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Apr 24, 2005 Hospitals Services Performed Overseas: Training, Licensing Questions Raised

QUOTE: NightHawk and several other companies providing the offshore radiology services say they hire only U.S.-trained doctors who are licensed in every state where they have clients and credentialed at the hospitals they serve. But policing the services remains a concern.

Washington Post
Jan 25, 2005 Microsoft: Legit Windows or no updates

QUOTE: ...Microsoft analyst Michael...Cherry said it is not necessarily Microsoft's responsibility to protect people who aren't paying the company for its products. He likened the situation to buying a fake Rolex and then expecting warranty service if the product breaks.
Nov 12, 2004 Novell sues Microsoft for sinking WordPerfect

QUOTE: Novell filed suit against Microsoft on Friday, claiming the company used anti-competitive tactics in the desktop software market during the 1990s.

Nov 08, 2004 Microsoft to pay Novell $536 million settlement

QUOTE: [Microsoft--Ed.] said it has reached a $536 million settlement with rival Novell over legal claims between the two companies related to Novell's NetWare operating system.

Oct 09, 2004 Ocean Exploitation Surfaces as Crisis: Widespread Pollution, Overfishing Spur Presidential Panel to Urge New Rules

QUOTE: For centuries, the various studies note, Americans have treated coastal waters as theirs for the taking, seeking bounty with little government oversight. Fishing boats trawled and trapped at will, oil companies built huge rigs to tap offshore resources, and cruise ships crisscrossed sensitive habitats so tourists could gawk at marine life.

Washington Post
Sep 29, 2004 Getting real about fake designer goods

QUOTE: If something gets hot, and expensive, cheaper copycat versions are likely to follow.
Aug 04, 2004 What, Me Register?

QUOTE: There's no law that says we have to tell them the truth about ourselves, and news is news: I can get it from any number of sources on the Net. But I'm tired of living a lie every time I log on to one of these sites...

Jun 16, 2004 Fair play: You love all your children. But does that mean you should leave the same amount to each of them?

QUOTE: Equal vs. equitable? What is fair? It's a question that has stumped families for generations. Do you treat your children equally no matter what, or do you take into account that one child is a struggling artist and another an investment banker? What about the hard-luck child? Or the proverbial black sheep?

CNN/Money Magazine
Apr 30, 2004 Unpicking cotton subsidies

QUOTE: On Monday April 26th, the Lilliputians succeeded in fastening another restraint to the giant they distrust so much. Brazil won a ruling at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) against America’s gargantuan cotton subsidies.

Feb 05, 2004 Sarajevo massacre remembered

QUOTE: A mortar shell landed in the crowded market place just after noon, scything down the mainly civilian shoppers and traders between the tightly packed stalls...A report by United Nations peacekeepers at the time was inconclusive, although there have been persistent rumours that a secret UN report later pointed the finger of blame at the government.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Sep 02, 2003 Genes' Sway Over IQ May Vary With Class: Study: Poor More Affected by Environment

QUOTE: a groundbreaking study of the interaction among genes, environment and IQ finds that the influence of genes on intelligence is dependent on class....results suggest that early childhood assistance programs such as Head Start can help the poor and are worthy of public support.

Washington Post
Aug 15, 2003 Travel insurance: Are you already covered?

QUOTE: If ever there were a purchase that calls for research and reading the fine print, travel insurance is it, says Edward Hasbrouck, author of "The Practical Nomad" series of travel books.
Jun 26, 2003 The Politics Around Your Cup of Coffee

QUOTE: "If we are going to advocate a policy of free trade, it has to be universal. It cannot pick up certain products."

Washington Post
May 29, 2003 Lives Lost: 'The real killers are poverty, ignorance, fear, and corruption. Disease just administers the coup de grace.'

QUOTE: "To die from a preventable or treatable [an] injustice more fundamental than mere inequities of wealth. These lives are stolen."

Boston Globe
Mar 03, 2003 Panel on Nazi Art Theft Fell Short

QUOTE: A Clinton administration commission on Nazi plunder failed to examine critical records pertaining to traffic in looted art before, during and after World War II, some leading scholars who worked on the inquiry now say.

New York Times
Nov 17, 2002 More's the Pity: Not Every Victim Ought to Be a Charity Case

QUOTE: ...uncomfortable questions about whether we should be so quick to seek charitable resources for every new group of victims that violence and terror create.

New America Foundation
Oct 03, 2002 Microsoft zaps Xbox-hacking chipmaker

QUOTE: Microsoft appears to have shut down one of the world's largest distributors of "mod chips"--gray-market add-ons that allow Microsoft's Xbox and other video game consoles to play pirated games.

Feb 15, 2002 All Hail Creative Commons: Stanford professor and author Lawrence Lessig plans a legal insurrection

QUOTE: ...Creative Commons will make available flexible, customizable intellectual-property licenses that artists, writers, programmers and others can obtain free of charge to legally define what constitutes acceptable uses of their work. The new forms of licenses will provide an alternative to traditional copyrights...

