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Apr 25, 2010 Indian Justice Inches Closer to Chapters of Violence

QUOTE: These two spasms of horrific sectarian bloodletting have stood as direct challenges to India’s status as a democratic, secular state governed by the rule of law. In both instances, senior officials of the party in power were accused of looking the other way or, in some cases, even orchestrating the bloodshed. In both cases, a mere handful of the killers were ever convicted. In both cases, the political fortunes of politicians accused of fomenting the violence flourished in the aftermath.

New York Times
Sep 09, 2007 Turban Searches Rile Sikh Community: Turban Searches Rile Sikh Community

QUOTE: ...Sikhs were allowed to wear turbans through airport detectors when other passengers had to remove their hats. If the machine did not beep, the traveler could continue. If it beeped, the turban would be screened with a wand, patted down, or removed and examined in a private screening area. Under the new rules, even if there is no alarm, a TSA screener can ask to examine a turban.

Washington Post
Jun 13, 2005 Take God to Work Day: Why the law shouldn't bend over backward for religious employees

QUOTE: "Last month, the Supreme Court upheld a 2000 federal law that requires prisons to make exceptions to rules that conflict with the religious practices of inmates."