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News Desk Internship LLC, publisher of the non-commercial website, offers several "News Desk" online internships monitoring a variety of daily RSS feeds to select stories for our website. Topics and news feeds monitored include government, business, law, information technology, international affairs, consumer affairs, etc. This is a great opportunity for "information junkies" (who would be staying current on the news on their own time anyway) and for aspiring journalists who want editorial experience.

Intern Duties

  1. Read (skim) assigned news feeds to identify articles with important Fairness themes
  2. If those articles/topics are not already on our website, use our automated software to quickly and easily both (i) link to the those articles on the publisher's site and (ii) capture bibliographic and indexing information about the articles

Important Aspects of the Internship


For More Information

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About us: LLC publishes the information clearinghouse website covering the gamut of fairness-related issues: public policy, consumer protection, family and workplace relationships, professional ethics, international relations, etc.

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