding private school teams that use home-schooled athletes contends that the state's proposed remedy is unfair...

Washington Post
Jul 13, 2005 Scrutiny of Broadcast Agency Chief Intensifies

QUOTE: The Corporation for Public Broadcasting's inspector general is expanding his investigation of corporation Chairman Kenneth Tomlinson to include a look at how former Republican National Committee co-chair Patricia Harrison was installed as the new CPB president.

Washington Post
Jul 09, 2005 Sex scene stirs up a fuss over Grand Theft Auto

QUOTE: According to some software-savvy game geeks, you can find this kind of seamy excitement hidden inside one of the world's most popular computer games, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas...the porn movie was built into the game at the factory...

Boston Globe
Jul 08, 2005 Baseball, softball dropped from Olympics

QUOTE: Baseball and softball are out of the Olympics as of 2012...Baseball also suffers from its failure to reach an agreement with Major League Baseball that would send the top players to the Olympics.

Jul 07, 2005 Be True to Your School?

QUOTE: The NBA's labor deal announced two weeks ago will prohibit players from entering the draft until they are 19 years old and a year removed from high school.

Washington Post
Jul 07, 2005 With Covers, Publishers Take More Than Page From Rivals

QUOTE: ...while book jacket look-alikes may chafe publishers, it happens more often than you might think.

New York Times
Jul 06, 2005 Access, at what price?: Sports information highway is now a two-way street

QUOTE: Curt Schilling spends Tuesday mornings on return for donations, which approach $100,000, to his charity. Foulke, the embattled Sox reliever, comes on as part of a barter agreement with a local auto dealership, which gave him use of a new truck.

Boston Globe
Jul 04, 2005 Reporting Live. Very Carefully.

QUOTE: Afraid to take chances, local broadcasters are responding by altering—or halting altogether—the one asset that makes local stations so valuable to their communities: live TV.

Jun 30, 2005 ABC Faces Reality, Pulls Welcome Mat on 'Neighborhood'

QUOTE: ABC has pulled "Welcome to the Neighborhood" after it was suggested to the network that a reality series...violates the federal Fair Housing Act.

Washington Post
Jun 27, 2005 Bollywood smoking ban sparks controversy

QUOTE: India's recent decision to ban smoking in movies and on television has ignited controversy in the popular Bollywood film industry...While some actors have expressed support for the new restrictions, filmmakers claim that the government is infringing on artistic expression.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jun 25, 2005 International Spurs Outsource the NBA Title

QUOTE: At least three players not playing in the Finals spoken to this week on condition their names not be used -- black players whose NBA jobs are being outsourced -- desperately wanted the Pistons to beat the Spurs. For no other reason than, as one of them candidly said, "We gotta put some of these guys back in their place."

Washington Post
Jun 24, 2005 Don't Scapegoat Grokster For Music Industry

QUOTE: What's at stake is not the right of people to freely share and make copies of copyrighted content... What's at issue is whether the companies who make the software that enable the sharing are liable for contributing to the rampant copyright infringement that takes place.

Jun 23, 2005 Naked Censorship?

QUOTE: Largely unnoticed in the mainstream world, his new porn record-keeping regulations went into effect today...Although seemingly innocuous and for a good cause, the rules have suddenly forced the freewheeling trade to either find and organize legal documents for every performer engaging in sex, remove the pictures, or face jail time of up to five years for the first offense and up to ten years for additional offenses.

Jun 21, 2005 Suspension Upheld, but Boxer Is Fighting It

QUOTE: Nobody was quite sure which punch caused Joe Mesi's brain to bleed...Three days after the fight, a magnetic resonance imaging scan showed two subdural hematomas...Mesi said that within a few weeks, the hematomas had healed. Several physicians agreed. But when Mesi applied for a license to fight again several weeks later, the Nevada State Athletic Commission suspended his license, citing the hematomas.

New York Times
Jun 18, 2005 Keeping Moviegoers Away From the Dark Side

QUOTE: "Ever-faster networks mean that a movie can be delivered online today in an hour or two, so the Internet traffic in films, illegally distributed, is starting to take off."

