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Mar 25, 2006 Washington Post Blogger Quits After Plagiarism Accusations

QUOTE: A 24-year-old blogger for The Washington Post, Ben Domenech, resigned yesterday after being confronted with evidence that he had plagiarized articles in other publications

New York Times
Mar 03, 2006 Kenyan Police Deliver Blows to the Press

QUOTE: The crackdown on the country's second-largest media company came after the government jailed three of its journalists this week over a recent article about political intrigue involving President Mwai Kibaki. Mr. Kibaki, elected in 2002, has experienced a flurry of critical press coverage in recent months as his administration has grappled with accusations of corruption and political infighting.

New York Times
Feb 24, 2006 The Problem with Citizen Journalism

QUOTE:'s the average consumer supposed to know the difference between real journalism and a cleverly disguised press release or a marketing campaign? We could start by labeling them as such.

Poynter Online
Jan 23, 2006 Media Hangover

QUOTE: Journalists can't resist a troublemaking athlete who produces a blizzard of controversy instead of the usual sports cliches. And in the media world, doing bad things only fuels your celebrity, as Martha Stewart's post-jail television and radio gigs make clear.

Washington Post
Jan 05, 2006 Mining Misinformation

QUOTE: ...CNN's Anderson Cooper broke the story at 2:47 a.m. that all but one miner was dead, not alive...the fault lies with the journalists for not instinctively understanding that early, fragmentary information in times of crisis is often wrong...This was, quite simply, a media debacle, born of news organizations' feverish need to breathlessly report each development 30 seconds ahead of their competitors.

Washington Post
Dec 12, 2005 Bad News, Too Often Traveling First Class?

QUOTE: With American soldiers being killed almost every day, there is no shortage of bad news from Iraq. But are journalists painting an unduly dark portrait?

Washington Post
Nov 30, 2005 Crooked Capital

QUOTE: both parties in Washington engage in what critics have called legalized bribery: taking money from special interests while voting on the legislation that affects them; taking golfing and other trips with lobbyists and then doing their bidding on the Hill.

Washington Post
Nov 10, 2005 Delays, Low Fines Weaken FCC Attack on Indecency

QUOTE: Broadcasters say the FCC's content guidelines are too tough and arbitrarily applied while some lawmakers, viewers and interest groups blame the agency for being too lax....Moreover, the FCC typically has allowed broadcasters to pay fines without admitting a violation of indecency rules.

Washington Post
Oct 17, 2005 Reporter, Times Are Criticized for Missteps

QUOTE: Critics inside and outside the paper [New York Times-- Ed.] said they were amazed that Miller would not answer questions about her dealings with editors or show her notes to colleagues investigating the matter.

Washington Post
Oct 09, 2005 '60 Minutes' to Include Clinton Camp's Denial of Freeh's Accusations

QUOTE: Samuel R. "Sandy" Berger, Clinton's national security adviser, challenges Freeh's assertion that Clinton failed to press then-Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah to cooperate with an investigation of the 1996 bombing of Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, and used the occasion to ask for a contribution to his presidential library.

Washington Post
Sep 29, 2005 On Chinese Television, What's Cool Is No Longer Correct

QUOTE: ...the government broadcasting authority has been engaged in a purification project, designed to halt... the creep of vulgarity and non-Chinese influences into programs offered by the country's 3,000 national, provincial, city and county stations...

Washington Post
Sep 23, 2005 You, Too, Could Be in Advertising

QUOTE: Typically ad agencies get paid based on a percentage of the media buy..."It's safe to say that $50 for a winning idea would be comparable to sweatshop labor in the advertising world."

Aug 07, 2005 Missing Woman's Case Spurs Discussion of News Coverage

QUOTE: After weeks of frustrating obscurity, the case of Mr. Figueroa's daughter, Latoyia Figueroa, 25, has finally captured the national news media's attention, spurred by the persistent nudging of Philadelphia-based Web logs and a city councilman distantly related to the Figueroas.

New York Times
Aug 04, 2005 U.S. Writer Critical of Militias Is Found Shot Dead in Basra

QUOTE: Since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, at least 52 journalists have been killed, according to the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists.

Washington Post
Aug 03, 2005 In Germany, Jung Biography Includes Family Denial

QUOTE: Now, in a compromise that is extremely rare in publishing, the German subsidiary of Random House has agreed to insert two pages of the Jung family's version of descriptions and facts into a translation being published this fall...the inserted material, even if tucked back in the notes section, presented a serious problem.

New York Times
Aug 01, 2005 What Did They Say, and To Whom Did They Say It?

QUOTE: Journalists are expending plenty of time and energy these days accusing other journalists of the sin of ripping them off. They got there first and deserve proper credit, the complainants say, rather than having their hard work lifted without recognition.

Washington Post
Jul 20, 2005 Auditor targets magazine practices

QUOTE: In a further signal that the nation's leading magazines could face the glare of publishing-industry probes, the Audit Bureau of Circulations yesterday expressed "concern about circulation irregularities" at two shuttered companies that serviced scores of glossy publishers.

