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Online Media Internships LLC, publisher of the non-commercial website, offers several Online Media internships working with our new NowComment® document discussion software. NowComment allows threaded discussion on individual sentences and paragraphs and a variety of other document commenting/annotation features ("Turning Documents into Conversations"®. This is a great opportunity for anyone seeking a wide variety of experiences with internet media and social media product development.

Intern Duties

A. Writing and Editing Projects:

  1. Scripts for video screencasts (and possibly narrating some)
  2. Facebook communications (customer service orientation)
  3. Monitoring Twitter and tweeting site news
  4. Writing Marketing copy

B. Other Projects:

  1. Depending on your interests and talents, possible involvement in graphic design, public relations, customer training, customer service, and other aspects of our work.
  2. Occasional projects helping with software testing and online documentation maintenance

Important Aspects of the Internship


For More Information

The Internship Application is at:

About us: LLC publishes the information clearinghouse website covering the gamut of fairness-related issues: public policy, consumer protection, family and workplace relationships, professional ethics, international relations, etc. NowComment® is a web-based academic package that visually organizes comments about a document by letting students annotate or comment on specific sentences and paragraphs or on the document as a whole. NowComment has been extensively tested at the University of Virginia, whose SHANTI office is recommending and supporting its use campus-wide as a core instructional tool starting in Fall 2010.

Please send any questions or inquiries about our internship programs or site to:

Thank you for your interest in!