San Francisco Chronicle
Feb 03, 2002 Can Do

QUOTE: ...the extraordinary instability of disability is both a promise and a threat: it can give shelter and solace to people with mental illness just as easily as it can consign people with high blood pressure or mild cerebral palsy to a stigmatized identity with which they do not want to identify.

New York Times
Jan 31, 2002 Weeding In the Garden Of Good E-Mail

QUOTE: Rather than using software to sort through the good and bad [email], the "trusted sender" program aims to identify messages from merchants that agree to abide by a set of marketing rules.

Washington Post
Jan 31, 2002 The Compromise Effect. . . And the New Thinking About Money Is That Your Irrationality Is Predictable

QUOTE: Homo economicus is supposed to make intelligent, rational choices... Reality, of course, turns out to be quite different from theory. As economic actors, people are as likely to be governed by their emotions as by reason, by prejudices as by careful cost-benefit analysis.

Washington Post
Jan 30, 2002 U.S. Athletes Must Guess on Supplements

QUOTE: contradictory and, to some critics, hypocritical messages American Olympic officials send their athletes. While leaders of the United States Anti-Doping Agency have bluntly told the athletes, ''Do not take a vitamin and put it in your mouth, period,'' some critics believe the United States Olympic Committee and the Salt Lake Organizing Committee have undermined that message by granting sponsorships to companies that market supplements.

New York Times
Jan 12, 2002 Cardinal Apologizes to Abuse Victims: Boston Archdiocese Sets New Policy

QUOTE: "I was aware there had been prior instances" of alleged sexual abuse by Geoghan when he reassigned the priest to new parishes, but that he had relied on psychiatric evaluations in deciding that the assignments were safe.

Washington Post
Jan 06, 2002 The Rule of Law: Indispensable to a Wider War

QUOTE: ...the United States will have to show that its war effort continues to be not just moral, but legal -- in other words, that it is fighting to uphold the rule of law against terrorists who are trying to destroy it. How well America can convince the international community that it is acting within the law will be crucial to the level of allied support it can command worldwide.

Washington Post
Dec 25, 2001 Trying to Keep Young Internet Users From a Life of Piracy

QUOTE: ...America's rush to the online world has created an enormous population of ever-younger computer pirates, say experts in the field.

New York Times
Dec 23, 2001 A Coming Together We Must Take On Faith

QUOTE: ...challenging Islam's doctrine of dhimmi -- which grants protected but second-class status to Christians and Jews under Muslim rule....premised on submission to Muslim sovereignty, is hardly an adequate response in a pluralistic world.

Washington Post
Dec 19, 2001 Russian Hacker Has a Party

QUOTE: ...government's decision to drop criminal charges against Dmitri Sklyarov....The case inflamed simmering resentment over the DMCA's prohibition of software that cracks encryption: a clause that critics of the law say is a gag on code that amounts to a violation of free speech.

Dec 15, 2001 EPA Calls for Pause in Pesticide Tests On Humans: After Evaluating Results of Three Such Trials, Agency Seeks Advice On Ethics and Utility of Practice

QUOTE: Three trials evaluated by the agency this year subjected some volunteers to doses of pesticides hundreds of times greater than levels that EPA regulators had deemed safe for the general public...

Washington Post
Dec 09, 2001 The Ethicist: Body Work

QUOTE: quandary some U.S. physicians face when a patient has received an organ transplant from an executed prisoner in China. To treat such a patient may condone and encourage this practice. But can a physician deny care to a patient in need?

New York Times
Nov 10, 2001 The Freedom to Innovate Includes The Freedom to Obfuscate: Why Microsoft's New "Security Framework" is Just Another .Net Vulnerability

QUOTE: In other words, Microsoft is saying "Please don't publish anything about security flaws you find in our products. All this does is spread viruses, and makes us and our products look flawed, exploitable, and bad." Or, as George Orwell once wrote, "your" ignorance is "our" strength."
Nov 05, 2001 Patents or Poverty? A New Debate Over Poor AIDS Care in Africa


New York Times
Nov 04, 2001 Violence Can Breed Justice As Well As Injustice

QUOTE: There is a world of difference between "violence begets violence" and "violence begets only violence." In practice, the difference blurs as one phrase is often used as shorthand for the other.

New York Times
Oct 26, 2001 Bayer Halves Price for Cipro, but Rivals Offer Drugs Free

QUOTE: while Bayer nearly halved its previous price, three big pharmaceutical companies have since stepped forward to offer large quantities of their antibiotics free if the Food and Drug Administration will approve their use for the treatment of anthrax.

New York Times
Oct 21, 2001 Moderate Muslims Fear Their Message is Being Ignored

QUOTE: In places like Egypt, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, frustrated people — choked by booms in population, disoriented by the uneasy mix of imported American culture and old traditions, blocked by failing economies and squelched by curbs on political expression — have found a single vehicle to express their rage: political Islam.