Jul 18, 2005 Hidden Persuaders: The secretive research group that helps run the movie

QUOTE: Once upon a time, Hollywood merely had to produce movies for a habitual audience. Nowadays, it has to create an audience for each and every movie via ad campaigns, appropriately called "drives" (as in "cattle drive").

Jul 15, 2005 Major GOP Donor Favored as Next CPB Chairman

QUOTE: A leading Republican donor who once suggested that public broadcasting journalists should be penalized for biased programs is the top candidate to succeed the controversial chairman at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, according to people at CPB and others in public broadcasting.

Washington Post
Jul 13, 2005 Legal Analysts Critical of N.Y. Times Reporter's Stance in Leak Probe

QUOTE: Although many media advocates hail Miller's sacrifice for what she and the Times see as a bedrock journalistic principle of protecting a promise to a source, some legal analysts say her imprisonment stems from a confrontational legal strategy adopted by the Times.

Washington Post
Jul 12, 2005 The Anonymity Trap: Norm Pearlstine didn't go far enough.

QUOTE: It's been open season on Norm Pearlstine since the Time Inc. editor in chief decided to turn over Matthew Cooper's notes to Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.

Jul 12, 2005 Forbes' flame for flat-tax revolution still burns hot

QUOTE: ...he believes it's time to slay the monster that restrains economic growth, confounds taxpayers, undermines fairness and spawns political corruption. His answer: a flat and simple income tax that would remove millions of Americans from the tax rolls and allow most of us to file our tax returns on a post card.

Richmond Times-Dispatch
Jul 11, 2005 Ed Klein, Drowning in Ink and Gasping for Air

QUOTE: This collective cold shoulder hasn't stopped "The Truth About Hillary" from hitting No. 2 yesterday on the coveted New York Times list. "It's the biggest example to date of how major media censorship doesn't stop a book anymore from being a bestseller," Klein declares.

Washington Post
Jun 27, 2005 Lord of the Pigs?: The New York Times violates its code to cheap-shot director Peter Jackson.

QUOTE: ...shouldn't there be a Times policy against giving a partisan source, in this case a defense attorney, the cover of anonymity to call the plaintiff in a case against his client piggish? As a matter of fact, there is such a published policy limiting what anonymous sources can say in Times articles.

Jun 02, 2005 Woodstein's Misdirections: Lying to protect Mark Felt from being exposed

QUOTE: The question, though, is how far Woodward is willing to go to protect these daddy figures. In the case of Mark Felt, did he go too far? I think he did, in at least two cases...

May 16, 2005 Newsweek Apologizes: Inaccurate Report on Koran Led to Riots

QUOTE: Newsweek apologized yesterday for an inaccurate report on the treatment of detainees....The deadly consequences of the May 1 report, and its reliance on the unnamed source, have sparked considerable anger at the Pentagon.

Washington Post
Mar 20, 2005 My Bias for Mainstream News

QUOTE: Partisans on the left and right have formed cottage industries devoted to discrediting what they dismissively call the "mainstream media" -- the networks, daily newspapers and newsmagazines. Their goal: to steer readers and viewers toward ideologically driven outlets that will confirm their own views and protect them from disagreeable facts. In an increasingly fragmented media world, ideologues have already devolved into parallel universes, in which liberals and conservatives can select talk radio hosts, cable news pundits and blogs that share their prejudices.

Washington Post
Mar 18, 2005 Media Deconcentration: Roll over Viacom and tell Bagdikian the news

QUOTE: "Contrary to the Bagdikians of the world, the best way to foster media competition isn't by appointing the government to determine correct levels of ownership. Instead, the government should limit its role to making sure that revolutionary new technologies and business models (peer-to-peer file sharing, CD burning, Internet broadcasting, low-power FM, satellite broadcasting, market-driven spectrum reallocation, etc.) aren't politically suppressed by the established (i.e., threatened) media companies."

Jan 11, 2005 Free Speech, or Secrets From Apple?

QUOTE: ...bloggers ought to be extended the same protections as mainstream journalists, who have traditionally been given some latitude by the courts in protecting the identities of confidential sources.

New York Times
Dec 06, 2004 Advocacy Groups Blur Media Lines: Some Push Agendas By Producing Movies, Owning Newspapers

QUOTE: Nowhere was it reported that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce created the Record as a weapon in its multimillion-dollar campaign against lawyers who file those kinds of suits.

Washington Post
Nov 10, 2004 Mudslinging Weasels Into Online History

QUOTE: To keep it all under control, contributors to the Wikipedia...are instructed to adopt a neutral point of view. Not everyone obeys, though. So certain trusted, regular contributors and editors become administrators...But each one has a different view of that job.

New York Times
Oct 25, 2004 A Web of Bunk: How the Press Gets Pushed Into Phony Stories

QUOTE: The problem is that anyone with Web access can run any cockamamie story up the flagpole -- and if enough people salute, prompt the mainstream press to deploy its resources.

