You are here: > Internships offers a wide variety of internship opportunities (designed with university students in mind, but open to anyone!):

  1. Online Media Internships: for those interested in a wide variety of Internet media and software experience.

  2. Marketing/Public Relations Internships: Primarily for Business, Communications, or Journalism majors interested in marketing and public relations.

  3. Political Journalism Internships: Serious and varied journalistic work.

  4. Graphic/Visual Design: Graphic design for the NowComment® website.

  5. News Desk Internships: This internship is for voracious readers of any background who either enjoy keeping up on the news (broadly) or who want to survey in depth a fairness-related subject area (e.g. business, law, politics, international relations, health policy, interpersonal relations, information technology, science) of professional or personal interest.

  6. Online Editor II Internships: Primarily for Journalism and English majors.

  7. Information/Library Science Internships: Requires school coursework or library experience.

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