New York Times
Jun 18, 2005 Official Had Aide Send Data to White House

QUOTE: E-mail messages obtained by investigators at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting show that its chairman, Kenneth Y. Tomlinson, extensively consulted a White House official shortly before she joined the corporation about creating an ombudsman's office...the e-mail messages... show that Ms. Andrews worked on a variety of ombudsman issues before joining the corporation, while still on the White House payroll.

New York Times
Jun 15, 2005 Can We Trust Track & Field Records?

QUOTE: "In the 1972 Olympics, for example, two swimmers finished a 400-meter race within two-thousandths of a second—or a few millimeters—of each other. As it turned out, each lane of the swimming pool had been constructed to a precision of just 10 millimeters, so there was no way to determine the winner."

Jun 14, 2005 MASN Counters Comcast Lawsuit

QUOTE: Comcast SportsNet has no legal rights to televise Baltimore Orioles games beyond the end of the 2006 season, allowing Mid-Atlantic Sports Network to take control of the television rights to both the Orioles and Washington Nationals...The motion to dismiss was in response to a lawsuit filed by Comcast two months ago. Since Comcast filed its lawsuit against the Orioles and MASN in April, the cable company has refused to make room for MASN-produced Nationals games on its systems.

Washington Post
Jun 14, 2005 Six Weeks Stuck In Comcast Limbo

QUOTE: Like most Internet-dependent customers whose high-speed connection goes down, Apoorva Gandhi figured his service provider, Comcast, would have it up and running again soon...But six weeks later, he was still waiting for Comcast to fix his connection...Comcast has had technical and customer service issues before.

Washington Post
Jun 14, 2005 In Malibu, a skirmish over lines in the sand: The bulldozing of California beachfront rekindles an old clash between beachcombers and homeowners

QUOTE: "Now, local and far-flung beachcombers are calling authorities, shocked that homeowners on Broad Beach, just miles away, have bulldozed 1.1 miles of beachfront sand off the public stretch, pushing it toward their homes."

Christian Science Monitor
Jun 10, 2005 Do Records in Boxing Mean Anything?

QUOTE: "Now every boxer needs a federally issued photo identification card, and the results of every fight are transmitted to a registry certified by the Association of Boxing Commissions. "

Jun 07, 2005 New Worlds To Censor

QUOTE: In searching out a legal justification to censor new media outlets, policymakers are falling back on the same arguments they have used to regulate broadcast television and radio: They are "pervasive," and they are "intruders" that are "uniquely accessible" to children at home.

Washington Post
Jun 03, 2005 How Do the Paparazzi Sell Their Pics?

QUOTE: Agencies try to sell pictures within 24 hours. The agency crops the images, adds captions, and wires them in digital form to publications around the world.

May 31, 2005 Watch for Roadcasting Rage

QUOTE: "In fact, he explained, because Roadcasting uses streaming technology to broadcast songs and doesn't result in the permanent transfer of music files, it is probably safe from infringing behavior."

May 24, 2005 The Dark Side Of Movies In China

QUOTE: ...China may now be facing some heavyweight response from Hollywood where the Motion Picture Association of America has just threatened to haul China before the World Trade Organization if real, not phantom, piracy doesn't stop in China.

May 09, 2005 A Band Makes Its Case Against Record Label

QUOTE: ...[Warner Music Group-Ed.] cut roughly $250 million in costs as part of a reorganization before its offering, mainly with layoffs and consolidation. The group says concerns that the public offering would reward investors while shortchanging the company and its artists led [Linkin Park- Ed.] to ask to be released from its record contract last week.

Apr 12, 2005 10 Things Your Casino Won't Tell You

QUOTE: Maybe you've had a good night or two at the casino sometime in the past decade, but it's the house that has hit the jackpot...While the odds always favor the house, some casinos are changing the odds and payouts on table games to be even more in their favor.

Smart Money
Feb 17, 2005 Movie asks the 'Million Dollar' question: Film stirs controversy over life-and-death issues

QUOTE: The very idea that a severely disabled person might decide that their life is not worth living has driven various folks in the disability advocacy movement...

