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Apr 06, 2006 Nanotech Product Recalled in Germany

QUOTE: Government officials in Germany have reported what appears to be the first health-related recall of a nanotechnology product, raising a potential public perception problem for the rapidly growing but still poorly understood field of science.

Washington Post
Dec 05, 2005 Nanotechnology Regulation Needed, Critics Say

QUOTE: Amid growing evidence that some of the tiniest materials ever engineered pose potentially big environmental, health and safety risks, momentum is building in Congress, environmental circles and in the industry itself to beef up federal oversight of the new materials, which are already showing up in dozens of consumer products. But large gaps in scientists' understanding of the materials are slowing the development of a regulatory scheme. Equally unresolved is who should pay for the additional safety studies that everyone agrees are needed.

Washington Post
Oct 23, 2005 Nanotechnology's Big Question: Safety: Some Say Micromaterials Are Coming to Market Without Adequate Controls

QUOTE: urged manufacturers and regulators to evaluate the properties of nanomaterials in laboratory tests, adding: "There is a strong likelihood that the biological activity of nanoparticles will depend on physiochemical parameters not routinely considered in toxicology studies."

Washington Post