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Political Journalism Internships LLC, publisher of the non-commercial website, has a telecommute internship covering politics and public policy issues. This is a great opportunity for those wishing to do serious journalistic work using online media.

Internship Responsibilities

  1. Add and annotate speeches and position papers using our NowComment® document discussion/annotation tool.
  2. Conduct interviews.
  3. Arrange panel discussions on important public policy topics.
  4. Very occasionally (5% or less of your time) help spec and test new Nowcomment features.

Important Aspects of the Internship


For More Information

The Internship Application is at:

About us: The website is an information clearinghouse covering the gamut of fairness-related issues: public policy, consumer protection, family and workplace relationships, professional ethics, international relations, etc. The NowComment discussion tool was originally developed for civic engagement and political applications, though it can be used in any group collaboration setting (classroom discussion, public policy formulation, law, peer review of publications, etc.). The NowComment website is at .

Please send any questions or inquiries about our internship programs or site to:

Thank you for your interest in!