New York Times
Sep 22, 2001 Thinkers Face the Limits of a Just War

QUOTE: Few moral philosophers except committed pacifists dispute that the United States has just cause to use force in this case. But many emphatically reject the use of the word "war" in anything but a metaphorical sense....The Roman Catholic Church, which starting with St. Thomas Aquinas in the Middle Ages has elaborated its own doctrine of just war, long ago ruled out revenge as a legitimate motive for use of force.

New York Times
Aug 09, 2001 Data's Validity Faulted in Net Registration System

QUOTE: The introduction of Internet addresses ending with the new ".info" extension has come under attack for an advance registration period...

New York Times
Jul 31, 2001 Annan Says Race Conference Must Chart Way for Future

QUOTE: The United Nations secretary general, Kofi Annan, told...that the world conference against racism next month is aimed at preventing future problems, not becoming mired in old ones.

New York Times
Jul 01, 2001 'Jihadistan'


QUOTE: Religious fanaticism.... when it merges with economic and cultural despair....the world's first "virtual nation," perhaps best called "Jihadistan." They recognize no borders save those of the Umma, the Islamic world...

Washington Law & Politics
Jan 24, 2001 Let Leaders Lead

QUOTE: Why can't we accept the fact that great men conduct lives of indiscretion and excess?

Jan 22, 2001 How MS Could Make a Liar Out of Me -- and You, Too!

QUOTE: Microsoft's new copy-protection scheme...does more than just end casual copying of Microsoft products...turn millions of Microsoft's customers into liars.

Jan 18, 2001 Dear Steve: Don't Stop Me From Copying My MS Office!

QUOTE: Having earned your market dominance atop illegal copies, and then having used that position to quash competitors, it strikes me as a tad disingenuous for Microsoft to bring on copy protection at such a late date.

Jan 11, 2001 OECD Continues Clarifying E-commerce Taxation

QUOTE: THE ORGANIZATION FOR Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) continuing work to untangle the thorny questions surrounding taxation of cross-border e-commerce transactions.

Dec 21, 2000 The Language of Killers

QUOTE: just as Himmler's Germans supported the Holocaust but not the killing of Jews they knew, so Texas jurors will condemn a man as long as someone else does the actual killing.

Washington Post
Nov 15, 2000 Questions Arise About Internet's Public Records

QUOTE: some privacy advocates now question requirements that the site owners disclose their personal contact information.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Apr 01, 2000 Hacktivism: the New Protest Movement?

QUOTE: After the hacking of yahoo!,, CNN and other websites in mid-February, there was a general outcry about security and the possibility that this represented the beginning of an information war.

Jan 01, 1955 Punishment

ABSTRACT: About the Article: Rawls draws a crucial distinction between (1) justifying a practice or institution and (2) justifying particular actions that fall under it. He then applies this distinction to the question of how we justify punishment. He argues that utilitarian considerations justify the institution of punishment as a whole, while retributivist concerns dictate and justify the decision to punishment particular crimes in particular ways. He then shows why utilitarian justifications of punishment as a institution are not open to the kinds of abuses some critics of utilitarianism have alleged.

Ethics Updates
Jan 01, 1111 5 rental-car traps: Booking through the wrong Web site, getting caught in traffic -- or even something as simple as getting an upgrade to an SUV -- could cost you big.

QUOTE: Finding a good deal has gotten harder as rental-car agencies raise their rates and as governments pile on new taxes. In addition, many franchises are charging fees for things that used to be free.

MSN (Microsoft Network)
Jan 01, 1111 Five diagnoses that call for a second opinion

QUOTE: While it's important to get second opinions for various treatments, doctors say there are certain procedures where it's especially crucial...Heart bypass surgery...hysterectomy...Pregnancy termination for fetal abnormality...Surgery for varicose veins...brain tumors...

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jan 01, 1111 Drugs, Dollars & Diagnosis: Does diagnosing controversial conditions help patients—or are drug companies the only beneficiaries?

QUOTE: Are ADHD, restless leg syndrome (RLS) and fibromyalgia, to name a few disorders du jour, imaginary, or do these labels identify conditions that are all too real for people suffering from them, with symptoms ranging from irritating to debilitating? The controversy is fueled by the observation that there seems to be a money trail attached to some of the attention for the most fashionable disorders.

MSN (Microsoft Network)
Jan 01, 1111 Inhuman Rights: The UN’s Human Rights Council, friend to Islamists and tyrants everywhere

QUOTE: A subsidiary of the General Assembly, the Geneva-based Human Rights Council (HRC) was reconstituted from the ashes of the previous Commission on Human Rights. The 60-year-old commission had long been criticized for ignoring atrocities and allowing membership to notorious human rights violators...

City Journal

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