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Mar 15, 2012 Virginia Tech to review negligence verdict in 2007 shooting rampage

QUOTE: Virginia Tech plans to consider all its options after it reviews a jury verdict that found it was negligent in a 2007 shooting rampage that left 33 people dead, including the gunman....Virginia Tech failed to notify students early enough following the discovery of two shooting victims at West Ambler Johnston dormitory.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Sep 11, 2009 Report Notes Sexual Misconduct by Prison Workers

QUOTE: Reports of sexual misconduct by prison staff members with federal inmates doubled over the past eight years, and government watchdogs called Thursday for more training and sensitivity to combat the growing problem.

Washington Post
Sep 03, 2009 After Its Madoff Report, Can Victims Sue the SEC?

QUOTE: Howard Elisofan, a partner at Herrick, Feinstein LLP and a former SEC enforcement attorney, launched a legal action against the SEC on behalf of a victim, Phyllis Molchatsky, last December.

Time Magazine
Aug 24, 2009 Report Cites Abuse at State Juvenile Prison Centers

QUOTE: Children at four juvenile detention centers in New York were so severely abused by workers that it constituted a violation of their constitutional rights, according to a report by the United States Department of Justice made public on Monday.

New York Times
Aug 10, 2009 Mexico’s Drug Traffickers Continue Trade in Prison (War Without Borders)

QUOTE: Mexico’s prisons, as described by inmates and insiders and viewed during several visits, are places where drug traffickers find a new base of operations for their criminal empires, recruit underlings, and bribe their way out for the right price.

New York Times
Aug 04, 2009 California Prisons Must Cut Inmate Population

QUOTE: A panel of federal judges ordered the California prison system on Tuesday to reduce its inmate population... The judges said that reducing prison crowding in California was the only way to change what they called an unconstitutional prison health care system that causes one unnecessary death a week.

New York Times
Aug 04, 2009 India: Overhaul Abusive, Failing Police System: Disrepair of Police Forces and Lack of Accountability Contribute to Rights Violations

QUOTE: The Indian government should take major steps to overhaul a policing system that facilitates and even encourages human rights violations, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

Jul 20, 2009 In Guatemala, Chasing Away the Ghost of Alvarado

QUOTE: the nation has begun to confront the benighted lawlessness that plagues not only Guatemala but most of the rest of Central America too.

Time Magazine
Jul 18, 2009 Drivers and Legislators Dismiss Cellphone Risks (Driven to Distraction Part 2 of 3)

QUOTE: [Americans] increasingly use phones, navigation devices and even laptops to turn their cars into mobile offices, chat rooms and entertainment centers, making roads more dangerous. A disconnect between perception and reality worsens the problem. New studies show that drivers overestimate their own ability to safely multitask, even as they worry about the dangers of others doing it.

New York Times
Sep 04, 2007 Little Noticed 9/11 Lawsuits Will Go to Trial

QUOTE: Lawyers for the defendants in the coming damages trials — United and American Airlines; airport security companies; Boeing, the aircraft manufacturer; and others — say the lawsuits are misguided, that the aviation industry played by the government rules at the time, and that the terrorists knew what they could get away with.

New York Times
Aug 29, 2007 Governor Refuses Blame in 35 Hurricane Deaths

QUOTE: The lawyers made little secret of the hope that an unpopular official might shoulder blame. Ms. Blanco made strenuous efforts to stay out of court. In the end, state appeals courts offered her no shelter, and she was forced to account for her actions in the hours before the storm hit.

New York Times
Jun 05, 2007 Shooting case has border agents on edge: Morale slides, says union, in wake of prison time for two agents who used deadly force.

QUOTE: At the center of the storm over use of force are two border patrol agents in west Texas who, in January, began serving prison time for shooting and wounding a drug smuggler as he fled toward Mexico and then covering up evidence...But for field agents, the case goes deeper, chilling both their willingness to use deadly force and their morale, says T.J. Bonner, president of the National Border Patrol Council, the union that represents 11,000 nonsupervisory personnel at the agency.

Christian Science Monitor
Apr 20, 2007 Colleges walk fine line with troubled students: The tragedy at Virginia Tech has prompted calls for more security and less privacy.