Washington Post
Oct 19, 2004 Time for a Digital Fairness Doctrine

QUOTE: It is time to restore the full measure of rules that require stations to provide a balance of perspectives. But safeguarding public interest requires not just reinstating the Fairness Doctrine but also new safeguards that reflect the realities of today's digital landscape.

Oct 10, 2004 Sources Worth Protecting?

QUOTE: How does it serve the public interest for journalists to learn and publish the names of covert intelligence agents? If it doesn't serve the public interest, why should journalists be exempt from the duty of every citizen to testify in a criminal investigation?

Washington Post
Sep 14, 2004 Those Ads Are Enough to Make Your Kids Sick

QUOTE: But it's not just junk food that endangers the health of our children, it's also the "junk culture" that surrounds them. And that junk culture is not only making children materialistic, it is making them sick.

Washington Post
Jul 11, 2004 When the Right to Know Confronts the Need to Know

QUOTE: ...on the front page of the Arts section of The Times, I learned that Hendra may have committed the most unspeakable of acts...he did write a semi-confessional book about his own moral progress...Had his success, and the book's theme, made the most intimate details of his life a fair subject for public review?

New York Times
Jul 03, 2003 On the outside looking in

QUOTE: Indonesia's foreign ministry...denies that there is a ban on foreign journalists, but it is hard not to conclude otherwise.

Guardian Unlimited
Jun 02, 2003 FCC: Public Be Damned

QUOTE: The chairman will not win without a fight … as his decision to force a vote on rule changes that have not been broadly debated or analyzed has provoked a fierce response from the widest coalition of critics ever to weigh in on an FCC rule-making decision.

May 19, 2003 Questions of Mass Destruction

QUOTE: ... if there are no WMDs in Iraq, it means either our government lied to us in order to get us into an unnecessary war, or the government itself was disastrously misinformed by an incompetent intelligence apparatus ... What I cannot believe is that respected journalists, most notably Tom Friedman, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, would simply dismiss the nonexistent WMDs as though it made no difference.

May 18, 2003 Hollywood goes paranoid: TV's closed-mouth conservatism surfaces in firing of 'Hitler' producer

QUOTE: "In the 19 months since 9/11, we have seen our democracy compromised by fear and hatred. Basic inalienable rights, due process, the sanctity of the home have been quickly compromised in a climate of fear."

Apr 15, 2003 The Agonist and bloggers' ethics

QUOTE: The blogging community has been abuzz with talk about the actions of Sean-Paul Kelley, a Texas blogger who admitted to plagiarizing Stratfor for his popular war blog, The Agonist.
Apr 07, 2003 Noted War Blogger Cops to Copying

QUOTE: Aside from a few scattered attributions, Kelley presented Stratfor's intelligence as information he had uncovered himself, typically paragraph-long reports detailing combat operations in Iraq.

Apr 05, 2003 Magazines Still Promote Domestic Chores as Women's Work

QUOTE: Women's magazines continue to promote domestic work as if it were a gender-specific task.

Women's eNews
Mar 24, 2003 Channels Struggle on Images of Captured and Slain Soldiers

QUOTE: Television news organizations faced their first wrenching decision about how to use graphic video images of the war with Iraq yesterday, as a videotape of captured and killed American soldiers was withheld from broadcast for most of the day.

New York Times
Mar 19, 2003 U.S. News Organizations Tell Employees to Leave Baghdad

QUOTE: ...reporters for American news organizations are streaming out of Baghdad, relatively few American journalists would remain to cover a battle for the city.

New York Times
Feb 11, 2003 The Wedding Pictures: 2 Stars in Court Drama

QUOTE: Ms. Zeta-Jones and Mr. Douglas, two of the world's most visible celebrities, are accusing a celebrity magazine of violating their privacy by publishing paparazzi pictures of their wedding...But frivolous as the case may seem, it has potentially far-reaching legal repercussions.

New York Times
Mar 08, 2002 A Mickey Mouse Move

QUOTE: Do companies that own news divisions think profit trumps every other value? Or do they understand that their news divisions are making money in part because they are engaged in work that's also supposed to serve the public interest?

Washington Post
Jan 28, 2002 Search Me: Doom ahead for search engines that charge listing fees

QUOTE: ...most of the big online search and directory firms (with the notable exception of Google) recently started asking for money from sites that want to be included in their indexes...respectable media outlets traditionally get their money from advertisers and/or subscribers rather than from their subjects.

San Francisco Chronicle
Oct 08, 2001 Voice of America Under Pressure to Toe U.S. Line

QUOTE: The Voice of America, born during World War II, nurtured in cold war propaganda and remade in the 1990's as a source of objective information for a global audience, is under renewed pressure to be a salesman for government policy...

New York Times
Dec 01, 1999 Ten Things Your Cable Company Won't Tell You

QUOTE: For years, the cable business had acted like a typical monopoly, doling out terrible customer service, skyrocketing prices and little choice of service. Then along came the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which opened the door for competition and promised weary cable customers relief at last.

Smart Money

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