Dec 04, 2004 McCain Threatens Baseball Over Drugs: Ariz. Senator Wants Stricter Steroid Policy

QUOTE: McCain's threat to impose drug testing standards on professional athletes...significantly escalates a long-simmering battle between the federal government and the national pastime over drug use.

Washington Post
Nov 22, 2004 Justice Is Swift, Sure, But Perhaps Too Light

QUOTE: Whatever Artest got, Jackson should have received -- plus one game...But Artest gets the stiffest penalty because he has a history of being at the center of trouble.

Washington Post
Nov 17, 2004 10 Things Your Yoga Instructor Won't Tell You

QUOTE: As of 2002, 84 percent of all U.S. health clubs had yoga on their class schedule. But how seriously they take it is another matter.

Smart Money
Nov 03, 2004 Online Feuds a Big Headache

QUOTE: For Linden Lab, the dispute, and an increasing number like it, poses a significant problem. The company has no formal dispute resolution system...If it doesn't come up with a well thought-out solution soon, it may find itself overwhelmed by a flood of users asking it to resolve their player-to-player problems.

Aug 28, 2004 Winners With Wallets: Richest Nations Tend to Haul In Most Olympic Medals

QUOTE: There is little dispute that economic size wields major influence over how well a nation does at the Olympics.

Washington Post
Aug 19, 2004 Wet and Wild: In Water Polo, the Brutality Is Just Beneath the Surface

QUOTE: There's enough violence in an average water polo match to fill all your brutality needs...Technically, none of this stuff is legal, but the refs working the poolside allow a certain amount of leeway.

Washington Post
Aug 02, 2004 Bill Would Raise Franchise Value of Sports Teams

QUOTE: Owners of professional sports teams stand to gain tens of millions of dollars in the values of their franchises because of a single sentence buried deep in a sprawling piece of export-tax legislation...

Jul 13, 2004 10 Things Your Bed & Breakfast Won't Tell You

QUOTE: With guests spending a collective 55 million nights at B&Bs last year, according to PAII estimates, many innkeepers often find themselves struggling to manage even the basics, which can turn your dream getaway into a weekend of hassles.

Smart Money
Feb 11, 2004 10 Things Your Kid's Camp Won't Tell You

QUOTE: Sending your kid away for a summer of fresh air and wholesome fun seems easier than ever...Choosing a camp that's right for your kid, though, can alternate between exciting and daunting. Only about 2,500 camps have ACA accreditation...

Smart Money
Jul 15, 2003 10 Things Your Travel Agent Won't Tell You

QUOTE: Airline bankruptcies. War. They're not making it easy to travel these days. Unfortunately, neither are many travel agents, both the human kind and the online kind.

Smart Money
May 15, 2003 Yao Ming signs international deal with Pepsi

QUOTE: "I have never permitted Coca-Cola to use my image to promote their products," Yao said in a statement faxed to the Xinhua News Agency

Mar 11, 2003 10 Things Your Coach Won't Tell You

QUOTE: ...increasingly, coaches are getting reputations for doing more than mouthing off when looking to inspire their young players or intimidate referees...Be sure your kid's league has done background checks on all coaches and volunteers who come in contact with your children.

Smart Money
Feb 01, 2003 Making a Virtue of Vice City

QUOTE: The popular video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has been nominated for a prestigious design competition in the United Kingdom. However, the game's depiction of violence and sexual material is so graphic that the competition's organizers, the Design Museum in London, have refused to display the actual game as part of an exhibit depicting the nominees.

Apr 16, 2002 10 Things Your Landscaper Won't Tell You

QUOTE: How much fine print can there be in a contract with a landscaper? You might be shocked...

Smart Money
Jul 17, 2000 Ten Things the Gaming Industry Won't Tell You

QUOTE: Gaming industry officials like to say that their business is tightly regulated. But the truth is, regulators often have their hands tied.

Smart Money
Feb 01, 2000 Ten Things Your Ski Resort Won't Tell You

QUOTE: Alpine skiing has fallen on tough times lately. In fact, the number of skiers has dropped almost 30 percent in the past four seasons, according to the National Ski Areas Association. Snowboarding, on the other hand, is booming: The number of snowboarders has increased almost 18 percent a year since the 1995-96 season.

Smart Money

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