QUOTE: It's an issue colleges have confronted before: the extent to which they should be expected to foresee and take responsibility for their students' actions. The debate arises in the wake of student suicides or assaults that parents may believe could have been prevented. It pits safety against the protections of privacy and disability law – and can leave schools unsure how to act. This week's shootings at Virginia Tech...

Christian Science Monitor
Mar 20, 2007 Lawsuit Says Education Dept. Overcharged on Student Loans

QUOTE: The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, says a complex billing problem affected Americans with consolidated loans that totaled more than $72 billion. The suit says the department essentially imposed late fees on borrowers even though their payments were made on time.

Washington Post
Feb 09, 2007 Officers Charged in French Riots Case: Electrocution of Two Youths During Police Chase Set Off 2005 Unrest

QUOTE: Judge Olivier Geron based the charges in part on an internal police report that faulted officers for failing to notify the electric company that youths had taken refuge in the dangerous substation. The report concluded that electric company technicians might have had time to shut off the power before the teenagers were killed.

Washington Post
Jul 12, 2006 Failure to Tell Partner of HIV Can Bring Criminal Prosecution

QUOTE: the Superior Court has ruled that HIV-positive Pennsylvanians accused of not telling their consensual sexual partners they have the virus can be charged with reckless endangerment.

Legal Intelligencer
Jul 10, 2006 Massachusetts weighs criminal charges in Big Dig collapse: Such a move would set a new legal precedent and might encourage other prosecutors to bring similar charges in structural failures.

QUOTE: Massachusetts' attorney general is mulling whether to press criminal charges against the state authority that oversaw the [Big Dig] project and some of the contractors.

Christian Science Monitor
Feb 23, 2006 Justices Allow Personal-Injury Suits Against Postal Service

QUOTE: [The Supreme Court] said that the Postal Service is subject to personal-injury lawsuits by its customers, ruling that federal law does not immunize the service against claims by those who say they were hurt by negligent delivery of the mail.

Washington Post
Dec 26, 2005 Sticker Shock: Even consumer advocates are complaining about warning-label overkill.

QUOTE: caught between lawsuits claiming they failed to protect consumers from "hidden" hazards--is there really any mystery about what can happen when you stand on the top of a ladder?--and the impossibility of making their products idiot-proof, manufacturers slap warning labels on everything but the kitchen sink in order to ward off liability.

Nov 29, 2005 4 Deaths in D.C. Group Homes Raise Concerns About Neglect

QUOTE: The District government is failing to provide adequate care for mentally and physically disabled residents in its group homes, according to a court monitor who found that a pattern of neglect led to four deaths in the past year.

Washington Post
Nov 14, 2005 Two Families Seek Church Accountability in Abuse Cases: Relatives of Slain Men Fault Lack of Safeguards Against Troubled Priests

QUOTE: They want a mechanism for punishing seminary rectors and bishops "who recklessly ordain troubled seminarians." They want disclosure of the names and whereabouts of "every admitted, proven or credibly accused Catholic cleric." They want each bishop to publicly acknowledge his mistakes, meet with victims and support legislation in all 50 states to lift the criminal and civil statutes of limitations in child sex abuse cases.

Washington Post
Oct 20, 2005 House passes gun lawsuit shield legislation: Bush Vows to Sign Bill That Contradicts D.C. Law; Opponents Call for Action

QUOTE: The legislation is intended to cut off an avenue that gun-control advocates have used in recent years to exert leverage on the firearms industry, trying to curb the sale of weapons to criminals by holding it financially responsible for crimes.

Washington Post
Oct 06, 2005 CIA Rejects Discipline For 9/11 Failures: Goss Cites Fear Of Hurting Agency

QUOTE: The CIA will not seek to hold any current or former agency officials, including ex-director George J. Tenet, responsible for failures leading up to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, CIA Director Porter J. Goss said yesterday, despite a recommendation by the agency's inspector general that he convene an "accountability board" to judge their performance.

Washington Post
Sep 14, 2005 Owners of Nursing Home Charged: Negligent Homicide Alleged in Deaths of 34 Patients Who Were Not Evacuated

QUOTE: ...[LA] state Attorney General Charles C. Foti Jr. said the owners of St. Rita's nursing home in St. Bernard Parish had...declined to evacuate the patients when asked if they wanted to do so. "In effect, their inaction resulted in the deaths of these patients," he said.

Washington Post