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Information Science/Library Science Internship LLC publishes the non-commercial information clearinghouse website covering the gamut of fairness-related issues: public policy, consumer protection, family and workplace relationships, international relations, etc.

We offer unpaid internships, both summer and during the academic year, for students interested in Information Science/Library Science work experience. Students can often arrange to receive academic and/or service learning credits for the internship through their faculty advisor or Career Placement Office, and is happy to coordinate with such programs.

Internship Duties

Interns receive training and experience in one or both of the following:
  1. Categorize online information resources within's evolving subject and geographic content taxonomies, identify problems/inconsistencies with the existing categories, suggest new categories as needed.

    Taking an article on Enron as an example, the intern might determine that the primary category should be "Accounting/Budgets: Big Business", but "White Collar Crime", and "Government Regulation" would be appropriate secondary categories.

  2. Maintain and expand the databases of persons and organizations (which involves selection of descriptive information for new entries in each database).

    Interns review submitted articles and create database links for key people and organizations. If an key person or organization is not yet in our database, the intern creates a new listing and searches the Web to find and enter appropriate biographical/descriptive material for the new listing. Sample listings for a Person and Organization:

Unusual Features of the Internships:


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