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Revisions made to the website's Conditions of Service Agreement*

August 9, 2008 we fixed the typo "marke" to be "mark".

On August 2, 2008 we fixed some typos: "at it own expense" was changed to "at its own expense" and "Albermarle County" was changed to "Albemarle County" and several character encoding problems where the apostrophe character "'" was rendered incorrectly as a question mark character "?" (e.g. "aren?t" and FAIRNESS.COM?s" . We added mention of another site for which the Conditions of Service applies.

On November 15, 2007, in conjunction with a graphical redesign and other changes to the LLC website, a new Conditions of Service Agreement replaced what had been two different Terms of Service agreements (one for those who registered as users of the site, with permission to post comments and receive certain services, and the other for unregistered visitors to the site). Due to the merging of the two documents into one, as well as many changes to wording and new provisions, registered users should consider the Conditions of Service Agreement to be a brand new document and read it over carefully; there are too many changes to summarize.

The changes below were previously made to the website's two Use of Site Agreements (now obsolete, see above):

  1. Use of Site Agreement Governing Terms of Service--- this agreement covers the use of the site by non-registered users (essentially those who just want to browse what's on the Site)
  2. Use of Site Agreement Governing Terms of Service and Posting--- this is a "click-through" agreement that everyone registering with the Site must accept to receive permission to post to the Site's message boards and to receive services such as Newsletters, Resource Alerts, etc.

For each change below, we note whether it effected Agreement #1 above, Agreement #2 above, or both.

June 28, 2002: Section 1 (Grant of Rights)--- the word "revocable" was added to the phrase "...grants to you a personal non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable limited right to access and display on your personal computer the materials appearing on this Site...". This change effected both Agreements.

June 26, 2002: Section 6A (Disclaimers and Limitations of Warranties)--- the final sentence was amended to read "...we expressly disclaim any duty or obligation to ensure that Material posted by FAIRNESS.COM on the Site will be error-free, timely, or secure." This change effected both Agreements.

[* Note: We make a good faith effort note all Conditions of Service changes to this page, but, to paraphrase, we are not required to do so and any changes we fail to post here still became effective as of the time we made the change. Please see our Conditions of Service for the policy.]